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  1. I've got cam straps old enough to drink! Always be sure to put a few hitches on after you pull them tight, belt and suspenders to be sure, and give them a shot of spray grease every once in awhile. I learned this the hard way, hearing a thump and looking in my rearview to see my whitewater kayak cartwheeling down I-78...
  2. Never heard of the Red Phillips before, took a little while of searching to find a good instruction. Cool knot, thanks.
  3. Uni for most everything from snelling to leader-braid, except dropper loop of course. The muscle memory to tie it is there, so I don't mess with anything else. I used to use Perfection for loop to loop connections, but I don't use rigs like that much anymore.
  4. I can see both being an issue, but since you seem to have specific incidents in mind, do you care to elaborate on what are do's and don'ts? I think the only problem I've experienced was from not cleating the trolley and it slipping towards the middle of the boat sending the boat sideways to the current.
  5. Uni-uni, but I've been meaning to try the FG. No swivels through my guide. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the reason why I started going to this rather than a swivel, at night you can't see that freaking swivel and slam it into the top guide! That's a good way to break them.
  6. There's no argument that a lure spinning will twist line. You've said that the knot between the leader and braid getting a bump in the guide will cause a persistent twist, that's what I'm doubting, ti would not cause the lure to twist. I've also given thought to the spooling issue. Done as traditionally recommended for mono it puts the line on the spool with no twist, but I think more importantly for mono it keeps the "spring coils" going in the same direction. But it appears no one cares for braid, and most of the braid spools seem to have a notch that messes with doing it! Honestly, unless I'm fishing spinners or tins I never see obvious line twist, all my wind knots are from loose line lay or stray coils. How are you determining twist? I would pull off a few feet from the reel and let the loop dangle and see if it twists up.
  7. If the knot is to twist, it can't do so without twisting the leader that is 1/2 of it also. It seems simple to me. Honestly, I don't even see the mechanism behind this knot twisting in the eye you describe to begin with. Yes, I'm a skeptic, but this discussion started with me dubious of the twist caused by automatic bail, and no one is defending that, it appears to be "fishing myth".
  8. I agree with your 1st points, but not this. Say you have 6' of 30# leader to a plug or BT, braid may be easy to twist, but mono is not, that heavy mono will resist any twist the knot may put on, and spring right back. Try it with leader and line pulled across the room, not even tight, roll the knot in you fingers and see if it stays twisted. I don't think so. Possibly if you use a snap swivel to the lure rather than direct tying or just a clip, but even then I doubt it.
  9. See, I learned that the 1st day in a weekend class at Sebago with the MCKC, and to rotate and use my core. Not to say I perfected it, but I learned it. I had canoed since I was a pre-teen, but the kayak stroke is way different.
  10. The only time I use real long leaders is togging, them sumbitches will break me off on pilings if I don't have at least 6 or 8'.
  11. You said no one died from getting into kayak fishing without instruction. That simply was not true. I agree there's great info here and other forums, but a small fraction of kayak fishermen actually do this. A small fraction of kayak fishermen on SOL even participate in the kayak forum, I don't know how much of it they read.
  12. Gahh, double post. browser stayed on my post and didn't update even though it posted, why does it do that???
  13. I think I've identified the problem. The spool on a spinner only turns when drag is being taken, not when you retrieve! I'm also unconvinced by any other "twist adders" other than spinning terminal tackle. I don't think drag taken adds twist, but reeling while it's taken might. I doubt a connection knot will twist a line with several feet of leader in front of it. Even if the knot twisted coming through the guide it would return instantly. All of these twists that aren't caused by terminal end should come out on every cast. It's like letting go of the center when tying a dropper loop, the left is twisted counter to the right, and it comes out straight all on it's own. I hate watching a bucktail spin sometimes when I cast it, since I don't believe the friction of the swivel on the leader is low enough for the twist to come out of braid on it's own.
  14. Cmon Riddler, people die every year kayak fishing because they just got a boat and put it in the water. I've seen dangerous paddlers on both whitewater and flat who were never shown the safe way to do things, they were clueless. I don't think there should be regulation all up and down, but actually learning from someone who truly knows what they're teaching is the best and safest way to boat, in any kind of boat. Learn to fish on your own? Sure, have a ball, yet surf fishermen and even river fishermen drown frequently too.
  15. I'd never do just one, if either rod or reel breaks, or it goes for a swim, your day is done. I could still fluke with my trolling rig, or vice versa.