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  1. My old man said back in the day when he was active in his trade Union leadership some pork chop took his citizenship class and when they asked who the president was, he put the Union presidents name
  2. It out myrtle beaches myrtle beach!!
  3. Can’t hurt! 100 proof kills Rona
  4. Mostly just salad, yogurt, nuts and fruit. It’s just easier. Last night I just fried up some Brussels for dinner. Wifey figures something out for the kids. They are on that teenage, eat after school and something light later, schedule. senior works at least three nights a week from 3-9 and boog has practice in Boston mondays and Thursdays. Doesn’t get home until about 10:30. At least two workouts the other nights and the gym with with me when possible. I don’t walk in the door before 6:30 because of the gym. Last thing I feel like doing is cooking.
  5. I wouldn’t know if it was Rona or withdrawals
  6. RI changed the rules where you can’t snag and drop anymore.
  7. They might have to
  8. Yea I don’t smack them, just in the rare occasion that I grab a grinder. you know what’s odd? About two weeks or so I started cutting back on meat during the week and I’m noticeably stronger in the gym. more of a convenience thing as the weekdays are busy as hell and it’s a pain to cook. Not to mention the prices.
  9. So I’ve kept looking back for updates but missed the diagnosis. Whats actually going on?
  10. Costa’s make the xl frames which are a must for my big ass head. I can’t even wear anything but fitted hats or they look like a yarmulke.
  11. The greatest chip is Utz honey BBQ
  12. The entire city has hepatitis
  13. Herring are dropping back out of the ponds. I was at the mouth of a herring river surrounded by herring with nothing on them. I’ve never had that happen before.