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  1. If I were in Nahant I would probably start out fishing the pier. Its basically the mouth of Lynn harbor. sam
  2. I'm not sure how much they go North/South, but, this is the same migration as you have in all other herring runs where the bass come into the rivers to spawn. The water stays cold longer the further North you go, so the migration is usually a little later. sam
  3. I saw a decent number of herring in a run well North of Boston on Saturday. I think this is a little earlier than I am used to seeing them, but, I'm not completely sure about that. I could probably scroll back in this post and find out. sam
  4. If the Precision Pak top is still available I'll take it. PM me with pay pal and total amount with shipping. sam
  5. Like Makorider my boats are set up for the way I want to fish, which can change at anytime. Because it's my boat I just make the changes I want, wheter its adding rode holders, electronics presets, where I keep my pliers etc... Yes, they also go to the beach and occasionally pull a tube, but, the reason I have them is to fish. Owning a boat in a FL condo can be tough, especially if you need to pay for a boat, offsite storage, etc... Based on this a club boat may work well for you. If you find out it doesn't you will be a little ahead of the game in terms of know what you are looking for when you do buy a boat. It might be a good option, at least to get your feet wet in a new area. sam
  6. Totally forgot about those ones. I have copies of her books someplace, maybe I'll even be able to find them. sam
  7. Thanks for the heads up. We are pretty frank with our kids about issues like drug abuse, politics, etc.. so I'm not worried about that too much. If she has concerns about what she reads I know she will come to me with them and we can discuss them in appropriate terms. As for crazy striper guys, she kind of has one for a father so she should be able to handle that. sam
  8. I just read the synopsis and it sounds like the perfect book for her. Let me check and see if our library has it before I ask you to send it. The recommendation is worth far more than actual book. Thank you very much. sam
  9. My daughter needs to read a biography for school (6th grade). She askedme for a biography of a fisherman. I've got nothing. Any of you folks have a suggestion? TIA sam
  10. I've had it twice. If there is a vaccine or PreP treatment I'll definitely ask my doc about it. sam
  11. I'll take. Will PM in am.
  12. Sounds good. Standing by for now. Sam
  13. Offering $125.00 for both Cabos and I will cover shipping. I have UPS at work and can print a label and email it to you. You just need to walk it into the UPS store and hand it off. sam
  14. I have a bucket full of bucket list trips, but, none of them include striped bass. sam
  15. NIce ride. I grew up in a 14' Starcraft. sam