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  1. I would not give it to lost and found-I once found a wrist watch at my gym-I gave it to a person at the front desk-2 weeks later I saw a trainer at the gym wearing the same watch---rreelman
  2. Sir-you have a classic reel that has stood the test of TIME--has caught thousands if not millions of fish-easy to maintain and simple to customize-good luck with your purchase--check out on SOL--custom Penn 704's--and 706's--keep it REEL--rreelman
  3. Wow-- no one wants to show their Z's--rreelman
  4. Looks like the blank to me-rreelman
  5. Only when I put too many tins and Ava's in the bag-I haven't been wearing a belt -I have my knife on the strap of the bag and I have 2 pair of pliers in the bag --I man up and deal with the weight--rreelman
  6. Go with the large Supreme bag--I have one I like it-- just don't over load- I know that is very hard to do--to me in surf bags--bigger is better--just my opinion--rreelman
  7. I would do the project myself-- take off the guides dremel or hacksaw the reel seat off-spinning rod you don't need that many guides-tape on the guides and reel seat-if you like the set up think about a future rebuild-you might like the old school set up-years ago there were millions of fish caught on rods with taped on reels and guides-- just my thougths and a cheap fix--rreelman
  8. Nice meeting you Cassio-done deal-thank you Tim and SOL--rreelman
  9. Sounds like a plan--rreelman
  10. Sounds good-rreelman
  11. I guess a meet up is not happening? I could meet half way-a personel inspection would be ideal-I don't take either of those payments-postal money order -can't we make a meet up happen--look at item if good no shipping-rreelman
  12. cblue-get in touch with me--rreelman
  13. Is it possible for a meet up? you could inspect the item and make sure every thing is good--let me know--rreelman
  14. Hi...

    Let me know if is OK .


    Good Morning ...
    Do you accept Venmo or Zelle ??? Can I send the $ 50 + Shipping?
    If this ok...you ship.
    Let me know and this is possible.
    my cell 9175415423...msg only please.
    Thanks Cassio