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  1. 55 shipped to ur door and sorry about the late response working to much
  2. got a 5" lazer and I think I have a new set of blades
  3. the saltiga 5000h and 6500h have a higher retrieve 47.6"-51.6"
  4. as for vs or zb u would be looking at about a 40" retrieve from the zb27 and the vs 275. as for ur earlier question on how the faster line retrieve affects other styles of fishing u have to adjust ur retrieve my stella 10k sw is 52" per crank
  5. I know weight wise my buddy has the isla 7000 and is getting a 5000 or already got it, its noticeably lighter than his zb on the same rod. as for water proof ness yes the isla is sand proof I don't think so. the saltiest is neither waterproof or sandproof last I knew killed mine in a week. yes a buncha the guys used saltists in mexico for roosters my guess is cost and peering eyes may try to hijack higher end reels. as for the dog fights cost probably components and other things like metal parts used instead of plastic ect ect
  6. dawia isla lower price point no frills dogfight basically mag sealed body high retrieve and 60lbs drag+- 51" +- retrieve and much lighter than most. the saltist is a pos. but as for water proof sand proof well u have a bunch the saltiga ive seen used under water and buried in sand and rinsed off in the salt, vs and zb are other options. I use a stella 10k in the surf I just keep it away from falling in the sand. specs for isla 7000 ModelTD Code Action (FW / SW) Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per Handle Turn Weight Mono Capacity (lb/yds) Braid Capacity (lb/yds) Drag Max ISLA7000H DAI-1736 - / XH 2CRBB, 7BB, 1RB 5.7:1 54.7in 29.4 oz 25/350 30/300 80/550 100/440 66
  7. repositioning of the bearing on the main gear as far as I know
  8. the older vs reels cant accept the new traverse guide
  9. how much is your budget? what type of fishing will u be doing ie skishing, or just from shore?
  10. second the simms fleece gloves, I put a hand warmer in em on the backs of my hands stay nice and warm and I have extra hand warmers if they get wet. and they dry fast
  11. also look at it from a different perspective some of the people that are doing it are older and may not want to take a fall on the slick rocks. also if ya don't like what they r doing just leave, im well aware of the bp mess and its lasting effects.