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  1. Plus I need another one for the rods I bought this month...
  2. ^^^^ Yes but do you have rod racks mounted on the wall in the living room AND above your bed?
  3. Nice!
  4. COME ON FOLKS! I want the rest of my money!
  5. Love 'em both. Definately love the Bros. more. Seen ABB 20+? times. Never saw the dead with Jerry. However, as far the ability to jam goes it goes to the Bros. The Dead are always referred to as THE Jam band, but... Ultimately the Bros are really a blues band in a lot of ways. Moreso than a space jam band, but the two share a lot. Great tunes.
  6. I only read the title of the thread. That's an accomplishment!
  7. threadkill
  8. I understang where your comming from, but wouldn't that be the intelectual equivilant of banging a fainting goat? She might not even understand what was going on.
  9. Oh my... Syntax baby, syntax! If you're going to say dumb things, you must be a ble to FORM a stupid sentance.
  10. Wow that's got to be tough. I'm really sorry man.
  11. Figured you were breeding or somehting. Just having fun.
  12. ^^^ Snip that pup.
  13. snake eyes
  14. ^^^ Hence my apology for being accusatory.
  15. Woah...I wasn't ready for this thread.
  16. I can't find "prejudicary" anywhere. If you could send me a link I would appreciate it. I think I may owe you an apology. I was somewhat accusatory toward you in one of my last posts. I blame the jet lag.
  17. ^^^^ Those be my kind of dogs. You know "dawooogs"
  18. I don't carry around any anger about this specifically. The acts of these children are the fault of their parents. Many of these children outgrew this behavior while some did not. In the long it gives me a perspective that few people have. I do harbor much frustration that most people ignore what's refered to as "reverse discrimination". Now there's a comment that shows a prejudicary attitude. I feel that this phenomenon stems from a sense of entitlement that has been instilled in people over gerations. They seem to feel that the actions of people in the past make it ok for them to expect something and behave insensatively in the present. People think this because they are taught this. Like I said earlier When people aren't thin skinned and dont have double standards we all get along. It's a beautiful thing when that happens. Far too rare though.
  19. You make an excellent observation. However, what you are trying to do is put me on the defensive for calling it exactly what it is. I won't allow you to do that. That's the race card cop out. Call some one a racist and they start pleading that they are not a racist leaving the door open for them to get called out on everything else. Poor sportsmanship if you ask me. You can not tell me that hip hop/gangsta/thug/rap culture is the product of anything other than inner city black America. Those from other ethnic backgrounds who adhere to this fashion are imitating something that their community did not invent. The same way that Elvis stole rock and roll. Where you went astray in your otherwise poignant observation, was considering the operative word in my post as being "ethnic". It was not. The operative words were "themselves" and "public perception". I do not have a forum in which to alter public perception and neither do you. The rich and famous do have such a forum. If my perception as a member of the public is inaccurate then my point have been proven.
  20. How much did the mechanic set you back?
  21. This kid needs to kiss a girl already...
  22. I spent most of my childhood as the only white kid on the school bus. That ain't easy. The Brothas gave me hell lots of the time. And as far as the whole comment goes, perhaps rappers, athletes, and other high profile black males who portray themselves in a specifically ethnic manner with a tough guy with a big dog persona should re-evaluate the influence that their stardom matched with such behavior has on public perception. Unfortunately a single comment has been used to play the race card and ignore the issue at hand which is the abuse of innocent creatures that have no control over their own destiny. Nor do said creatures understand or care about the ethnicity of their abuser. Playing the race card sucks. It's a cop out. I heard it my whole life growing up while I was the one outnumbered and putting up with abuse just because I was an easy target. That never gets any attention. The other kids are entitled to be racist to the loan white kid right? Shove it! This is about dogs. If DMX wants to perpetuate use of the N word in his songs he can be called a brotha. Should he call me a cracka no one would bat an eye lash. I call for equal rights. How many times did you here George Jefferson call people honkies on prime time tv? When people aren't thin skinned and dont have double standards we all get along. It's a beautiful thing when that happens. Far too rare though. Dogs rule!
  23. Well the Googs like other pooches. I'm nor sure if he's partial to blondes though... Aah don't matter. He's not half the man he used to be if you know what I mean.
  24. My boy Googles like cats. But for different reasons than you cat lovers do....
  25. Deadheads