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  1. Wow! Congratulations to you both. That's wonderful.
  2. The vicious pit bull abc the playful old man.
  3. Right back at ya man.
  4. Out front, late afternoon. Runt took a teaser hook just as the tide turned to OG. Nothing before or after.
  5. Oh Yeah, Eddie Money and Eddie Van Halen.
  6. Joe Strummer Rick Danko Levon Helm Billy Preston Clarence Clemons John Enwistle Greg Allman Allen Woody David Bowie Joey Ramone Johnny Ramone Dee Dee Ramone MCA Micky Fitz Lemmy Kilmister Sharon Jones Richard Wright Charles Bradley Pete Shelley Vinnie Paul Dime Bag Daryl B.B. King Merle Haggard Alex Brown Daisy Berkowitz Lou Reed Malcom Young Glenn Frey Toots Hibbert Dean Dirt Probably lots more I can't think of or don't know are dead.
  7. Daytime high/OG. Back side - nothing. Moved out front to a spot I scoped over the winter. Found fish in the shallows. Threw in front of them, behind them. Swam under and over them. Hit them on the head with everything in the bag. Got one follow. Otherwise no interest in anything. Must be a bait bite.
  8. Just walked the backside in N. Monmouth at LT and found a bunch of sizable dead bunker. Some up on the sand and some visible in the shallows. Was wondering if ot was a fish kill or something beached them.
  9. Might be. Pic is small in my phone.
  10. I caught a nice fluke early in the season when the blues showed up a few years ago. Thought it would be a good sign. Turned out to be the worst fluke season I ever fished.
  11. Dude.... BBQ brisket is sort of my thing. In TX I could I get an untrimmed brisket at the supermarket for $20-30. They had a bin full of them. In NJ what they call untrimmed is trimmed as hell. I need to go to a butcher to get the less cut piece of crap meat with more crap on it and it's like $90. Should not be.
  12. They didn't really eat it. They just boiled everything because they were dirt ****ing poor. Brisket being fairly passable when slow cooked became the American affectation for the holiday. A cheap cut of crap meat slow cooked in water with potatoes. I made cb hash for breakfast which I doused heavily in Cholula. Erin la Mexico! It's good on rye with mustard. Kosher is best for CB but BBQ is where it's at for brisket.
  13. It only takes one.
  14. My naked ass doesn't look like that.
  15. My pole doesn't look like that.
  16. My sausage doesn't look like that.
  17. My nose doesn't look like that.
  18. That's good to know. I'm the only meat eater on the house. Sounds perfect. And foodtown is the one that really sucks.
  19. What up Pete? It's a Brinkmann bullet smoker. Electric. Red. It's a smoker/steamer/roaster/grill, but I just smoke with it. Don't know the model. It cooks at 225º. That's it. ****ing on or ****ing off. Perfect for brisket. Does great ribs. Actually everything I've done on it, pork, salmon, turkey legs, red fish (oh damn the red fish was good). I'm not good at chicken apparently. But that's user error. I've done wings and skinless breast that were good. Lime marinated smoked chicken tacos with diced tomatoes and cheddar on four tortillas. Those are good. I haven't done those in ages. I live with a vegi/pescatarian so taco night is usually fish or fake meat. (And they are awesome so mock me all you want.) I ruined a pork butt by following a recipe instead of instinct once. Don't trust the internet.
  20. I'm the last of 7 kids. Six kids in 12 years. Then there is a 13 year gap before I came along. People say to me "Oh you were a mistake." No. I was an accident. My brother was a mistake.
  21. Yeah but thats when I was renting. I have it totally secure at my house now.
  22. Been dry since Sept 19, 2019. Last drink was absynth, drinking after hours in a closed bar in Amsterdam m with some ornery Bavarian hostel mates and an airline pilot from Chicago.