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  1. I want to sell my rod- not looking to buy-- my rod is a custom wrapped 11ft. -1 piece-I would say 1 to 3 oz.-good pencil rod--asking 120.00 dollars--rreelman
  2. cant do pics -im on long island-west babylon-where are you?-rreelman
  3. I have a older glass lami from the korkers cup not a 1 to 6 but would make a nice1 piece -11 ft. pencil rod- i'm on long island--rreelman
  4. Nice bag thought you would have sold it I have a bunch of bags I will pass on the bag-thanks for your replies-rreelman
  5. how about 30.00 dollars shipped--rreelman
  6. Would you consider 25-00 dollars shipped?--rreelman
  7. I have custom made Canal bag very heavy duty-will try to post pics-asking 315.00 dollars--rreelman
  8. I have custom built 8ft.-8inch rod that I was built on a Kennedy-Fisher-blank--nicely wrapped--this rod has some serious stopping power--rreelman
  9. ever come to long island? i have a rod i think would fit your needs--rreelman
  10. My St.Croix rod -is a really nice rod- light rod with serious power very little use used maybe 3 times-I'm a plugger I will be listing o SOL in the near future--rreelman
  11. Sorry, rreelman, there' no buying OR SELLING in Main.
  12. 5-18-23--rt.109-still not paved-took a ride to moses last week road is a disgrace long island is a huge mess-no money for the usa but plenty for the rest of the world--what a shame what this govt. did to this country--rreelman
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