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    Retired Army, Missing the Jersey surf here in the far upper reaches of the Chessy.
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    God and family; fishing and photography
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    Retired and enjoying life as "Papa". Oh, and fishing and photography.

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  1. Thank you.
  2. Republic.
  3. His opinion yes, his own facts, no.
  4. Hehehe... I shoot Nikon. These were all with the D500 and the 500Pf. I got the lens at the end of Mar and haven't put my Tammy 150-600 on the camera since.
  5. The Key phrase, but wait and watch.
  6. Thank you sir. I'll try to be busy for the next few weeks, then rotator cuff/biceps tendon surgery on the 23rd is gonna bring it to a screeching halt for a while. I go back a post oldies for a while after that. Here are a couple of Cardinal shots during a snowstorm in3/17.
  7. Not the best shot. It was cloudy with drizzle. She is about 100ft away in mt neighbor's backyard.
  8. Thanks, and yes, I made a spreadsheet and am up to 46. A couple I only got once or twice, but I believe I have at least one good shot of every one of them. A couple of hawks, decent but not great because of where they were in a tree. I've had 5 woodpeckers, your list minus the yellow bellied sap sucker. I've also never gotten a Red-headed. In the only once category, Great-crested Flycatcher, Blue Grosbeak and House Wren.
  9. Thank you Fredneck.
  10. Thanks Brian. I seldom get a shot that shows it. Like the other two they are usually hugged up against the feeder or food.