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  1. Thank you sir, couldn’t be happier - especially this time of year! How are you doing Mr. O’?
  2. It’s an old Mitchell Garcia 600A, rod is an old Shakespeare Wunderod. I think I paid $50 for the combo from a guy on Craigslist who is a member of the Dorchester yacht club. Great for tube and worming, livelining pogies, or chunking from a boat. Great looking and functions even better!
  3. Awesome! My wife is going out this month so we’ll be doing some traveling hopefully. We have the grand daughter a couple times a week which is great, little ball of love and energy! ❤️ Thank you for asking!
  4. Went to Pane e Vino! Excellent food and service was impeccable!
  5. She’s doing really great, thanks for asking!
  6. Went yesterday for the first time, finally! So great! A great city close to Boston, I’m embarrassed that I’ve never been to Federal Hill! I’ve been to the Civic Center for a lot of hockey. And one visit to a strip club that is infamous.
  7. Wife and retirement are both great, thank you for asking, spending lots of time with the little one! ❤️ That’s a beauty of a Blackthorn on the left, they both are great!
  8. Grand daughter Reagan, light of my life! ❤️ Made the shillelagh from two branches from my yard the other day. Best to all my SOL locals!
  9. Snagging pogies on weighted trebles and then the 7 second rule. So much fun! I snagged one from shore but my kids wanted to see it, when I cast it back it either was taken by a striper or fell off the hook.
  10. Caught ten like this in just a few hours, could’ve had many more but my hosts had to go. Most fun I’ve ever had on the water, snagging, catching, whales feeding, osprey everywhere, and saw one porpoise! Love my Whitehorse Beach!
  11. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2022/08/04/metro/plymouth-summer-unlike-any-other-whales-hordes-watchers-converge/?p1=HP_Feed_ContentQuery&p1=HP_Feed_ContentQuery
  12. My neighbor at Whitehorse Beach referred to climate change as well. I said just enjoy this great experience!
  13. If anybody is looking for company on a boat in Plymouth I have gear and will supply food, drinks, bait and experience! I’ll help out with fuel too.
  14. Harbor Master has been around so hopefully that helps the whales AND the boaters.
  15. Humpbacks the other day. IMG_0784.MOV
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