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  1. Never mind I can’t read lol
  2. Different thread regarding the same thing, but it got closed. The deal got put off at his request, then he PMes me a few days later asking me if we could go through with it again, and it took me a day to get back to him. He opened a new thread (here) so I figured I’d let him know here as well as sometimes I miss notifications at the top myself. Thanks though. In other words it was for arrangements for a sale we arranged from his last thread asking the same, he backed out on, then inquired about again and I didn’t reply back to soon enough before he posted a new thread.
  3. Returned your PM. Let me know.
  4. Can’t do it until Monday but I’d do $190
  5. It’s the 12’ 4-10oz model.
  6. I don’t have pics currently, but I mean it’s new as in never used. Like still has the wrapper on the butt of the rod. Penns website has pics.
  7. I’ve got a brand new never casted Penn Carnage II 12’ 4-10oz Id let go for $200 shipped to lower 48.
  8. No problem. Thanks for letting me know. Only other thing I had that fit your range was a WRI1023 but it’s got a permanent home. Still haven’t found anything that will throw metal that far lol
  9. I run the ragged edge drum fishing my 12s with two brakes. Occasionally wish I had three engaged, but most of the time I can talk it off the edge if she wants to get a fluff up. With our a doubt the smoothest, most consistent, yet fast (fishing fast, not tourney) reel I’ve thrown.
  10. Only other thing I have to offer is carnage II 11ft 2-6 spinning. Maybe the same amount on time as your reel has on it. 2-3 trips.
  11. Got a 12’ brand new carnage II 4-10 casting never used I’d trade straight up. I’m local to you as well.
  12. please don’t do away with gen 1. They’re tried and true in the harshest of casting conditions. Perfect. It’d be like having a Lamborghini in an automatic
  13. Good luck. I’ve got a 1023 I wouldn’t take 500 for
  14. IF you change your mind and decide to separate, I’d like first dibs at the Stradic.
  15. Animalberrie this is as close to Nick as you can get on this forum. Savfish is the man and knows his stuff.