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  1. And in a repeat of history, the Obama economy is a big part of what got Trump elected. That, the fact that Hillary would have continued it and the SCOTUS.
  2. As usual, milkdud is farting in the wind.
  3. Pretty good trick, considering he never left NB where he was a Marine Corp Reserve A/C maint guy, who received a less than honorable discharge after being AWOL 3 times, in the brig and reduced to PV1.
  4. Not sure what money is involved. There is no commercial time to sell. If viewership is 45 or even 60 million, 70-80% or so will be divided mostly equally between the networks with the rest being divided between cable nets with Fox getting the lions share. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong. Certainly wouldn't be the first time.
  5. They barely agreed to his speech last week with his plan and only then when he agreed to keep it less than 10 minutes. We'll see if they agree to give him 40-50 minutes and they will still have to give the dems rebuttal time. I hope you are both right but as anti Trump as the networks are, I could see them denying it.
  6. That'll work but the bet is that without it being in the House, the networks will not cover it and it will be a cable only event. Viewership will be less than half or even more than normal.
  7. So this witch has made it official, Trump is dis invited and no SoGU.
  8. Libs are basically mindless lemmings and , nothing more, nothing less. They have no redeeming value as constantly shown in this and most other threads. Even when shown to be 100% wrong they still argue the lies are true. I can't begin to imagine how screwed up they will be after Trump's reelection. Their insanity has no apparent limits.
  9. I always heard them described as possum on the half shell.
  10. Anyone who goes out of their way to defend the douche is a bigger douche than the old geezer.
  11. That's a pretty good summation of the corruption eating away at the prog/dimms of which Hillary is the Queen Witch, fully supported by many here.
  12. None. The public school system no longer teaches, it only indoctrinates.
  13. Thanks. I'm using a 150-600 Tamron on a Nikon D500. Your Canon should be fine if you get the reach.
  14. Correct, in '72 my number for the '73 draft was 17. They stopped at #2 and none were drafted after that. My BIL was a number 2 and didn't get drafted.
  15. Here is my attempt and excuses. I had lots of trouble with it due to the high angle. My tripod would not let me get high enough. I was basically laying back in a chair the the camera tilted back over the top me wit one leg off the ground (so, realistically it was hand held) at 1/20 sec.