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  1. I caught another one last night. Same spot. Nothing special though. Just a short. I'm done for at least a week. To windy and I'm out of town starting Wednesday.
  2. Out front for fluke at sunrise. Managed two decent cocktail blues.1/2 OZ ball jig bucktail w/ teaser. Both tipped with gulp. Bith fish took the jig. Lots of cabbage on the rocks. Lots of bait. Lots of talk of triggerfish. I know nothing about triggers.
  3. I was never a skater. Have a buddy in TX a little older than me. I'm 46. He builds ramps for x games. Got divorced, bought a new house with a huge barn and built a ramp in it. Dude is no joke. Skates around ATX in the heat as main transport. Met me downtown for a Negativland show once. He skated 5+ miles to get there. In the summer.
  4. I looked at a pic of a guy holding a cast of the world record and mine was easily that big. Weight, who knows? No witnesses, no pics, no weigh in. Whatever. I caught a big fish. It was awesome.
  5. Throwing swim shads in the river last night hoping for schoolies. I have a spot and pattern that's pretty reliable in the fall. Last night it took a weird turn. Hooked a nice fluke. I would say about 26". Never caught a fluke at night. Heard talk of it, but never from very reliable sources. Hook a second smaller one. It gets off because the hook was impaled in the tail. Then I hook a freakin' doormat. The thing inhaled the shad body. Had a mouth the size of my hand. Bit through the leader as I was unhooking it. (I got the plug out before releasing it.) Biggest fluke I have ever seen in person. This of course happens the day after fluke closed.
  6. I like Centipede.
  7. I was a field rep jet setting around the country. Cell phone was necessary.
  8. I had the option having a company pay for my phone ir give me a work phone. Wwhen they foot the bill, they keep the number after you leave. I chose the company device.
  9. Unless you hire him.
  10. The office is dead. I don't think this is fear of disease. There are those who are traumatized or otherwise not ready to go back to life without a face mask and don't touch stuff. Heck I know a few who don't leave the house anymore. I think they are gone forever. The office is largely bull**** and a commuting to it a complete waste of time and money for many. When the pandemic hit I was commuting 2hrs both ways on a train. Paid well. Outrageous perks and benefits (health insurance sucked balls worse than any major corp I ever worked for, but the offset was OK). My job was all emails and phone calls. I video conferenced clients around the country/world. Every meeting had a video conference with the other coast and Europe. You want me to sacrifice 20 extra unpaid hours a week for that? Go **** yourself. Hard. With an umbrella. Open it before removing. Seriously. My productivity increased 80% after I wasn't exhausted and haggard first thing everyday. It's not everybody's job, and yes my commute was unique and extreme. But now that it has been proven that an office job does not require being in the office all the time, you need to justify when people go there. When I worked from home and traveled constantly it was electric when we brought the team together for a huddle and then supernovaed back across the continent to kick ass and take names. That's not the same as wearing people down with extra time, expense, stress, and difficulty to get to an office and be there just because the space is an existing company expense. Reduce space costs, increase salaries, and weed out those who need to be supervised. Have your face to face 1 or 2 times a week or month or whatever PROVES valuable. If it doesn't prove to be valuable, then **** it. The company should not own 10 hours a week (or more) of your time for no money just because they said so. **** them. Corporate is trying to recuperate costs on real estate that wasn't needed to actually promote productivity in the first place. That bull**** is the real power trip control mechanism. Social engineering at its finest. Making people spend time unnecessarily at their own expense for no good reason just to make them know who's in charge. It's senseless and counterproductive.
  11. I thought you made a typo and H2O played.
  12. I know. He carries tweezers in his jeep.
  13. I don't hunt, but this made me laugh.
  14. Out front this morning at sunrise. Nothing hapening. Moved to another spot. Lots of activity. Small blues popping up here and there. Molesting spearing. One guy snagged a large bunker. Gonna hit that spot in the early AM if the west wind holds.
  15. I'm shirt too ya know.
  16. More of a philanthropist. He helped rebuild housing after hurricane Katrina and was trying to get a grant to do something with tree replenishment when he died. He did more good than most of us.
  17. Never wore them, but had a friend who was the biggest advocate for them. I knew him from the bonnaroo board. They would make threads every year about the dumbest ****. Imagine the main overrun by dirty hippies. Every year thee was a thread about best shoes for the festival. He always went on about how perfect they were. Unfortunately he died of dehydration at the festival in 2010, I think it was. On the board he went by the name Carpe Diem and the company put out a line of shoes called Carpe Diem in his honor. It also forced the festival to provide free water access station inside the show area. They were gouging people for bottle water.
  18. I love milk sandwiches.
  19. Almost saw the Refreshments at SXSW. They are hit or miss with a lot of miss. Cowbells and Yahoos or whatever the King of the Hill theme is called, is their most interesting track that I've heard. Don't know Roger Clyne. Saw Les Claypool do Limelight at bonnaroo. That was pretty good. Less sterile and no Getty Lee.
  20. Respectable enough I suppose. I'm going to listen to some Mescaleros and ignore your opinion.
  21. Yeah, but don't you like Rush?
  22. Punks are known for mixing words.
  23. This one is gonna be a ****ing banger and a half. Awesome lineup. Where the hell is Garwood anyway?
  24. The headliners, Teenage Bottlerock, forgot our name when giving a shout out to the supporting acts. They just called us "the first band." "We heard you from upstairs. You sounded great." they said. Apparently this guy liked us and didn't appreciate their selective memory. For the record I thought TBR were great. But I've never seen them before.
  25. I believe dirt is both organic and gluten free. Celiac is the real fluten intolerance. Most people who dont eat gluten don't have that. I call it the hipster allergy. Austin, Portland and cities like that are full gluten free restaurants. It's largely a whiny pretentious trend of self importance.