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  1. Hunters not so bad. He gives a lot of money to charity. on the nights she’s working.
  2. Well they can still use the AR pistol, they just can’t attach a brace, which lets face it is basically a rifle stock. Just less traditionally shaped. maybe hunting regs need to be updated for coyote. Especially with some places hiring hunters like that neighborhood up in Lynn just did.
  3. Yeah nothing to do with hunting. I guess it impacts those hunters using braces cause they want to skirt the rules. Can’t be many folks night hunting coyotes with their ar15 pistols modified into sbr’s. Maybe there are?
  4. I wonder if google still shows the ads and just doesn’t pay? I sincerely hope Tim is making good money on this site after 20 plus years of dealing with all of us and our BS! also I’m so old I remember when google started and was all about internet freedom. Now they are just government lackeys trying to police political speech and ideals they no longer agree with. Very sad.
  5. Lindell could be on to something here. desantis’s massive victory is obviously democrat fraud. I saw mike on tv today. He sells slippers now.
  6. Of course they were just protecting them. that’s why the fbi was paying them millions and installing agents as Twitter employees. protection. LOL!
  7. They can drown in slime. Melted ice doesn’t help. I’ve always used ice pack in the eel bucket and a rag or something they can get on. Pour off slime as needed if it’s going to be a long time. Minnow buckets with the air holes on top make it easy.
  8. That’s BS. You don’t get out much I guess. All the Ukrainian women I’ve met at strip joints have been lovely people.
  9. So the Republicans just voted on Nov 30th to bring back congressional earmarks, something they have been working on for awhile. Things will be different this time they said. GOP leadership will vet the pork barrel spending, congressman will have to write up detailed justification s and cost/benefit analysis. LOL. two weeks later they are planning on cramming 7600 earmarks low balled at $16b through. I wonder how many they’ll have by the time they vote on the spending bill. Double? Triple? It’s a free for all. anyone else here remember when Republicans used to at least try and limit some government spending when we have a Democrat president? Of course all bets are off when they have a Repub POTUS but at least us taxpayers would get the occasional feigned fiscal restraint every 4-8 years. Covid changed everything. Senate’s Earmarked Billions at Stake December 13, 2022 7:05 AM More than 7,500 earmarks totaling $16 billion hang in the balance as lawmakers attempt to negotiate a government funding deal and avoid a year-long stopgap measure that wouldn’t dole out any funds to members’ favorite local projects. Powerful retiring senators would be among the biggest winners if negotiators can reach a deal, which would include infrastructure and university funds sought by Senate Appropriations Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Vice Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), as well as military construction projects added by Senate Armed Services ranking member Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.). The Senate included 3,123 earmarks totaling $7,780,973,000 in its fiscal 2023 appropriations bills released in July, according to a Bloomberg Government analysis of nine documents published by the Senate Appropriations Committee. A central Excel document containing all the earmarks, compiled from the nine PDF files, is available here. On the House side, lawmakers included 4,386 earmarks totaling $8,231,999,565 according to an analysis earlier this year. A central Excel doc with the House earmarks is available here. Combined, the two chambers have published 7,509 earmarks totaling $16,012,972,565. The earmarked funding total is slightly less than 1% of the roughly $1.7 trillion government funding package lawmakers hope to finish this year. Members agreed to apply a 1% limit to the new earmarking process when they brought it back ahead of fiscal 2022, after a decade-long ban on the process. Shelby stands to take home the most earmarked funds for a second year in a row, with 17 projects totaling $656.4 million. That includes $200 million for the Alabama State Port Authority, $100 million for Department of Transportation work on the Woolsey Finnell Bridge over the Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa, and $76 million for the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Medicine. If lawmakers can’t strike a deal on government funding this year and rely on a stopgap measure into 2023, it’s not clear whether retiring members’ projects will end up in a final omnibus negotiated in a new Congress. “I’ll be gone. I’ll be cutting the grass and running errands for my wife,” Shelby said. “They’d start all over. I wouldn’t get anything.”
  10. Why do you hate America? We had to fight them there so we didn’t fight them here. Never forget. who could have known going to war in Afghanistan might not work? There was no historical precedent when bush decided.
  11. Unfortunately republicans are not working on any of this issues not will they. They are busy writing up massive earmarks for their districts which they just approved and getting an amnesty for illegals deal together.
  12. It won’t help walker. Trump will just whine and moan and blather on about being installed as president now that Twitter files “prove”the election was rigged”, not that he was just out played, kinda like how Kanye played him.
  13. just read Matterhorn by carl marlantes, vietnam war novel. if you like this genre it was awesome
  14. just read Matterhorn by carl marlantes, vietnam war novel. if you like this genre it was awesome
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