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  1. Go on e-bay-look into scuba a lot of different knives good luck in your search--rreelman
  2. May the Love of your life be safe and warm in heaven for eternity and that you always remember the good times-tell your children about their mother-be safe and strong--all the best to all of you--rreelman
  3. Check the seals-rreelman
  4. I grew up using a #200 surfmaster-awesome reel-I still have it today-I have squidders also-they both don't get much use-I would highly recommend the surfmasters in all sizes and the # 145 squidder--rreelman
  5. I think it would not be a good buggy too high up in the back--canvas sides 2 seater cab-just my opinion--rreelman
  6. The good old days-more access -no worry about piping plovers-them step vans were one of the best set-ups when done the right way-4 wheel drive --bunks--stove--heaters-refrigerator-and storage space--I'd like to take all of them for a spin--rreelman
  7. Please don't fish it-rreelman
  8. guides are important-guide layout also important-also #test of line and make sure your reel has good line lay--- rreelman
  9. I know what your trying to do nice idea-find the penn site for customized penn reels-some people take off the lever completely--then fill in the hole left behind sand it smooth and paint-more work but leaves a nice clean and smooth appearance and you still have anti-reverse-find the penn site its on SOL-finish the project-you will be happy-rreelman
  10. reworked creek chub?-rreelman
  11. Gibbs made that lure I believe earlier than the 90's I fished that lure years ago-caught fish very well--some people collect smaller lures--new in package a bonus--nice find-either collect or fish it--rreelman
  12. I would try to contact Al and ask if he would sign it--nice plug Al--reelman
  13. Years ago when my reels were bottom drilled on my 704's countless times I would see fisherman back on the beach taking off the drag knob to take off the spool to flush the rotor cup of sand-after the bite was over I would show them my 704 and tell them how easy it was to drill the reel you did not have to disassemble the reel--I never saw anyone with a drilled reel all season long I guess they didn't mind the past procedure--reelman
  14. Will look a little out of place will drain better that's the purpose of Van Staaling the reels-706 has drain holes which I believe are too small for surf fishing the 704 can be drilled with a hand drill just drill between the slots in the bottom of the rotor cup rreelman
  15. The 706 has a different rotor cup and a larger spool-larger line capacity-in a pinch you can use a 704 spool on a 706-rreelman