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  1. I gotba sticker direcr from Tons garage about 10/12 years ago. I remember talk of a hoodie design that never got made. Merch would be cool.
  2. You know where i live. You've been to my house. BTW i still have that anchor for you. Although senorita likes the way it looks in the garden.
  3. I love in AH and have heard nothing of this. I will say that with the heat it feels like ozone is really high. But I'm just guessing. I might have missed a memo.
  4. To be fair, that was the height of Greg's heroin use.
  5. Agreed. She's magical.
  6. I wear s hat and a tie every gig i play. Have a gig in Brooklyn 9/17. You should come.
  7. I have that on 45. Because I am sick.
  8. The worst song ever is Oh What a Night by the 4 Seasons. Insipid ****ing earworm puke on a platter. Folloqed by everything Billy Joel ever excreted through the speakers of dentist waiting rooms the world over.
  9. That only works woth waiters.
  10. You're missing at least one.
  11. Apparently the fishing on these tips is only decent if I'm absent or laid up on the cabin sick. Hope i can make it next year. Nice catching everybody. Also sorry i spaced on the pre party. Would have made the after party but i had other things.
  12. Hot pink. And i do mean hawt.
  13. I should have sailed standby. Damn....
  14. I'm on my second. Upgrades from the basket to the versitile countertop oven style. Use it more than my microwave. Bettwr for heating up anything that isnt liquid. Fresh fish better than anything. Crispy not greasy. Best for fries. Reheating fries. Bak3d potatoes in the summer. Actualky they come out better than the oven anyway. Thing is awesome.
  15. You will have white claw and like it.
  16. I could taste this when I read it.
  17. Please. I licked his ****ing head once.
  18. It's not that kind of boat ride. Believe me I've tried.