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    Born and raised in NYC, transplated to NJ.
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    Fishing, Sports, Music (Metal, Rock, Rap - Anything but country for me)
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  1. Wonderful, imo. I've never fished a raging river but I fish one place that has some great current. We crush them there on these. Best part is when the flow is going out and it really starts ripping you can just cast and hold... No need to reel, it'll just hold its place and wiggle..and get eaten.
  2. Thank you. The pin is bent, wedged, and then permanently epoxied inside. I did a auction for charity last spring and you can see it swim in this video:
  3. Hey guys. I figured i'd share since its been a while since I posted. Hope yall are doing well. These are varying sink rates, about 7" long and a little over 2.5oz. Original was carved from hard maple, and its children born of resin.
  4. Thank you! I really enjoy the carving aspect.
  5. Thank you! They swim great and the bass seem to enjoy snacking them up
  6. Glad your friend found it. Its got some mojo on it. Enjoy!
  7. Ok. No problem. Itll sell. It's a gorgeous rod and I'm in no rush.
  8. Yes. I am right outside of NYC in central NJ. Could meet you in Staten Island as well. Judy let me know.
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