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    How about your mom?
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  1. 12/14. I could do 11/23, but already have a trip on 11/22 and will have my bro in town that weekend (I think).
  2. I gave this pipe thing a shot recently and I have a few questions. Got a Molina briar pipe. Straight billiard, nothing exotic. Had them scoop me out three sample bags at the local shop. The first I tried was a cherry. Woke up with a slamming headache. Could this be the tobacco or something to do with a new pipe? My other question is do you really need to change the filter after each smoke? If I'm going to smoke the same tobacco for three days can I get away with putting the same filter back each time I clean it?
  3. Sorry I missed it. But not that sorry. Sorry I missed Kev. The locals are, well local.
  4. I'm out. Friend with a boat called. We sail at non. I'll post pics if we catch anything.
  5. That is a rad looking set.
  6. We use it for basement rehearsals, so it doesn't matter a whole lot what it sounds like. (As phone video there would indicate.) I think they are SS but will confirm next time we get together for a house rehearsal.
  7. Yes. Drummer. I was drummer monkey on SOL before joining the Monkeychunks. I gig out about once a month.
  8. Oh man. I am so sorry Red. That is a heavy heavy blow. I can't even imagine what you must be going through.
  9. Dude. Sounds like you are going to a full on 3 day ethnic wedding. I'm jealous. You're going to have a blast. You will never attend a stupid American wedding ever again.
  10. What do I look like?
  11. Consider it a budget reception.
  12. And the Gang!
  13. I'd like to thank the little people.