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    Retired Army, Missing the Jersey surf here in the far upper reaches of the Chessy.
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    God and family; fishing and photography
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    Retired and enjoying life as "Papa". Oh, and fishing and photography.

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  1. Pretty much anything no salt sucks, with a few exceptions.
  2. Yeah, because only white supremacists support the 2A. Oh, and Korean shop keepers. Smh
  3. That is the next thing, right after they get the impeachment done.
  4. Announced last week that it was postponed until the 24th. Did that change?
  5. Documentation not needed when ruled by "feelings".
  6. Horowitz cannot compel testimony from anyone outside the DoJ, so there is that.
  7. Well, he is at it again. Will the racism never stop. Now the master racist has done gone and nominated a black female Marine Col who, when approved, will become the first black female BG. Will the madness ever stop?? For our lib brobois, what can we do to stop this madness? Can he be impeached for this??
  8. Need a lmao emoji. This will do.
  9. What did the women agree to for pay in their contracts?? If it wasn't good enough, maybe they need to fire their agents and get new ones before negotiations begin on their new contracts. Or maybe they should just quit in protest. I'm good with that one. Are "athletes" at-will employees?
  10. My DIL, a legal immigrant from the Philippines has no concerns it seems. She is not nervous at all.
  11. Clarified
  12. One of my all time favorite portraits.
  13. It's kinda scary that you're so good at this. You've apparently studied them well.