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  1. The blues have been pretty scarce up my way the past few years despite tons of pogies and plenty of other bait. I really hope they come back this year (but I'm not holding my breath). Seeing them bust on bait definitely makes a fishing trip a lot better.
  2. I guess I am still on the fence on this one.. It is supposed to bring to clean energy to Mass but will really go into the grid here in Maine. I think the Governor may like it as it will bring a lot of construction jobs to western Maine for a little bit. And that is where she is from. The area that it will go through is a working forest so I wouldn't really say that it is pristine. But is is relatively undeveloped.. Anyways there does seem to be a lot of opposition to it so I doubt it will go through.
  3. The only tip I have is to use a jig pole with very light line. This helps if the fish are being finicky. From my experience it seems like the fish are either there or they're not. Usually earlier in the season is better.
  4. If my memory is right they have been trying to develop this island for quite a while...maybe close to 10 years. At one point in one of the proposals there was going to be a walk way for people fishing. That would be pretty cool if they could do something like that.
  5. About 3 years ago I was catching them off the outer Casco Bay islands. When they were around they seemed pretty plentiful and easy to catch. I think it mostly depends on the water temps. As some of the others have said I got them on sabiki rigs with diamond jigs. Also baiting seemed to help. They were tasty although a little on the small side
  6. I'd have to say this is good news, thanks for sharing!
  7. This is basically what I have done. It can be slow fishing but it does seem to bring in bigger than average bass. . . also pogies are great lobster bait!
  8. Another thing to consider is the wind. When there is a little chop out there they can be hard to spot. Look for a a dark blob that is moving slowly through the water, that is the school. I've been having fun fishing for them. Fun to sight cast even though it is snagging...
  9. yeah they seem to be pretty scarce the past few years in Maine. I thought last year would be good with lots of pogies around but that didn't seem to be the case. Maybe this year will be a good year for them? It seems to be hard to predict. When they do come in good you will know it and the fishing can be a lot of fun!
  10. Cool flies. I tied a "lobster style" bucktail jig a while ago and didn't have much luck with it. But maybe I was fishing it wrong. . . sounds like I should try bouncing it off the bottom with a slow retrieve. I will have to give it a try this summer.
  11. What's wrong with live lining?? . . .seems to work pretty good to me
  12. ive found smelt fishing is usually like this, you either get nothing or slam them
  13. I like the wooden plugs but they are pretty pricey. . . most start in the $20 range. That can add up pretty quick. Plus if you are casting into some tight spots with rocks, pilings, bridges etc. I get a little wary about where I will cast.
  14. search this forum. People have discussed this a few times. They seem pretty spotty in Maine to me but I know a few people do catch them.
  15. Nice! I'd love to catch a few more of those.