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  1. Looks home made-rreelman
  2. Do you ever get to Long Island? rreelman
  3. The Crack 200 has a quiet anti-reverse--rreelman
  4. I have 7in.Titanium Van Staal pliers in like new condition--rreelman
  5. Never understood-spinning reel called lefty is a right hand retrieve-conventional reel called lefty is a left hand retrieve-go figure--rreelman
  6. Very little value-maybe a spare on a boat if guides are not damaged-rreelman
  7. I hope that the scent of Clorox doesn't impregnate your lures-rreelman
  8. Rt. 110-just past COSCO-rreelman
  9. I'll take them--rreelman
  10. The good old days-I grew up in Glen Cove-55to 60 years ago flounders every where-Garvies -Morgan Island-especially the Pond-Prybil beach-Crescent Beach and others--also some good black fishing off some of those locations-off the beach-the good old days are gone-God Help Us--rreelman
  11. Small hall but worth it-rreelman
  12. Is that 2 piece rod or is it glued together?-rreelman
  13. For you plug guru's--did Danny Pichney make a pencil popper?-if he did a picture would be great-thanks-rreelman
  14. Hi Al- where are you located?-rreelman
  15. Thank you for the replies Bob--rreelman