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  1. You took out the whole sleeve from the wall? You're supposed to just slide out the AC unit and leave the sleeve to jam the new one in. They're standard sized and haven't been changed in decades. I recently replaced the unit in one that had to be 40 years old. Was 2X the price of a similar BTU window unit, but it was the path of least resistance labor wise,
  2. We do the frozen pesto pouches as well, usually 1/3 cup each. Nice thing about the pouch is if you don't use it all you can squeeze out the air, fold it over, and put on a binder clip so it keeps in the fridge. Spread it on toast! I wish cilantro was as easy to grow and keep as basil. Damn stuff always bolts.
  3. Flashback to our youth, no? Rummaging out that dry, congealed slice and wolfing it cold. Nice looking pie! I'll have to take pics our next pizza night. Everybody in my family goes a different direction.
  4. I have some green tinsels but I was too timid to try them. Gotta break out the bling! More flash for the murky back bays.
  5. Cool rigs!!! I though I was radical for using the skirts on swinghook jigs rather than using standard BT's. How are you fishing them, off a heavy ball? I haven't seen much creative fluke rigs, it seemed most people either use BTs with Gulp or traditional 3 ways with squid, spearing, & killies. But I think your rigs are bit much in the shallow kayak accessible water I fish, 50' tops in the channels. Next jig and teaser rig I do I'm gonna use some beads and a pink skirt on the teaser. I ordered pink, glow, and chartreuse 3.5" skirts.
  6. I've installed both regular laminate and 5mm vinyl click and like the thicker regular better, except when it's gotten wet. I've not installed the new thicker all plastic. It would have to be at least 8mm. That said, Costco's newest has a 24 hr waterproof rating so spills and other minor stuff is not an issue. When they have a sale its like $1.30 ft. Most of the thousands of ft I've put in my rentals has been Costco's.
  7. I usually have white and chartreuse Gulp, with white jigs. But my jigs are designed to hold these skirts, so I can easily swap out the color profile instead of carrying jigs in different colors. Hence why I'm doing some research before ordering more skirts. They come in a lot of colors that probably don't work well. Below is the set at the top of my list. That trick of everyone trying different things is hard to pull off when you're fishing alone in a kayak away from the crowds!
  8. Except those of us who do not fish daily do not find those patterns easily. You say you're trying everything, when in fact you're using a small subset of your tackle that is known to work for fluke, much of that knowledge acquired from other people. Fluke can be caught on topwater plugs and and bunker chunks, but most people don't include those, for good reason, when they're working their way through the tackle bag. I don't know why folks who wouldn't hesitate to ask their buddies or the guy next to them what they're catching on think there's something wrong with asking technique questions on the internet and feel compelled to tell people to "put in their time".
  9. Or try another spot, or another tide, or time of day, or different trailer, or different jigging method, or....... This is what I find frustrating about fishing! Too many variables to know what you're doing wrong when you don't catch, or right when you do!
  10. Thanks, as I said I have, but did not have consistent enough fishing to come to a conclusion. No harm in asking before placing an order is there? As for pink squid, nope, I've never seen one, but I rarely see them on my exclusively inshore fishing.
  11. C'mon, there's no chartreuse or pink fish down there, but some guys swear by those colors! I have successfully used an orange and black skirt that looked like a robin, but I can't say it was the color.
  12. Do fluke go for "glow in the dark" jigs or baits? I'm ordering hoochies (squid skirts) for my jigs and am trying to decide colors. Lots of debate out there! Skinner likes pink it seems, others say yellow, green, or plain white. I's used glow before with some success, but my fishing is not consistent enough to come to a conclusion. Thoughts?
  13. Did you raft the Monroe Bridge upper section or the more tame Fife Brook below it? I've seen relatively few fishermen while kayaking on the Monroe Bridge, but maybe they stay away during the water release.
  14. Nope, not when your ass is at water level. Can't speak for the lawn chair dudes! I think the handle on mine is like 18 or 24". But that net looks too small to me. I'd rather go too big than too small and miss that doormat.