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  1. Excellent advice, thanks!
  2. That’s what I’m going to do, try to get a solid number by doing the math. I know how much I’ve ran and how much I have in so I’ll just do the math.
  3. Thanks. I feel like I’m getting much less than that but I’m not sure. It has an 80 gallon gas tank so I’m trying to determine how far of runs I can make. I was figuring around 1.5 mpg to be on the safe side.
  4. Located in East patchogue. Could you do $210 and meet in the middle it’s brand new.
  5. Sweet fluke setup. 200 tranx and Fenwick Rod. Both are brand new, reel comes with the box. Selling for my old man because he just buys stuff he doesn’t need and I have too many bay fluking setups already. Pick up in central LI. $220.
  6. I purchased a 209 Grady escape with a 200hpdi. I’m trying to figure out how many miles per gallon people typically get with this setup. Thanks!!
  7. I’ll take it for asking pic up on Long Island.
  8. It does have an access panel that I believe can access the tank if I remove the t top and center counsel.
  9. She was looking good too. The mechanic said he’s never seen a used hull and his clean. Oh well off to fish June from the surf like I’ve always done, hard lesson learned. At least I still have my 16 foot duranautic to get me to the fluke grounds this summer. Thanks guys!!
  10. I thinking about using above tank decks not ideal for my boat butane you said I’ll be out and not loosing my slip money. This boat belonged to my fathers good friend for ten years. I heard he traded it in because he bought a new 23 foot Grady and I immediately contacted him to buy it. He told me it was now marina owned but I tried my best to buy the boat because I knew how well it was taken care of. He had absolutely no reason to ever lie to me about anything. This boat was taken care of by that marina since it was purchased.
  11. Guys thanks for all the good advise and caring. I can always count on this group to provide experienced insight into these things. The boat was purchased from a marina. They did disclose they found a pin hole leak but it was properly repaired. The entire tank is in terrible shape and I’m guessing they clearly knew it and tried to hide it. There was a new sending unit out on it and the tried to repair a leak that was next to it. I also found another larger leak not far from the first. I don’t feel comfortable running a boat that has two leaks within 6 inches of each other. This to me is a clear indication the tank needs to be replaced and anyone who deals with boats a little would understand that. So I’m upset because they didn’t tell me about that and I would have still purchased the boat because it’s in great condition and would have had time to properly repair, I bought this boat last November. Now I’m going to loose a season and dock fee of $2,600. I just felt fooled by a well known marina on Long Island and expected more when dealing with such a large dealer. I’ve certainly learned from this experience and am grateful no one got hurt or even killed driving this thing around like that. Boats can get fixed my children’s lives can’t. Thanks for all the advice, on my way to call them.
  12. It was purchased from a marina.