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  1. After getting a late start and catching a skunk I stopped at Giglio's to find some kind, any kind, of pork rind that isn't otter trails. Have not liked the otter tails and used the last of my UJ stash in the spring. Well low and behold! I'm sure it's not the same company but the product looks decent. Also grabbed a pencil that i dont need, but some talking it up so wth?
  2. I play the evil elf, right?
  3. Score 1 for Lucy.
  4. Don't you dare. They're rudeboy togging lids.
  5. Correlation is not causation. Of course you're going to market a chance at easy money to people who have none. It's not as attractive to the wealthy. The demographics of wealth are 100% independent of the lottery in and of itself. This is a post hoc fallacy.
  6. I have hats for all seasons.
  7. They should eat all their candy in one sitting and then vomit in your bed. That would be punk rock.
  8. Racist post reported! Not certain of the race. BUT REPORTED!
  9. Speaking from experience, CHANGE EVERYTHING! You don't want to come home from a biz trip and find her asleep in your bed after she moves back to CA.
  10. I ran it by my soon to be new boss (who took my old job and got promoted ...), and I should be good for the day. Should have a half comp day. Might do a conference call on the boat, but I'm 90% in.
  11. I did marry her.
  12. ...made me a shirt.
  13. Yes, I've jigged for tog before. Even got a keeper. But only the one time. The mate who showed me said that when you feel that weight you always swing. Unlike the rig where you wait through the nibbles for something solid.
  14. You swing at everything when jigging, right?
  15. If you think fishing is relaxing, you're doing it wrong.
  16. Really? Because I reeled in a white marlin in Mexico. Can't say I caught it. The boat did that.
  17. I was supposed to do that yesterday. Thanks for reminding me.
  18. Goes with the tiny dick.
  19. Trolling in Raritan Bay should be illegal. Those people should be chummed.
  20. There's a pic of my PB sea bass. Came on the fluke fling. (Yeah I haven't caught a lot of big ones). Got a possible record fluke in the dark of night day after closing. Thought about it, but too big ans alone in the dark. Then it it bit the leader and wasn't even an option. Had a PB striper on the surf the other night. Guy near by helped me and I needed it. Nasty undertow. He had grippers. I didn't. He asked if I wanted a pic. "I gotta get her in the water man." I like to raz my TX friends who have no concept of northeast fishing, but I'm not killing a nother phone or ****ing up a fish to do it. Nobody sees it, I don't give a ****. Not fishing for the public. I fish for me.