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  1. The crust was actually perfectly crisp with this method, being heated from the bottom. And no cleanup.
  2. There were six of us eating the pizza, if Steve made it 7 and he didn't like it, he'd be alone in that regard. Ask me if I care. My only hope is that someone else may see and try this and like it. Petty stuff like whining about using tin foil doesn't phase me in the least.
  3. All parties could've easily walked away at anytime, yet they'd rather embarrass themselves - even with little ones in strollers, great example they're setting.
  4. True American, DEA in DC always had a standing invitation for use of his plane, financed and planned the successful rescue of two of his kidnapped executives in Tehran, as written by Ken Follet in his first non fiction work On Wings Of Eagles. He would've been a great president.
  5. I didn't see what I'd consider a punch thrown, slaps maybe.
  6. They pop up like Weebils.
  7. Your confusion is confusing me. No industrial accident, born with one hand.
  8. Disgruntled jockey, probably can't make the weigh-ins anymore.
  9. Sent him a PM and he replied that he and the family are all well.
  10. Saw this happen in person at the San Diego Zoo, some dude was really harrassing the apes, he and his family paid the price, I was pissing myself laughing when the male silverback launched a fistful of the wet stuff for a direct hit.
  11. I get it now.
  12. Further clarification, it was my wife who asked me if they had two hands, all three kids were C sectioned so it was a little bit before she got to see and hold them. And my mother in law was like a second mother to me, and me like another child to her she always said. I am blessed with great in-laws, for the most part.
  13. I meant at each birth she asked the question. , my kids are 25, 22,and 20. My wife was the 13th of the 15 kids.
  14. I know, I needed to say it anyway.
  15. Yup, I get it. That's why I used the term perception.