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  1. they turn the slants into smurfs
  2. reminds me....I need to mow the lawn.
  3. bitch ass frank is back
  4. aty least one...and the cop that originally cuffed him was a brother.
  5. I still don't know what was racist about a bunch of diverse cops going to the scene of a call. the hold was absolute BS and I hope they all get punished but what was racist?
  6. the humanity
  7. Fuqd up thing his name was DaMarkus
  8. all I can think of is those monkeys that climb all over tourists cars and steal stuff.
  9. “We need to change things as black people” -Killer Mike
  10. Think I just saw that the San Antonio business owner they beat and left in a head has died.
  11. I think i popped an eye the first time out.
  12. The ones who commit crimes serious enough to warrant going to jail. Whites too. Hispanics too. Asians too. Mitts too. seems like an intentionally stupid question.