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  1. Probably do chest again. Lol.
  2. Can’t do it
  3. No. Can just feel it, of that makes sense
  4. side note, around here.....early season before the blues show... im not sure theres a better choice than the live target herring swimbait.
  5. typical liberal
  6. we are gonna be that old guy that can barely walk in the gym and then does more weight than the twenty somethings
  7. you wanna fight, i'll shove your head up your ass and you can fight for air.
  8. anyone ever seen blake and FEW in the same place at the same time?
  9. i still did bench, even with the shoulder and lung issue.
  10. no **** that wasn't the question
  11. so i'm getting a ton of fish as the water just hit 50, but only micros have lice on them....whats up with that? (not all the micros but some, and only that class)
  12. already did..$40k go fund me last i heard, im sure more now.
  13. never seen it with mushrooms...looks awesome.
  14. my old man was going to the naval academy to play ball and they came to visit him and my grandparents to sign the old man and grandparents are at the door as they pull up all excited..they get out of the car and start walking up to the door. all the sudden two blue jays attack them...picture two guys in full uniform running around a front yard getting attacked by two blue jays.