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  1. If that screw is not on the bail roller side just make it a manual pick-up-rreelman
  2. Tape the reel directly to the rod or put on a fugi- wrap on or tape on reel seat--rreelman
  3. Nice trade guys-I used the 850 in the past-it treated me very well--great reel-rreelman
  4. Sorry Tim-may he REST IN PEACE--rreelman
  5. Going to pass-the plastic looked to big to be a 146--still a great deal--thanks for getting back -rreelman
  6. Offer 23.00 dollars shipped--rreelman
  7. If your a senior citizen I believe during the week there is no charge--rreelman
  8. Great rod-I have 2 of them-I would replace the first guide-braid is very soft no coil-should work well--rreelman
  9. Where on long island are you?--rreelman
  10. I'll take them at 35.00--postal money order?--rreelman
  11. I would have cork taped the entire butt length--easy--on to next project--rreelman
  12. I believe the van staals are over priced--they left the U.S.A. and went to china and raised their prices-they become tight in cooler temps-if you don't dunk your reels you do not need a vs--use the extra money on other gear--most vs owners don't need a vs--its a follow the leader thing-just my take on your question--rreelman
  13. Garage sales are fine--some time you find your treasure quickly-then you might go to a thousand sales and not find what your looking for--rreelman
  14. Large lopping shears-rreelman
  15. Could I ask -what kind of tape is that?-rreelman