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  1. Have a rare day off of work and 4 kids. Really want to catch a tiger trout. Was thinking of trying the Deerfield tomorrow. I have never been there or targeted tigers before. Any advice? Fly or spin? Also, I will be on the south shore in the AM. Is there a place down there that would be better to target tigers?
  2. basically everything this time of year. Even bullhead congregate in the hundreds at the surface this time of year. bullhead actually sit in the sun an inch under the water in huge schools this tie of year
  3. If you guys see me tomorrow say hello - I'll be the idiot with the vs150
  4. so - basically 5am tomorrow?
  5. How early can I show up without getting in trouble?
  6. I have a very rare day off from the daily grind and 4 kids. Should I make the trek from Marlborough to the Swift or should I go check out CT for some early season stripers? Swift - I know how to do this - if there are fish around (rumor is there are not) then I will catch and have a great day. CT - I know nothing. Haven't been there except on google maps, don't have a CT license, don't know where to park, go, etc. Could be an adventure though... Which should I do?
  7. I am new to flyfishing and the swift. I have probably done about 10 trips. I catch fish nymphing the main stretch of the flyfishing area. I still have a lot to learn, but I catch now. However, the last time I went I stopped in at the Y-Pool. It was totally stacked up, but nymphing wasn't really working for me. Nor was anything else. How does one fish the deep Y pool compared to fishing the main part of the river. The bubbler and the river I have down, the Y pool is a total mystery to me.
  8. Awesome - Thank you - order placed !
  9. Where can I get size 28 or 30 midges?
  10. Ono, for sure
  11. Conner (age 4) has been all over the state absolutely crushing it this year. Check out this pinfish - all him. No okay or peace sign here, but it's cool - he won last year.
  12. It doesn't look like they have stocked stoneybrook this year. Anyone know someone in the program they could ask? My office moved 3 miunutes from there, but it seems kind of late for the stocking program.
  13. My 4 year old son picked up a 6.75 lber !
  14. Quick question, I can still use lead over 1 ounce right? Is the rule different for the chu?