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  1. Why do you guys even respond to that dipchit?
  2. 50 Indians dying is the equivalent of one American getting a paper cut.
  3. Baby bears make good mittens.
  4. I only buy right after big jackpots are won.
  5. Always kind of felt bad for my youngest as she found out really early. Think the others humored me for a while.
  6. new proposed body ever gets banned, just limited to the tavern
  7. I ignored him as long as I could then told him that I simply wasn't arguing with a man his defense it cant be easy seeing your kid get absolutely demolished. especially when you never played a sport in your life.
  8. This dude is clinical level weird.
  9. hope its better than last weekends chit show tourney...a father literally wanted to fight me.
  10. not sure what the game schedules are....its usually crazy enough that there isnt much time for anything not within a mile of the venue.
  11. gotta go back tomorrow for the weekend
  12. Holy chit. I forgot about that
  13. We need rusty on that firewall.
  14. Is there any difference between that and the oven? Taste wise?