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    fishing for what is biting; dreaming of getting to salt water
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  1. $60 PayPal shipped and I will take it.
  2. I will take these for $30. check or paypal make sense with trips to post office hard and lots of time for checks to clear.
  3. Offer of Triumph in post #15 withdrawn. Thanks for considering. Good luck with search.
  4. I have a 9' St. Croix Triumph TSRS90M4. 1/2 - 2.5 oz. Tags still attached with tube. $150 shipped, PayPal. (Alternatively have a 10' 3/4 - 4 which seems farther from your target range.)
  5. The pictures in post 4 are not showing up. Sorry.
  6. My wife works in D.C. so I'm not so far all the time. Meanwhile PM payment info (paypal or address) since I won't be there to pick it up tomorrow LOL.
  7. Need to know where for pickup. Assuming pickup won't require a passport, I will take it for $400.
  8. Theory says light penetration is greatest at higher frequencies and this is UV paint to boot. Also note it was edged, not just painted solid, for a light-dark contrast at shallower depths. Somebody really thought it was worth the effort to paint that many by hand. In practice, you'll never learn about it from me if it works because if I told you then . . . Well . . .
  9. I think the limit is 70lbs. Per box but let me know of 2 boxes are needed.
  10. At $5 each, plus shipped paypal, I will take some of each type shown, as follows: 4 svpilk 99 blue 4 svpilk 40b blue 5 8 oz runoff 4 12 oz runoff 4 14 oz eagle claw blue 4 18 oz solvkroken blue That's 25 jigs $125, plus $20 shipping. Send paypal info or other shipping info. (Blue must have been a lucky color.)
  11. Unless you are friends with a long haul trucker who moves it for you, you will be driving it. For example*, even if I'd meet you in Laramie Wyoming, travel costs would eat all your profit, plus doubling my investment. (*Mods: this is neither an offer to buy nor a solicitation outside the BST rules. I'd love one of those giant slingshots or catapults that sling baits into the Columbia River though.)
  12. Have cobia made it to NJ yet? Decades past they barely reached the Carolinas, but now Virginia and Maryland either learned how to catch them or get a summer influx of significance. Same can be said for tarpon although in smaller numbers. At this point the fishery is inshore-boat oriented but runs through the sommer.
  13. When my job kept me from vacations and fishing, I bought tackle for the "dreams" that went with it. Hope my imagination does not fail me in retirement.
  14. I will take it. I'd send you the PayPal so it is in your hands or I can bring funds. PM me on details and location.