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  1. That's kind of a lie. Blackfishing on a charter, NOT a head boat... I MIGHT, but my hands need to be really cold.
  2. Never!
  3. Yeah, see you know. Never did that fishing. I like the hunt and the catch. Stopped taking pics almost completely (and 3x PBs this year ...) Meat is a bonus and I rarely keep unless I pay to go. Not interested in paying to troll.
  4. I wish my neice would move out of Florida. Then i could wish for a storm to rupture that colostomy bag of subhumanity right into the ocean.
  5. I suppose anything big enough to warrant it, but it's not really fishing. Trolling in freshwater is unfathomable to me. I never went for salmon or steelhead or anything. So maybe. But if you can land it on a fly rod, trolling for it is just pathetic.
  6. You should have been hoping she had small tits. $$$
  7. That doesn't count. I can put glass in someone's food too. Doesn't mean i fooled them. Nice fish, man. Fishing on boats is great fun. Only trolling doesn't count. Except tuna but i never did that.
  8. Be careful with th ise fosters. We fostered 3x and adopted 2 of them. The 2nd we would have kept but our 1st foster fail hated her. She got a great home with kids. Natty. She was super sweet.
  9. Woke up and the wind was light out of the west. Was supposed to be dead south and stiff. Would have set an alarm. Got the time sobI went out. Fish and bait out too far. Stopped for lunch. If the wind holds on going back out.
  10. Great name. We're gonna be in the market soon. But probably for a pair. We'll see.
  11. South wind has been a pita. Tried for a spot/time/tide repeat and nada.
  12. Had a good sunset out front. Wasn't even gonna go because of Friday afternoon crowds. Chased birds for a bit and ended up on a beach with one other guy. He was holding school. I got interrupted by a wind knot and a break off. Still managed several fish. Most in slot. One over. Some schoolies. SP minnow came home with one hook broken and one missing.
  13. Facially Challenged.
  14. Sea bands. Get them at any drug store. I learned about them from a woman who lives and works on a tall ship. She can't stand on a floating dock without puking. I started using them after my neck issues started and I began getting sea sick. They work great. I also have a script for Meclizine, which is basically Dramamine. I take it as a preventative measure also. Only had an issue once, but that captain was a dipshit. Full throttle through major ground swell for over an hour. But I didn't puke.
  15. SWAG = Scientific Wild Ass Guess
  16. Undergoing background check for a new job. The company needs verification of my LLC self employment. THEY ARE ONE OF MY ****ING CLIENTS!
  17. I've been eating the skunk. Finding bait. Just no fish on them.
  18. I got expelled, so to me you're a loser.
  19. 2 words: Leg socket integrity
  20. Take it to the dungeon you perv.
  21. She should play the Carole character. That way we get to see her every episode but only for a minute. It will keep ratings up.
  22. Tell me about it.