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  1. Kulas Customs right on Barlows landing road in Pocasset.
  2. Well done little man! Congrats dad!
  3. x3 for finback. Long lean and quick. Cool video.
  4. Not me, but my kid brother if you are looking to donate. He will place the names of people affected by cancer on his bike. Amazing to see, a really great way to help. Thousands give their time and/or donations. Bless them all.
  5. I have one. never used. Where are you located? I'm on cape cod.
  6. Ill take the firestick for asking. P.M. and Ill pay pal Whoops. Just saw the above post. 2nd
  7. The chamber on a match grade gun, a true match grade, will require match grade bullets which are slightly different than most .22 in that they have slightly shorter brass. The rifling on a true match grade barrel and chamber will go through the lead to the brass when a bullet is chambered.. A match grade barrel and chamber like those on true competition rifles have very tight specifications. If you run typical ammo through it you will see the brass on some being scored by the rifling on some of the brass casings not necessarily something you want to do a lot of. These require top grade ammo. unusual for a 10/22 but quite possible. figure $20/box of 50 or more.
  8. Great shooters. I have an old one my dad bought when he got home from deployment in the Korean War. I still shoot it regularly. The JM stamp is from the conneciticut plant and is pre-Remmington. It is generally considered the mark of the better Marlins. As stated the newer ones are not made with the same skill and quality. Yours looks to be a golden 39a with the shoulder strap hardware in place. The "T" in the serial number designates this as a 1960 manufacture as stated. She looks to be a beauty, I'd be proud to own that gun. Take care of it, oil it sparingly, and shoot it. Very accurate gun.
  9. Lepers on a bad day were a whole lot better than the deadbeats that infest parts of the upper cape now. Children of the 50s and 60s. Most worked hard, they almost all fished hard and a few partied hard at a time when the nation was partying hard. There were blue-collar workers, managers, and a lawyer among the ranks. It was colorful, It was a whole lotta fun, and it was a great time, at a great time, with some great guys(and a few ladies). "On the 8th day, he created the Lepers" LOL (Tips hat to Mr. Canal)
  10. God Bless Huff and god bless the Lepers!
  11. Easier said than done... but sell them or give them to somebody that does appreciate them for what they are. Guns should be shot, and hunting guns should hunt. I recently sold my first shotgun... an 870 wingmaster to a young guy that new wanted a wingmaster to hunt waterfowl. He was thrilled to find one in good shape. It still hurts to part with it but Im happy its being used they way it was meant to. Takes the sting out a bit. Find a young hunter and give him something to remember.
  12. Guess again. Supermarket fish is garbage
  13. Kulas Customs on Barlows landing rd .
  14. That supermarket fish is complete crap. Bleached out in a solution that renders old fish appear white and fresh. Its gross, If there is any flavor left its a combination of ammonia and floor cleaner. Id hesitate feeding it to my cat if I had one. Save your money for the real thing and enjoy it.
  15. A few pics. I got water on the cloth. Not stains. I'm near the canal. How's $'35 picked up?