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  1. It’s about 100% boomer and the kids they raised. Like a mojo, not every one of them is bad but it’s a crap generation. They took America from one to mediocre.
  2. She’d defiantly take an antipasto over a deli meat type Sammy.
  3. Very calm that day. Well, I mean calm for off of LC. Pretty regular cadence of swell. Defiantly not choppy though.
  4. We were crushing huge sea bass and tog, while there were albies, Bonita bass and blues all over. Off little Compton in sight of cutty and block.
  5. The scary thing is it feels a ton better. It’s the reason I got back in the gym. But I fear it’s as good as it’s gonna get without getting sliced. And it ain’t that good.
  6. this is gonna go over like a fart in church but im not big on deli meat grinders/hogies whatever you want to call them...
  7. I fear I have a few things going on in there. mostly because I do.
  8. when a series has issues, not like every single one manufactured does...its just a high percentage of duds.
  9. Incline machine I’m stuck at. It just hurts my shoulder too much. Should probably just stop doing them.
  10. I cut out carbs almost entirely about a month and half ago and dropped almost 18 pounds. Dropped that in probably less than a month. Nothing for a few weeks then it just started peeling off. Kind of amazing how fast you drop it once you get past the initial stage. It does suck though. Not that I necessarily miss carbs but it makes eating easy. Having to plan it out sucks. Lost no strength either, which is good. Just got a set of 15 with 95’s on the bench. A set of 12 of 275 on the decline and racked the fly machine.
  11. Is it. Thought I read they said she was a straight up dude. Any idea how much higher her testosterone versus normal? Would it be fair to say that all world class track chicks have extremely high testosterone levels?
  12. Doesn’t make every member of the generation bad. Obviously. There are millennials that are as good as anyone ever. Doesn’t mean they all are.
  13. muffler meat