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  1. I’m lucky I’m that sense. My kids still have all four grandparents and even a great grandmother.
  2. he's getting paid
  3. I have to check myself and not root for trump, at times, simply because of who he pisses off.
  4. orange man bad, or something.
  5. a company or a person, no mater their income, paying less taxes is always good thing.
  6. if there wasn't the longer video this aftershave drinking small pox would still be making his rounds of the talk shows, hanging with kaeperneck etc.
  7. amazing that people are still trying to find a negative about this and the kids. but, on a high note, "trail of sneers" will be my facebook post of the year
  8. messed up thing is, that's actually my foot.
  9. mom must be amazing! joking..congrats.
  10. kissing cousins
  11. "mostly" physical. poor bastard has to get whatever-the-new-age-cortisone shot is, every three months, both hips and his back. only mental stuff I notice is a constant low level frustration (not sure how any adult who pays attention cant feel similarly, though) which can be a sign of things to come for sure. watching him move is tough. makes me extremely thankful though, that I was able to grow up with a father that I literally thought was a super hero.
  12. or on your condo association board.
  13. better ingredients better pizza, papa Giovanni.
  14. I got my eye on you