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    How about your mom?
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  1. I had it and senorita had it. Same time. Same symptoms. She never tesyed positive. I tested positive for a week after being over it. Home tests mean squat.
  2. **** WIND! It was gorgeous when I was missing the lawn. Was gonna head out for so.e bloos this afternoon. Wi dy as heck now.
  3. Where you headed to?
  4. Yes, clearly. It was behind me but I kept checking on It. Saw the whole first half. After the moon was covered and turned orange, clouds rolled in. I wasn't out long after that.
  5. Went out during the eclipse last night. Fishing a danny in skinny water where I'd had some good hits the night before with no hookup. Same story. Large bunker, a few hiys, some attack splashes in the distance, but.... At one point at the end of my retrieve, just as I'm lifting the plug out of the water, a BIG fish took a swing at it about 2 feet in front me. Startled the heck out of me. It was quite thrilling.
  6. Yeah, I have had this issue with NYS ever since I started working in NYC. The thing is I was literally employed for one day by a NYC based office. That makes the amount insane. It's not about the money though. I don't know how on Earth this is legal. But it is.
  7. NY CHARGED ME $54 IN TAXES FOR WORKING FROM HOME IN NJ FOR ONE DAY! JANUARY ****ING FIRST! A HOLIDAY. How is it that I can be taxed by a state that affords me zero representation or other benefits. I ****ING HATE THIS DISHONEST bull****!
  8. Coutry clubs.
  9. Now I understand why you're so damn grumpy all the time.
  10. Ironic that a show about meth moves so slowly...
  11. I'm not quoting all of that... OUTLANDER Seniorita watched it. I thought it was terrible. Once you get past that one guys thick ass Scotch accent he's a terrible actor. Too soap opera for me otherwise. SAUL When did the last season of Saul become available on NF? Finally got season 4 just recently. BREAKING BAD One of the best shows of all time in every way. The DP is a damn genius and I think he shoots Saul. Also think he's in the ASC now. WATCH IT NOW! You won't be disappointed. You won't see anything better for a while. It has a legitimate ending!!!! Who does that?