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  1. Congrats! It sure does happen in a flash. My girls will be 26 and 23 next month and my son turns 21 a week from today.
  2. What's that top one, I saw one the other day as well.
  3. to what’s balled up below? IMG_3559.MOV IMG_3558.MOV
  4. I’m a glutton for punishment.
  5. Had an online live appointment with my PCP yesterday and asked him about the pneumonia and flu I had the first week of February, he said unlikely COVID 19. He also said the current antibody tests were rushed when manufactured and not accurate, he said two more months before accurate ones will be available.
  6. My old man worked at Gillette for 44 years as you know Bob, thankfully he was gone before the P & Q takeover you had to endure. Best to you and yours!
  7. "Look sharp, be sharp!"
  8. Have you!
  9. I have a styrofoam cooler about the same size, this cooler was handy and just for show. The netting is very strong and has some give to it so it will sit lower than visioned. I’m also going to add more pool noodles to the outer side. As far as the users being too lazy to get off the float and come in to refill? My thought was to keep them out on the water away from the menfolk as much possible, peace and quiet.
  10. From South Boston, currently residing in Dorchester! "How do you like them apples?"
  11. "USS Sweet Moses" Thanks TT.
  12. Thanks Cabo, I was thinking that. Working one day a week and bouncing back and forth, still too cold to stay over, but it's nice getting away.
  13. I’m not very handy but boredom got me going! At the beach house we have about a dozen floats for the beach and they’re very popular with extended family (females). They float out lashed together and just laugh and drink, someone holding a cooler, so I though this might help. Do I need more styrofoam?