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  1. What’s the history of second round 12 versus 13’s....can’t be a ton of them.
  2. bookends of their adult life...spitting at my father upon his return from war, and now whining incessantly about trump.
  3. I think baby boomers are the worst thing that ever happened to America. think about the America they were handed and how bad they fuqd it up.
  4. be ironic if its 3
  5. Pretty sure that’s the catch me outside chick.
  6. I wouldn’t have called the foul on taco either. You wanna come barreling in you need to deal with some contact.
  7. Really amazing how much better college basketball is versus the nba.
  8. Got home with about a minute and a half left. Wow what a finish. UCF boys will be kicking themselves for the rest of their lives. ( 36 hours Ina gym this weekend, might be a new record)
  9. Showed up today on 100 acre cove
  10. Let’s go Princeton!
  11. Iowa had five white boys on the court. Don’t remember the last time I saw that.
  12. 93-84 Michigan, head up.