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  1. Surfland B&T on Plum Island has a couple of NIB Tyrnos 8s that I have been looking at on and off. You might want to give them a call as there are not many of these reels around. If you get them pull the handle out and put some blue thread locker on the threads that hold it in. sam
  2. I've caught small boston macks off of Ft Lauderdale, I'm pretty sure they can handle the warmer temps. sam
  3. I've been looking all over for cheap local bluefin. All I hear is that tuna prices are in $3is / lb to the boat and some people could not find buyers. I figured local fish stores would have it for $9.99, but, have not been able to find any and they look at me crazy when I ask. Glad to know some of it is available locally, even if I am not driving to NB for it. sam
  4. That's a smooth dog fish. The spiny dog fish are the real PITA. If you are fishing off shore (and some times in shore) with bait there are times when you cannot keep a bait in the water for more than 30 seconds without hooking one. I took a kid from work on a chunking trip several years ago and he was surprised at my negative reaction (these f*&^ing things ....) to the first one. About 15 minutes later he wanted to kill everyone that we hooked. sam
  5. Great trip! I stayed in the camp ground across the bridge in your 8th picture a few years back. Fishing was slow there, but, we got them on the Copper so had plenty to eat during our trip. Can't wait to go back up there again. sam
  6. Its pretty hard to go wrong with any of the newer motors. I'd shop for a good dealer and then take what they've got. sam
  7. Keep reeling or working the plug until you are tight. If you set up when you see the hit or feel the first bump on a doc or a pencil you will miss lots of fish. sam
  8. I lived in Ft Lauderdale at the the beginning of internet fishing forums. Similar to SOL The Florida Sportsman fishing forum had regional pages and there were a number of fishing clubs that grew out of these forums. I was a member of the SAIL club which has been in existence now for about 20 years (minus a brief hiatus). The idea of meet ups at Notch and/or True North made reminded me of this time in my life. I was new in FL at the time and made some of the closest friends I currently have through the club. With the loss of First Light, Fin n Feather, Cape Fish etc..there are fewer and fewer spots to hang out and talk fishing. Maybe a fishing club would be a good idea locally. sam
  9. That sounds like cavitation noise. As you turn hard the lower unit displaces water away from the prop and it suck a little bit of air. This is not an issue unless it is happening during regular operation, in which case you would want to look at prop selection and engine set up (hecight, trim, etc..). sam
  10. Bulls are far more dangerous than great whites. They would help with the people population. sam
  11. Will post in a few hours. sam
  12. I am looking to sell my factory Lamiglass Arra 1261MH ( 1 piece) spin. Its a great rod, I just do not fish the canal anymore. Meet up at the canal this weekend or pick up between Salem and Newburyport. $200.00 sam
  13. At that spot there's only been one person I can think of. sam
  14. He must have been a lot more pleasant when you pay him than when you bump into him in the parking lot at 2am. sam