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  1. How come there are no demonstrations about all the closures about the plovers?--LIBBA should lead a rally against all the BS about a bird that wasn't meant to survive where they build their nests-- give back money for less access--as I see it there should be a lot more beachs open to buggies-the few are ruling the majority-and it will get worse if the many don't stand up to the jerks --How about a BIG demonstration about the un-fairness--rreelman
  2. Its got Bobby Davis eyes--rreelman
  3. All around great guy --I used to sit in on his seminars in his early days of his career--the lami and the VAN STAAL 300 was always in his hands-always wondered if he ever slept with that outfit-the man loves fishing-he has a passion--rreelman
  4. Hi Carlos-offer 48.00 dollars-minus the yozuri and the mambo--rreelman
  5. Heavy popper--floater popper--green needle--small and large--rreelman
  6. Carlos-you should have called me before you trashed the goodies--rreelman
  7. I have used the rust eraser on plastic and wooden plugs with good results--rreelman
  8. Route 109 is still not PAVED--rreelman
  9. Stop giving BILLIONS TO OTHER COUNTRIES-take care of the USA--rreelman
  10. 10ft.Ben Doerr-4 guides and a tip-no problems-rreelman
  11. Is it just me- the roads are in terrible condition-for me my #1 complaint is route 109-pot holes galore-could easily cause front end damage-Rt.109 should have been repaved 3 years ago--rreelman
  12. 704-Z--rreelman
  13. Long Island is a mess-lousy access-terrible roads-high taxes-especially school taxes-and lots more--rreelman
  14. What's the reason for a 31inch butt?--rreelman
  15. Try a manual pick up kit for a Penn 704-makes a good fit-I put a Penn 706 pick up on a couple of mine-takes a little more work-then you have a roller-that reel was why Van Staal copied them-when you Van Staal them they lighten up-if you can find a RuMer handle makes it lighter-that reel belongs in the SURF REEL HALL OF FAME----rreelman