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  1. Thanks Rob. I'm only in about 8' in little bay, so recovery should not be an issue. I have done it before, but, the grapple I made has rusted away to nothing. I'll shoot you a pm with my number. Sam
  2. Does anyone near Monument Beach have a grappling hook I can borrow or rent? Need to find .my mooring and my grappling hook rotted away to nothing. Sam
  3. Nice rig. Enjoy the heck out of it. Sam
  4. 7' - 7'6". Anything less is too short for me and 8'+ can be a bit much on the boat, plus you really shouldn't need it if you've got multiple well matched outfits. If you only have 1 or 2 set ups then 8' can be good if it has a soft tip for tossing light stuff, but, more beef a little further down for casting heavier stuff and getting big poppers to pop. sam
  5. You can use a broken off aluminum arrow for a deboning tool if you cannot find a fancy T handle one. sam
  6. The MB Lobsters are from Canada and supplied by a large regional chain that is doing pretty well at the moment (based on news regarding profitability of grocery stores at the moment). Local seafood suppliers and fish stores typically have local product which is fresher and supports local lobster guys. Also keep in mind that for less than $4/lb to the boat the lobstermen are breaking even or losing money. I love a good deal and will go to great lengths to get one, but, this is a time for those who can to try and buy local, even if it costs an extra $1 a pound. If you're feeding 2 chicks a piece to 5 people that's only about $10 difference for the whole dinner. sam
  7. My wife has decided to buy me a pedal kayak for my birthday (probably because I always mentions I would like one) and I am looking at the Mirage Passport 12.0. I have a skiff and center console so this is not going to be my only boat and the yak will probably get used less than the other 2 so I don't want to go crazy and have a $3,500 yak that only get used some of the time. At the same time I want something decent that will be comfortable in the ocean when its other than flat calm. Has anyone tried a Mirage Passport 12.0 (or 10.0)? I know this boat is a relatively new release and there does not appear to be much written on it yet. Everything I have found on line appears to be the basic Hobie marketing copy, or something very close to it. TIA sam
  8. When I lived in Ft Lauderdale we used to sight fish big tarpon off the pier with live pilchards. The rod of choice was a Calstar graphiter 800MH. Nice soft tip for tossing light baits, but, plenty of backbone when you needed it. Sam
  9. Has anyone ever seen a rod that was wrapped with fiberglass cloth instead of thread? This is for a couple of stand up rods that i want to build, so its not like putting a bunch of stiff points on a light action rod. I'm not really worried about looks, but, more about if it will work. i would stay with 1 or 2 wraps of light cloth that they use in surfboards. It will be stronger than thread, but, not like wrapping it with 16oz bi-axial cloth. sam
  10. You need a much bigger circle hook than J hook. I usually fish 7/0 or 8/0 with eels. When you open the bail, do you bow the rod first to get slack? If not they may be feeling the pressure and dropping. Ideally I fish a manual pickup where I can just drop the tip and bump the line off the roller, but, I don't always feel like carrying the 706 so I do it less than I would like to. sam
  11. Its A'more. sam
  12. I went up to the Yankee Fisherman's Co-op in Seabrook, NH on Saturday and picked up local hard shells for $5.00/lb. Cooked them on the beach and were so good I forgot to take a picture. As someone who always thought that a lobster was fresh as long as it was alive, I have come to think otherwise after the last few time eating MB lobsters. They are very good, but, I can tell they have been sitting in a tank a lot longer than the product at the local lobster pound or fish store. Boat prices are very low right now so they local lobster places will do the best job of putting money in your local lobsterman's pocket while getting you a good price and fresh product. sam
  13. I saw a pile pf pogies in Ipswich Bay last weekend. They are around. sam
  14. I know of BSB and tog in Ipswich Bay and further North. I have been meaning to target some tog up here, but, I never get out and catch crabs in time and no one sells them up here. I started building some crab traps, but, really need to finish them. It will probably be too late for tog by then. sam
  15. Bob, The boat left on Friday. My apologies for not getting the thread down.