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  1. Showed up today on 100 acre cove
  2. Let’s go Princeton!
  3. Iowa had five white boys on the court. Don’t remember the last time I saw that.
  4. 93-84 Michigan, head up.
  5. Michigan all I can think of is fab five and recently.
  6. MSU puts out a lot of big men it seems. The loud mother one from golden state, as an example. Forget his name.
  7. Even my waist, seems like I’m always the odd number between sizes, if I can even find a pair that aren’t nut huggers.
  8. Other than sweats and t shirts, nothing ever fits me. If a shirt fits my shoulders and chest, the sleeves and length are way too long, and visa versa. Pretty much everything formal that I buy has to be custom. Hate it.
  9. Michigan or Michigan state has had more basketball success, traditionally? MSU, no?
  10. Couldn’t find a rod at the fishing show. This, and a bunch of canal jig heads, is my haul. LOL. Crazy that manufactures have largely stopped making 8’ and 9’ , 1-3, conventional surf rods.
  11. Nice, Big!
  12. Worm bar had some cool and cheap odds and ends. Grabbed some jig heads and soft plastics.
  13. One of the most beautiful sounds in the world.
  14. I wasn’t.
  15. Never liked him.
  16. Is a persons claim ( fishing writer) I say no way somebody could keep a log that specific. That would include so many of those blitzing dinks days where it’s impossible to keep track etc. i call bs.
  17. Nothing yet
  18. post any updates here so we can compare to previous years. URI trawl came up with some herring recently....I've seen none in Barrington yet. Havent seen an osprey yet, either.
  19. Old Charleston style.
  20. I miss old school big east college basketball. It really was the peak of the sport.