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  1. No love for the crabs. Off to the freezer.
  2. I have roughly 2 pints of green crabs Id like to give away. Located in Pocasset. First to say Ill take them can have them and Ill PM address to pick up.
  3. I suppose it could be placed on top of the splash park
  4. I have some 7/0 VMC tuna hooks that might fit the bill. Not exactly what your looking for but pretty close. Happy to send one to check out if you like. Google 7/0 VMC southern tuna hook
  5. Eastmans Sport and tackle in Falmouth still services reels. worth a call if you are not going to do it yourself
  6. No action for me but my buddy jumped a few doing a push. At least we moved a few. Pretty quiet today, heard 2 shots. Wet, cold, and in the truck by noon
  7. x3
  8. I've used ground lamb, or meat off lamb shoulder chops to add fat to the venison, its a nice mix. Making sausage I've substituted olive oil for animal fat too, it can add the needed fat to the mix without the animal fat. I've had venison cut with too much pork that it stopped tasting like venison. I like to experiment, even using ground chuck mixed to venison one or two times for burgers and tacos..
  9. x3 The dopes in the state house will turn this into a cash cow, managed by idiots who can get a real job.And layabouts will have another excuse,not to work. Companies may end up dropping benefits if the state picks up the tab for time off. Its one more step towards socialism. The $15 wage will be another mess. Sounds great in the short term for low wage earners. Then the price of all goods goes up and you still get morons at the work place who cant make change, make coffee, dig a ditch or move, costing the employer $15/hr plus. Summer jobs for high school and college kids will be harder to find. I've already seen companies cut back full time positions to PT so they can pay the wage but wont have to pay benefits now that they have mostly PT help. Why hire one person at 40/ hrs plus health insurance, plus other benefits when you can hire two for 20 hours and pay wages only?
  10. I fished East on Sunday. Tons of dogs, followed by Macks and Whiting that hit or were snagged by the jig. Fished 80-350' and only shook the dogs at the deepest depths, but even then caught one. just not the one a minute we were seeing in shallower water. Tally for the day was 2 keeper haddock. caught 1/2 dozen short cod. Saw tuna busting and a few whales. Got me ass kicked on a long windy ride home.
  11. last bump. make an offer
  12. Got the reel today. Great shape , fast shipping. Thank you hairyfishead!
  13. Friday bump
  14. Awesome! Great picture! thanks for the info. i was planning on hitting 200' or so. it has been a while since I've been out there. Sometimes they are much deeper. that helps. THANKS
  15. Yes i see a big swell predicted. thanks for the info!