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  1. Southie scumbag in reality, and no that's not redundant.
  2. So My wife heard from the surgeon, she wants her to do 30 consecutive days of radiation as a precautionary measure, no side effects other than being tired, concentrating on just a couple cancer cells. She’ll begin treatment in about 4 weeks. And then she’ll be checked every 4 months for a couple years. Not bad news at all! Thank you again for the support and prayers. All the best! JO
  3. Last time I drank it was at my bachelor party, shots of course. No thank you. I can get in enough trouble with beer and wine.
  4. I'm sure but, everyone else in this country hears Jersey Shore and well, you know......
  5. If anyone knows hair......
  6. We have some great hospitals up here, arguably the best in the world. Maybe you should consider getting another opinion(s). I can put you and the Mrs. up for as long as it takes, and then we can fish the canal after. Seriously boss, please consider it.
  7. Good thanks Mike, expecting final results tomorrow, praying and hoping for the all clear. Appreciate you asking, will update my thread as soon as we hear.
  8. ALL the time.
  9. I can't remember.
  10. Great bread, used to grab a loaf for supper after eating lunch at Umberto's just around the corner.
  11. Some of you really whine a lot, please stay home.
  12. This is a family run place, not a chain.
  13. Tourist mistakes.
  14. More yuppies than anything else.