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  1. By strike indicator you mean bobber, right?
  2. im assuming they know people wear clothes under waders.
  3. prove you don't know my grandmothers cats middle name!
  4. $831 billion just doesn't buy what it used to.....
  5. if im not mistaken, lamiglass just used one of their pictures for a facebook post.
  6. in SC "my sister doesn't want kids" means she'll only give you oral.
  7. id rather fuq him up. that's a cool story too.
  8. roll tide!
  9. who would marry a woman that would give up her cant hide that level of worthlessness, it would be manifesting itself in all aspects of her personality, life a "woman" who doesn't want kids at all....that's a defective woman.
  10. America needs baby boomers to die.
  11. who couldn't have a short term halfway decent economy when you dump $831 billion into it?
  12. it doesn't say that. it doesn't not say it either!!
  13. theyre gonna hold on to the redactions like an Ethiopian kid with a hamburger
  14. new product...maybe they made a different style previously? they take 10 measurements so I cant imagine they could be any more form fitting.