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  1. the Germans!
  2. I stopped right there
  3. Ever go to the Fall River Grill? A portagee ( dual citizen) I know was raving about it. Mainly that you can have two entrees and a bottle of wine for like $30 it also about their goat cheese.
  4. I couldn’t stay entertained by a book like that. More power to ya.
  5. you sure whine like one
  6. thread in the mass forum about one using the CCC to head south.
  7. shumers one of yours, Pelosi is a dago either by blood of injection..pence is what, im not even sure?
  8. this is the article that originally caught my interest. I had heard of it here and there, but this was the first time I read something specific about it (I was working with a group in Mass that was looking into getting an area "stamped").
  9. rep mike mcCaul had to google The immigration bill could stall on Capitol Hill for all sorts of reasons, some of them predictable, some not. At the moment Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has a specific source of concern over the status of the legislation as debate continues and the wheels of Congress only twitch in response. The Texas Republican says national security is at stake. But he assured “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace that he remains an “eternal optimist” about the potential passage of the immigration bill, which he said is merit-based and not an “amnesty.” Mr. Wallace then wondered whether the Senate should waive the filibuster rule with this legislation, if perchance the House happened to pass it. Mr. McCaul cut to the chase about the realities of a porous border, often overlooked during shrill partisan arguments. “I would argue that national security is at stake. Securing that border, the threats — I can tell you it’s not only drug cartels and the opioids but also the terrorists. We stop 10 terrorists every day from getting into this country,” the lawmaker said. “I look at it a national security standpoint, This should be a bipartisan issue but if it’s not, the Senate has that traditional rule. And I think they should waive it in this case on the basis of national security, and to protect the American people.”
  10. senior
  11. Didn’t read the whole thread but this is about “qualified opportunity zones”. Its a fascinating thing.
  12. That was from that senator the other day that misspoke. Probably intentionally. I’d have to google his name. Was during a fox show. Ten a day he said. Lol.
  13. God I wish I could say “not my monkeys not my circus”.