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    humble civil servant

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  1. Thank you sir, couldn’t be happier - especially this time of year! How are you doing Mr. O’?
  2. It’s an old Mitchell Garcia 600A, rod is an old Shakespeare Wunderod. I think I paid $50 for the combo from a guy on Craigslist who is a member of the Dorchester yacht club. Great for tube and worming, livelining pogies, or chunking from a boat. Great looking and functions even better!
  3. Awesome! My wife is going out this month so we’ll be doing some traveling hopefully. We have the grand daughter a couple times a week which is great, little ball of love and energy! ❤️ Thank you for asking!
  4. Went to Pane e Vino! Excellent food and service was impeccable!
  5. She’s doing really great, thanks for asking!
  6. Went yesterday for the first time, finally! So great! A great city close to Boston, I’m embarrassed that I’ve never been to Federal Hill! I’ve been to the Civic Center for a lot of hockey. And one visit to a strip club that is infamous.
  7. Wife and retirement are both great, thank you for asking, spending lots of time with the little one! ❤️ That’s a beauty of a Blackthorn on the left, they both are great!
  8. Grand daughter Reagan, light of my life! ❤️ Made the shillelagh from two branches from my yard the other day. Best to all my SOL locals!
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