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  1. 1 hour ago, Kings over Queens said:

    Not a big fan of boots or open toed or strappy lace up things and not because of an aversion to toes.  Just don't do it for me.  And to be clear, I'm referring to me observing, not me wearing. :laugh:


  2. 17 mins ago, Kings over Queens said:

    For me, a woman in regular high heel pumps does it.  Just hearing the click click click of her walking makes my heart race.   Watching a woman step in or out of them, like when my wife puts her hand on my shoulder for balance.  Good Lord. 

    Pumps if they're leopard print or otherwise interesting.  Lace up boots, shell-top Adidas, sensible flats.  Anything that covers the toes. 

  3. So far I have struck out on 2 boats that would be the right size for about a dozen guys that are in Point Pleasant.  Both were already booked that day.  I know a boat up here in Highlands that would be perfect (and I may have an in there if he's available). 


    The question then becomes do we want to go on a complete renegade trip from a different port that may not sail anywhere near the Mimi? 

    Less delinquent fun, but possibly more catching.