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    God and family; fishing and photography
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    Retired and enjoying life as "Papa". Oh, and fishing and photography.

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  1. Yep, RBG is nearly on if not in her death bed and I believe Sotomayor is a serious diabetic with the associated problems that brings.
  2. Once again, as much as I hate the man, Dirty Harry is gonna come out our hero. 51 votes and done for a lifetime.
  3. To most libs, the Constitution and rule of law are like a Morrison's Cafeteria. I'll take a little of that, none of this, can't stand that, rinse, repeat.
  4. This is nothing compared to the freak out that will occur when RBG fails to come down for breakfast.
  5. Slight edit.
  6. Fixed it.
  7. A friend from church works at the Rite Aid warehouse. His son was at my home this evening in a small Bible study I have and told me his Dad said that he said the "lady" came to his building early this morning looking for someone and was told he/she was in the other one, where the shooting was. Shawn (the Dad) is quite shaken as are his wife and kids. His son is a home schooled HS senior and saw it on a phone alert this morning and quickly figured out that was where his Dad works. The rest of the day was a wreck until they spoke to him.
  8. I got a pretty good chuckle here Tom. You used a liberal and reality in the same sentence.
  9. As long as we are outnumbered by free stuffers and anti-constituionalist, we cannot afford to lose one vote which would, if nothing else, cancel one of their votes. I'm outnumbered more in MD than I was in Jersey, but I will never refuse to vote.
  10. With Clinton, the future of Roe v Wade was not a concern.
  11. There are u tube vids. I'll look for a couple.
  12. A group of folks from a MD shooting site I visit have been serenading her outside her house quite frequently lately including a percussion section consisting of pots/pans and other such noise makers, thus providing her a little of he own medicine. She apparently doesn't appreciate it when she is the recipient of her sermons.