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  1. I’ll dig up some stuff. I think I have some NIP Sabile stuff and new Tsanmi large shads. I’ll post a pic latter tonight.
  2. I still have my wife’s first car after graduating college. 1998 4 runner limited. Love it. I use it strictly as a beach buggy. Has 220k and still runs great!
  3. Pm coming. Thanks SOL!
  4. Let me know if you’re still interested. I can ship for $90 to you but won’t be able to get in the mail until this Saturday.
  5. I have lots of fishing and hunting gear. Tons of plugs and soft plastics, bucktails. Let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll try to put something together. I have a new Zee Bass knife in the box. I’m interested in the ebb point two tube also.
  6. Interested in any trades?
  7. I’ll take it. Pm me your pp info.
  8. I’m looking for a tall bag to carry larger plugs. Not really sure, I ordered a blitz bag from flatlander that I love but it’s short, I need a another bag that is taller.
  9. Not trying to be a pain but about how many lager plugs can the bag carry and will it close tight with longer plugs such as BM wads or Gibbs canal pencils?
  10. Beautiful bag but it’s just bigger than I’m looking for.
  11. Do you except pp? Please don’t sell I’m very interested.
  12. I’m very interested!! Just want to know the height and size plugs it will fit? Is it the beach walker?
  13. Want to sell or trade them?
  14. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I’m definitely going to try and see where I can hold a pair of the donmors.
  15. I was looking at this brand but seem to only see the ones for $250. I did see one pair for $150 but they seem to be sold out everywhere. I’m so tired of cheap pliers. I bought the bubba pliers, pretty good but not heavy duty, good for fluke fishing and smaller hooks got a little twist in them unhooking bigger blues and bass in the surf. I’m having hard time coming to grips spending $350 on pliers but I fish a lot and they will be well used.