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  1. Thank god my daughters play sports and don’t do cheer.
  2. the most resist, 8645, etc stickers that ive ever seen in one area.
  3. and not in a good way, like your sister.
  4. word on the street is, your book sucks ass.
  5. there is nothing good about Bridgeport. literally nothing. (they probably have some good/authentic latin food, but you don't need to go to Bridgeport for that)
  6. I do admit that I saw some beautiful row homes/ brownstones.
  7. THEY PULL DRAG (on LMB gear)!!
  8. Crabs gotta eat too.
  9. Albies are the most overrated fish around here.
  10. Drug tests, like a background check, are done as part of the offer. It’s contingent on them, so nobody “springs” a drug test day one. You’d of already known when they made the offer.
  11. Got pulled over and the cop beat the hell out of my buddy, all beaming on a shrooms. Not fun.
  12. Plus some Belmo’s likely to fuq your dog.
  13. Bridgeport is horrible
  14. Belmo’s band would be “ Harry Potter and the fuq sticks”
  15. Belmo would fit in perfectly in Brooklyn.