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  1. Surfland and Tomo's are the best options in this area, especially for surf casting gear. sam
  2. I wouldn't have a hard time believing the the feller on the left was actually a disguised sea creature. Just look at the awkward stance, right hand held like it was their first day having fingers, and shades to hide the cold soul-less eyes. sam
  3. You need to bring everything with you that you want to have. I didn't see a single place to buy tackle when I was there. I know you are asking about surf, but I would recommend Aluminati Charters out of Playa Avellanas (just North of Tamarindo). A half day trip was very reasonable and it was a fun trip on a small boat where you get to be part of the action. sam
  4. There are already big pogie schools out around the 3 mile line. You could be correct with #1. I tend to believe that they will go to historic area as they "know" there is bait there, but I have not been striper fishing yet this year to find out. sam
  5. Thanks for the heads up on the second Maco's store. I would have thought they closed, until I needed something from the hardware store on a Sunday afternoon. sam
  6. That's a long skunking. My guess is that you are over thinking things and getting yourself tied up in knots. I would go way back to basics and then start adding options once you get comfortable repeating a pattern. In the Boston metro area at this time of year I would limit myself to two lures and one type of area. An SP in bone or a soft paddle tail like Hogy Pro Tail are great when the herring are around, and pretty much any other time. Fish estuaries and rivers with moving water. Plan to walk until you see areas where the surface is disturbed due to some type of structure. Take 15-20 casts working around the structure with a slow steady retrieve. If you don't get any action, keep moving. If you find 5 or 6 spots fish them going in one direction and then hit them again on the way back. This will allow you to fish each of those spots at two different stages of the tide. Its not the best years ever, but there are plenty of fish around if you keep working. Catch'em up sam
  7. That's a damn nice tog any place. sam
  8. I had to replace the VST pump in my OX66 150 and ended up using an after market pump and screen assembly. I think it was from Dorman and cost about $85 4 years ago when I did it. It is the exact same pump as Yamaha uses and has been running just fine since then. There are lots of OB parts that are standard items for many other applicatioson as well. I usually search the Yamaha part # and get a mix of OEM and aftermarket options. You will need to do a little homework on some of the aftermarket stuff. sam
  9. I think there's some stuff we could learn if he'd hold that damn jig still. Sam
  10. I'm looking for a turkey barrell for a 20 ga mossberg 500. If anyone has one they would be willing to sell please let me know. Sam
  11. It looked like there were some decent sized fish checking out their bait. But, I'm not sure how many pounds the camera adds. sam
  12. I was just watching the MMA underwater cam and someone was fishing a tog jig in front of the camera. Was it someone here? It did look like they hooked one decent fish, but dropped it due to a light hook set. sam
  13. That's a handsome boy! sam
  14. Sea bass are definitely down in numbers over the last 5 or so years. It's most visible during the spawn when they are grouped up. I've had to make some changes to the way I target the big ones over this time. There are still plenty around to mess up your fluke baits once things settle in for the summer. sam
  15. I gave it a shot at a pond I've wanted to fish for a while on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately the area is so overgrown on the banks that casting from shore is nearly impossible. I'm going to have to go back with my waders so that I can get clear of the shore. sam
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