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    Just wait for the movie.
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    Whips, chains, whistles, and reading.Punk rock, your mom and your sister. Not necessarily in that order. Does your sister like punk rock?

    How about your mom?
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    Sell the concept of selling.

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  1. I'm around. I'm just not around here much.
  2. Let me play you the birthday song of my people.
  3. happy birthday man!
  4. @Tom T happy birthday. I'm not gonna make it. Activate the waiting list. Maybe next year.
  5. Ask SIM.
  6. You're right. Unfortunately rather than free thinkers they're just contrarian imbeciles.
  7. I just went to TX for a funeral that has been postponed since march when this all started. Back when NJ looked like TX does now. Got back Monday. Some face masks and common sese and they'd be sittin' pretty. Now they are telling Texans to stay at home and I have also. Go TX....
  8. If I pay for it I will give it to whoever I want!
  9. I'm gonna say I'm in. If I bail I will grant my spot to Hot Wheels.
  10. I'm leaning toward yes. Let you know when I get back from TX.
  11. You have commanding authority here and may place me on the waiting list if you see fit.
  12. I'm undecided. Treat that as you will.
  13. Wasn't referring to you or your posts. Rather the greater subject at hand.