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  1. 4F87B2EA-9FEE-40D0-9CE2-5E4B5B3F5D98.MOV
  2. Thank you for all the wonderful posts, I missed you all! And I will be soon on more often with more time on my hands, so sorry!
  3. That was very thoughtful and insightful! Thank you!
  4. I sent a card, my daughters waited three hours in line for the wake, Jimmy’s sister was at my daughters wedding in June. Such a tough loss. Thanks Tom.
  5. Retiring October 4, wife is done with treatments, expecting a clean bill of health in December! Did I miss anything here?
  6. Good thanks, fatigued and very nauseous but doing will. Going everyday now Monday through Friday for radiation until August 17 when she can ring that bell, please God! Thanks for asking!
  7. My father met her back in the day at Gillette when she was doing commercials for them. He said she was absolutely one of the nicest women he's ever met, and smoking too!
  8. In addition to markers and buoys I'd putt along at night wary of floating debris such as pilings and such.
  9. I get that a lot. And I hope so with the grandkids!
  10. I hope she died instantly or was KO'd by the impact at least, poor kid!
  11. July 4th watching fireworks at the beach house.
  12. My daughter's wedding last month. I'm blessed beyond blessed! !
  13. Where does Cabo live?
  14. God be with her!