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  1. Why was my post hidden?
  2. And smoke butts while drinking them! Nicotine is now allegedly good. https://www.*******
  3. You don’t have to go to Dicks or Walmart. You can buy you’re license online like the majority of people do.
  4. LOL!
  5. Jussie Smollett Offered Job At CNN After Fabricating News Story Out Of Thin Air February 18th, 2019 ATLANTA, GA—While Empire actor Jussie Smollett has been having a tough week so far, there appears to be a silver lining: cable news channel CNN has offered Smollett a job as an investigative reporter and on-air anchor after witnessing his skills at fabricating a story entirely out of thin air. CNN producers were reportedly impressed throughout the ongoing saga of Smollett's apparent hoax attack on himself. They realized early on the facts didn't add up but were fascinated with how well the actor kept the narrative going. An HR rep quickly reached out to Smollett to see if he'd be interested in taking on a position at the news organization after news broke that the entire thing was probably fabricated. "Smollett has exactly the kind of skills we look for at our fine organization," said CNN correspondent Brian Stelter. "He picked a narrative, made up all the relevant facts and details, and stuck with his story in spite of glaring holes in the plot. It's hard to find people who understand our core values here at CNN, but Smollett seems to be just the guy for us." The actor has accepted the offer and is now undergoing training to learn how to weave even more intricate narratives ex nihilo, according to insiders.
  6. Riddler- didn’t you read what the dems and the govnah are saying? It’s for your own safety! Why, give them drivers licenses and they’ll get their cars inspected and insured! That way you don’t get hit by one with no insurance. You wouldn’t want that now would you? Lol
  7. Sorry for your loss! I met him at shows over the years and have a signed goo goo eyes of his. Great fisherman and all around good guy.
  8. Saw it on the news. Guy didn’t look that big. Hope they have enough footage to catch the prick
  9. Interesting article thanks for posting
  10. Typical New Yorker
  11. Good post Chessie! Lets all pray for Gatr552z he’s out of his mind LOL
  12. She’s dangerous in the golf course too
  13. Dangerous on the golf course too
  14. I remember reading about flying fish in the canal decades ago. Maybe in one of frank daignaults books?
  15. Typical New Yorkers. I see Yankee hats. Figures.