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  1. My step dad who is marine mechanic found this 2002 in FL for $13k He said its nice a clean....will maybe test drive tomorrow looks like a good starter boat
  2. Hi guys Ive been out of the surf game for the past three years...wife popping out babies!!! Kids finally getting big enough where I can get back into fishing. All nighters soak and wet rock hopping hit by waves freezing smelly truck is no longer appealing to me. Thinking about switching to boat fishing....with the kids. I will take some boating classes so Im not "that guy" Biggest question I have is what boat? Want to start simple...16-18 foot center console fishing machine....North Shore LI Going to buy used and looking to spend $10-$15k What brands should I be looking at??? Thanks!!!
  3. I'm on the North Shore and had them all summer last year
  4. go to VRBO website...plenty of choices
  5. yes
  6. Hey guys, I need to re floor a medical practice, veterinary to be specific. I want to do vinyl tiles, commercial grade. Any words of advise? What type of tile? Can I do it myself? Should I hire a contractor? What is a reasonable price per square foot? Glue vs sticky tiles? Interlocking?? I know nothing about flooring, any tips are appreciated! Thanks
  7. get the RAM can get a Cummins Tradesman for $40,000
  8. I struggled with this for awhile....then finally decided to go diesel. I traded my Ram 2500 Hemi megacab for a 2015 Cummins megacab. I'm getting close to double the gas mileage. The most I haul is maybe 100 pounds of stuff in the bed....never pull anything. There is just something about the sound of that Cummins...I would never buy another gas engine. Also resale is much better with a diesel....nobody wants a 3/4 ton gas truck.
  9. Workin the over night shift at the animal ER. Tech wakes me up...."dog's penis fell off".....****????...this better be good. Three teenage boys in exam room, with a ****zu and a dog penis in a Dixie cup. Holy crap!!! Good thing you guys found the penis!!! They said...we didn't even know it ws missing until he vomited it up. Dog ate his own penis!!!
  10. Parents these days suck. God forbid a kid even walks to a school bus stop any more. Either they get door to door service or their helicopter parents wait with them in their cars. My kid will be the only one at the bus stop I guess.
  11. OK sending PM
  12. I got a 2-rod unused. It been under seat of my truck for two years....looks like there is a few blemishes on it from sitting there. Its not in the box and I'm not sure if I have the wire circle thingies that come with it....if you needed them I can look around. $175
  13. I have a 2 rod un used