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    Retired Army, Missing the Jersey surf here in the far upper reaches of the Chessy.
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    God and family; fishing and photography
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    Retired and enjoying life as "Papa". Oh, and fishing and photography.

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  1. Nice Jim. I've only seen my male once in the last two weeks and no shots of him then.
  2. Where is the 24/7 coverage?? I don't get it.
  3. Beat me to it. Seeing those two words in the same thought is quite unbelievable.
  4. The newest and grandest attempt at PC affirmative action taken to new levels. How about we just reward based on ability/potential. Many if not most have no business being in college and should be in JC, VoTechs, Military or otherwise directly into the workforce as some type of laborers. Sorry, but not every Cindy, Ralph or Rasheed is gonna be a Dr, Lawyer or any professional, and Muffy does not need to be taking away the opportunity of those who have the potential just because of leebs attempts at false equality.
  5. I keep hearing and see discussions that had Hillary won none of this would have ever seen the light of day. I don't think those sentiments even begin to scratch the surface. Image, if she had won, she and her cabal would have had 4 or 8 years to further infest all areas of government and perfect their treasonous underworld ways within all the 3 letter agencies, SCOTUS and lower courts, the media, etc. There would never again be a POTUS not preordained by the machine. The the Congress, the courts and thus America would never recover. What an absolute nightmare scenario!!!!
  6. So they can drive the final nail in public ed?? Asking for a friend.
  7. The same folks who call us who disagree with climate change science deniers and who, if a single cell amoeba was found on Mars would celebrate it as life, refuse all science that at the first cell division, a baby is life.
  8. I have a problem imagining that the Christian, God fearing authors of the Constitution would even consider, much less include as a right, allowing women to murder their unborn children.
  9. Yep. They should also be required to pay for an AQL, Abortion Qualification License, similar to the HQL, Handgun Qualification License requirement in MD.
  10. Funny how he thinks that is a right however unborn don't have the same right to life.
  11. It will be hilarious in the coming days/weeks when his and several others posts are quoted for posterity.