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  1. thanks everyone.
  2. Hi, can someone tell me what kind of trout this is. i did a google search but cant find anything like it. looks like a cross between a rainbow and brown is the best i can make of it.
  3. lmao
  4. i got a sh***ty work schedule but i'm also looking for people to go out yakking with. met up with another user here last season forgot his name, but i can look him up. hit me up and maybe we can schedule something when the season opens up.
  5. anyone going out monday or tuesday?
  6. sup guys, i've never gone after trout but now that im on a kayak, i want to give it a shot. i know theyre in deeper water so what kind of rig/lure/bait do you use? btw im only talking lakes and ponds not rivers.
  7. i maybe able to join you guys out in winthrop if its still on.
  8. Can't do weekeday this week.
  9. its a possiblity. are you free tomorow to hit buzzards bay again?
  10. lol, im getting shipped to lynn so i got this weekend off. i want to do buzzards bay area again if you guys are interested.
  11. i would of if i saw this sooner.
  12. GOod luck
  13. Any reports? tried again last night but came up empty. looks like they are running late this year.
  14. sorry cant do sat or sun jason. Just found out i cant do monday morning either but tuesday is a possibility.
  15. im also interested, let me know when you guys plan to go out.