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  1. They always fall short of the goal. Lol.
  2. Annoying but not even top twenty.
  3. Ironically, I wish my weed purchases were tax deductible.
  4. 10% of kids doing grade level math, is that really the school systems fault?
  5. Crazy. And that guy across the streets an idiot
  6. always swim with a fat kid
  7. is that really your pic? I ask because it looks like the other pics you posted of the truck that wrecked your house.
  8. you only got tested at hire, right?
  9. It would be the first successful government intervention in history. I wish you were right. I’m basically at, keep an eye on it and when and if the data says it’s cost effective, have at it.
  10. On the employed point, I’d say you agreed to whatever the rules were when you signed, like Ish. You could have done something else if you wanted to.... Now, drastically changed policies over time is a different variable.
  11. Read something recently that somewhere near half of people couldn’t get their hands on $400. Legally. I’m hoping it’s a intentionally misleading stat that literally means all people in the country, including young old disabled etc.
  12. Wouldn’t add up the money they spend on the selection of vendors. Lol.
  13. They cream, but so what.
  14. I figured they did, since they are still on the grill. I notice small details like that.
  15. lookit the color on that one...nice!
  16. this was back in CT, but I don't doubt that it could/would happen a lot of places.
  17. was definitely covered up by the local PD, only got real when the state cops took over...
  18. kid I went to HS with lost his job as a cop...think he had been a cop for a decade...crashed his cruiser, on the clock, cocked. I think it took about five years for the court/etc case to finally clear.....DUI and reckless driving. funny thing is they never found out until he tried to apply for workers comp...the hospital pulled blood but "never told the cops".
  19. on my phone it looks like classic old harnell colors.
  20. @Shaky that a harnell rod?
  21. looks like a different species that fat
  22. dagos, krauts, frogs, fetal alcohol syndrome Russians... thank god the micks already spoke it or they'd of ended up like got damned French Canadians.
  23. not sure but white people did it..and did it well.
  24. im betting they'd find a way back out of it in proper time. the poorhouse is largely, if not damn near exclusively, a choice. I just don't think its a cost effective thing...drug testing welfare recipients because its been shown not to be....if those initial pilot programs showed effective, id be all for it.
  25. oh my god.....I don't even want to think about it.