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  1. Pork ribs yesterday. Salt and pepper smoked them. And for the last hour I hit them with iron chef sesame garlic sauce. They were killer.
  2. There was an accident on195 this morning. I bet the guy was fast.
  3. Did your husband enjoy it?
  4. My grass is way nicer than that. As is my grill. But otherwise....
  5. I swear, lighter weight is harder. I few good under weights. Getting older is bizarre.
  6. You ain’t kidding
  7. By that measure commercial fisherman are the greatest athletes in the world.
  8. Lol
  9. I had eggplant parm for breakfast two days in a row.
  10. No you didn’t.
  11. My elbow!
  12. Baseball is absolutely horrible.
  13. I got one leaving in two weeks, too. Life’s about to change forever.
  14. Think I jerked off like a half dozen times. While painting. It’s almost dangerous.