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  1. Happy Father’s Day to all! yes, Rose put on a clinic that’s for sure. Woodland might nab his first major. Good on him!
  2. Just starting up a thread to discuss the third major, the U.S. Open at historic Pebble Beach. I have been watching a lot of this afternoon‘s coverage and the course looks fantastic. Maybe the USGA has redeemed themselves, perhaps they have redeemed themselves a little too much, because the players seem to be lighting up the course for a major. I know my DraftKings fantasy picks are all doing extremely well with Fowler, McIlroy and Piercy. I also picked Massachusetts favorite Matt Parziale. I’ve seen this kid play before in a am tournament and he is lights out. I wonder how El Tigre and Keopka are going to fare this afternoon.. with no wind the two of them should dominate this course.
  3. Great game so far!
  4. Agreed. It was embarrassing. Nearly as bad as Boston fans for the Dell Technologies/DeutscheBank Fedex cup event.
  5. No luck in the fresh, surprisingly. Thought I would have at least a few LMB’s Or a pickerel. Decided to try a Little Harbor fishing for Skooly’s and absolutely could not keep them off my plugs. Nothing over 22, but encouraging to see a lot of schoolies.
  6. What type of Bridgestone balls do you have?
  7. Is the 5000 still available?
  8. Finished granite with an 84. Tough course. How much further are the tips at Bethpage from when us weekend warriors go out there and play “tips”. Or is it really the same?
  9. Decided to take advantage of a weekday off and hit some local south shore ponds. Have not been in the fresh for quite some time. Nice to have some alone time and not have a crowd surround me. Hoping this is a fish filled afternoon!
  10. Awesome! Great pics! Did you get a thumbs up from Phil the Thrill. I heard he was going for his personal best at that rather than playing golf, lmao.
  11. Exactly. That’s another course he can mangle. And another public I want to play eventually. Definitely on the golf bucket list. I think we will have another under the radar player get hot and be the talk of the town for the US Open. Like a Cameron Champ, Scott Peircy, perhaps spieth. But I actually think it’s Brooks and DJ rehashing it out when it comes to pebble. Maybe Tiger makes the cut and Rickie doesn’t collapse under the major pressure.. I’m playing Granite Links as we speak in Quincy, Ma. What a course this is! On pace for a good round. +1 through 3.
  12. Just finished eating my humble pie. What a bunch of nonsense I was thinking lol. Good on Brooks though. Even had the decency to make it interesting on the back 9. I wonder who’s going to get hot quick before the US open.
  13. It’s crazy that these players have a carry distance of over 300+. I think this this week will come down to who can keep the ball in play and who can hold the green.
  14. Well said! That’s awesome you got to play there. It’s definitely on my golfing bucket list. I did however get to play PGA National again. This time right after the Honda Classic. I shoot to a 10.2hcp, I’m decent but I wouldn’t say I’m a great player. I did manage to shoot 84 from tips that day. One lucky hole out. Played the bear trap +1! If I can get it together in time maybe I’ll try setting something simple up for a tourney. Rory has a chance, but I think his head game needs adjusting.
  15. So who is everyone’s pick for the 2019’s PGA championship..?! A little colder, wet and tougher in May than it is in August. Particularly in NY. My gut says El Tigre is going to come very close again but I have a sneaky suspicion that Rickie Fowler might actually pull this off. iphish, are you setting up your tournament again?