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  1. Lax jamboree, some fishing, some golf for Father’s Day if doesn’t rain
  2. It’s glen freaking beck. Show the respect he has earned. Same to SIM
  3. Old saying...The smaller the bottle the bigger the problem... i still smoke so ovcasionally stop at the packie and see people buy sleeves (10) of nips. I don’t know if this a new thing but never remember seeing that in my misspent youth.
  4. I’ve gone full circle from some nice custom stuff back to spyderco Delica with a pop’s custom deep carry clip. Great knife and don’t care if it gets dinged up.
  5. Thanks for the reminder! Great show!
  6. Gordo caplan. Not surprised
  7. You guys just don’t get it. Her trips are important. Thus she’s exempt. Get it? Good.
  8. AquaSeal has a couple different repair kits with patches, aquaseal ans cotol 240 accelerant.
  9. More taxes and more “fees”
  10. Those are cool. Now I need one. Thanks TK you suck
  11. Yes from last fall. It’s back around again. Great value. I’ve seen $300plus custom folders that were no where near as good. Used mine hard and doesn’t even have a scratch on it And the edge is still razor sharp. It never saw saltwater though.
  12. Here’s my carry knife. Ferrum forge in s35vn. Best folder I own.
  13. Looks at some benchmades tonight. Too overpriced for the quality. Bought a couple cheap swedish moraknils for the surf instead.
  14. Home inspection? Markets still so strong here they writin them out or best you can get is that seller will address anything over 50k only. Some just paid 100 over asking for a neighbors house no inspection. Idiots LOL
  15. That was hilarious! I though he was naked when they first censored his plumbers crack gettin out LOL