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  1. Is this still available?
  2. Thanks Lonell. I am trying a few different lips and a few different weighting configs. Always like to see how other people put theirs together.
  3. Lonell, what lip did you use on those?
  4. Hope to see you guys soon.
  5. funny, I heard them referred to as something else before they were called "Paco grips".....
  6. putting a beating on them in NJ. in both Raritan bay and out front. heading out again tomorrow.
  7. I have one used in pretty good condition. one paint chip on the back. no pic, will have to dig it out. what are you looking to spend on it?
  8. I bought one of these a decade ago, I use it for fluking. I would like a backup. If you have one you don't use or would sell, please let me know. Looking to spend around $50 for used in good condition. If you have one either new or used you would sell, please let me know.
  9. I have a jointed brown trout from 4-5 yrs ago still in bag.
  10. i'll be in the lot getting vendors in and out. if anyone wants to whine about plugs. you can come hang out there, its nice and warm.
  11. I've had it happen lots of times. most recently in Block Island this year, a 6" needle got blasted out of the water. It sounded like a Volkswagen dropping into the ocean. it was being retrieved just fast enough to retain contact and I could never come tight. tail slap is the only way that could have happened.
  12. I know i'm late to the game on this, but there were only two people with family members on the Dmag line. Pedro and his wife, who showed up at 12:30 AM. And then Ryan (insert last name here) and his father who were also there at 430 or something nuts. no-one held a spot for a family member or called someone into line. If they stayed out there from midnight, you can not like it, but they followed the rules and sacrificed a good nights sleep.