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  1. I tell you that you're correct and you tell me I've been lied to.
  2. My band, The Monkeychunks, will be playing the Gramercy freakin' Theater this Sunday! The Queers and The Dwarves are touring together and we got the local opening spot. We are not listed on the tour poster since we are only playing one night. (Wish we could have gotten the Stone Pony gig.) But we are on Ticketmaster. Biggest room we ever played. This will coincide with the release of our first single later this week. It will be the first release from this "true" incarnation of the band.
  3. Sorry. But I'm on the waiting list.
  4. That's Mr. Fantastic to you, pal.
  5. No exactly.... The Catholic, KJB and other Protestant version, Eastern Orthodox, and Ethiopian Orthodox bibles all have different numbers of books. After the church chose which books to sanction in the "original" Bible, it was translated and edited, largely by omission, by Martin Luther and others. Somebody somewhere changed the bible. I think you know this. For the next part you are correct, so I apologize... I was thinking of the Gnostic Gospels. I stand corrected. Your description of the Dead Sea Scrolls is accurate.
  6. My dad warned me about this. He said "Son, at some point in life you will come across a grey pubic hair. Don't let it bother you. Just spit out and get back in there."
  7. Every single thing in this post is false.
  8. No. But a circle jerk IS!
  9. Yeah... I typed in "foot long."
  10. I thought that was a sandwich app too.
  11. What do you mean as a kid?
  12. I have wooden blocks taped to my kick pedals.
  13. You'll know better next time, then.
  14. Lick your wounds and walk away. Your kid is OK. That's all you could ask for and all you will get. Believe me I know.
  15. Do. Not. Do it.
  16. Right. He'll enjoy it more if he's conscious.
  17. Both would be unlikely but weed might be possible. When i was young street shwag often got laced with stuff to spruce it up.
  18. Who would do real street drugs these days with fentanyl showing up in everything?
  19. Not even the best PF song. Doesn't even make their to 10.
  20. The real question is how can you afford to do coke on a nurse's salary?
  21. Also aides when taken before impacting granny.
  22. Somebody married you?
  23. Phone says we are getting rain. Right now. On the radar. We are not.
  24. Reminds me of living in Texas. "Is so hot." Yes, it's Texas. "It's so cold. Why is it cold?" Because it's winter. "But it's Texas. We don't get winter in Texas." Yes, you do. Every year. And every year y'all say the same ****. Texans whine a lot. So do y'all.