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  1. That handle is aluminum--rreelman
  2. Will the tariff affect Van Staal?--rreelman
  3. They will destroy the fishing-let them multiply like they did on the outer Cape-rreelman
  4. Looks like super lube-rreelman
  5. The good old days-what a great era-wish I could go back-life was so much better years ago-like you said no idiots telling us what to do -where were the plovers years ago? these Rhodes Scholars will kill Foxes to protect plovers-any bird that builds a nest where they do was not meant to survive--leave Nature alone-just my aggravated thoughts--rreelman
  6. Good seeing you Carlos and a nice chat-see you in the suds---Ben
  7. I read a good article a couple of days ago in NEWSDAY about the inlet that used to be at Gilgo beach in the 1920's-until Robert Moses closed it up-what a grave mistake that was-just like the ones out east that were closed-if only man would leave nature alone it would be a better planet-I think that the powers to be should take a serious look at that letter and see that inlet would be a great help in bringing back the bay--Thank you Mr.Wayne Horsley-for the great letter-I hope it opens up the eyes and minds of the right people---Hope LIBBA and other groups get involved and get signatures and get them to the right people--maybe Governor Cuomo could help--just my thoughts--rreelman
  8. I will take them--rreelman
  9. Don't worry about distance so much-just make sure that you use fresh bunker-the oily slick will bring the fish to your bunker--rreelman
  10. Yes--rreelman
  11. Where are you located?--rreelman
  12. If I didn't have a few myself I would buy your reel-I used to plug with mine and if need be change spools and use it for bait fishing--as other posts stated that was the reel back in the good old days--I customized a few of mine-I call it-Van Stalled-I also added a 706 bail roller-sealed the flier-added a lighter handle-was my Montauk plugging reel-one of the best built reels ever-the finish was second to none--too bad Penn didn't have a finish like the Luxor's and Cracks-I'm very surprised your reel hasen't sold -it appears to be in very good condition--most of the young crowd don't know the reel and how good of a reel it is--rreelman
  13. I would say that the spool is not seating properly-inspect under spool and the seating part on the shaft-see if you can spot a problem-if not return the reel--rreelman
  14. If you are the gentleman at Ward Melville-did you sell the older 132-1M?-rreelman
  15. Bob's B/T-Amity Harbor-Steve Petri works out of there he has all the parts you need--rreelman