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  1. How exactly would this be enforced is what I'm wondering? Are police going to want to be out there pulling over every car on the road? If I'm out in the surf all along not harming anyone I wouldn't feel bad nor would I follow. What would make more sense is a general curfew/closing time for everything non emergency related. Don't give anyone a reason to be on the road, unless they are out fishing....going for a drive along to break the boredom etc.
  2. This..... I love my costas but they are far superior in terms of lens clarity. I could tend to find "floaters" in my peripherals under certain light conditions caused by refraction in the costas. This never happens with MJ's. This is nitpicking though.....MJ's, Costas, Smiths all great quality glasses. Shop around enough and you can find deals.
  3. Between the light weight/suspension articulation/rear locking diff and A-trac (which is basically a locking front diff) there isn't much that's going to stick you unless you go out of your way to high center it. You won't be disappointed, be even less disappointed if you can find a mint 2013-2015
  4. Bump for a killer reel! Love my Trinidad. Casts surprisingly well too! GLWS
  5. I love the duratracs. If you're looking for something aggressive but not an all out MT. I've had no issues with road manners, and blast through any snow/mud/sand I've ever dealt with. Theyre holding up very good too. At 40k now. Probably could easily do 60 if I want to push em that far.
  6. get it
  7. Haha you guys are on point today
  8. That's excellent
  9. Big guy is a Catahoula/rotty mix. New girl is full Catahoula Leopard
  10. Taking the seats out is the way to go. I didn't the first time around but when I take em off to clean I'm going to go that route. I guess it depends how complicated your seat removal is but it's pretty easy in the Tacoma. I'm very happy with them. They break in nicely.
  11. Lock it up. Thanks SOL and MW
  12. $125
  13. $130
  14. Ha. I know the feeling. Give it a day. May decide to take 120.
  15. I can do $130 if you would MW