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    Just wait for the movie.
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    Whips, chains, whistles, and reading.Punk rock, your mom and your sister. Not necessarily in that order. Does your sister like punk rock?

    How about your mom?
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  1. I met up with Homer at a gas station in the middle of the night to catch a night bite in Rockaway.
  2. I'm going to a show tonight. Can't say I'm that into the idea, but he was a music guy. It feels right. He wouldn't want me to wast the tickets.
  3. Us locals should put together a tribute. Charter a boat, drink some brown hooch and Kane, and throw our rods overboard. OK, maybe just one cheap Zebco combo as a tribute, but you get me.
  4. I think he met my wife at the Clam Slam giving her boiled peanuts.
  5. Oh man, this is terrible. I thought he was on the mend. One of the best guys on the board. This may sound weird, but I've got to figure out how I'm gonna tell my wife. She loved Chris. Whenever she showed up at an event they always got on real well. They both asked about each other. We all went to see The Misfits at Prudential in his company box with Bellringer. He always teased me about the earplug/cotton in the ears incident. And rightfully so. We had to go to his jeep after the show to get tweezers from his first aid kit, because I forgot my earplugs and had cotton stuck in my ears. He made my wife take it out. (wouldn't you?) I remember being hungover as **** on an ice fling. Chris kept calling me from the lake "Where are you? When you getting here?" I probably wouldn't have made it out if it wasn't for that. Definitely one of the guys I genuinely sought out whenever we've all been together. I remember him showing me his daughter's artwork on a tog fling. And I remember the fluke fling rod overboard. I have a pic somewhere of his rod tethered to him on the last tog fling. Something about an issue with his grip. This is very sad. A real shame.
  6. Have you seen the price of blood worms?
  7. “If” my butthole ends up on social media. You don’t me, do ya?
  8. I’ve seen them a couple of times. They’re one of my favorites. My band in HS used to cover that song.
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