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  1. Yes that's right, and no problem using the Gators to the connector leads.
  2. You need a 2d connector for your charger. Use the other side of that pair for a 2nd battery setup. I bought a bag of like 5 pair off Amazon. I don't silicone them onto the battery, just use a glop of dielectric grease on the terminals and in the connector.
  3. Yes I knew that, I was an adult at the time. My point was they're their own boss when the union controls the BOE, and not going to be fired.
  4. You must have missed the part about the Union controlling their employers the BOE. Last election it was Teachers Union slate vs Greedy Developers slate. It was like 'do you want to be eaten by hyenas or vultures?'
  5. The robber barons of today are slicker. They've made an art form of using wedge issues, identity politics and disinformation to get people to vote against their own best interest both in the union issue and in politics. But the concentration of wealth is the same. All this stimulus and relief money will ultimately end up in the hands of the same few. I'm no wild eyed Bolshevik, I'm a landlord for Gods sake, but I think this inequality is out of control. It's no coincidence that it and CEO pay took off on steroids in 1980. It was when the Neocons took power and with them the idea of shareholder primacy, meaning among other things that workers were not stakeholders, but simply feedstock like steel or corn.
  6. I've found wrapping repairs to be bomber, thread and 5 min epoxy. I tack it on with CA glue before wrapping. I don't know why you guys top it with tape, seem unnecessary. Does everyone have a stash of old broken rods to scavenge guides from like me?
  7. Watching a video I was thinking that the smaller boats do better in that scale of mess riding over the waves, while the monsters struggle and flop.
  8. Nice work. No apologies needed for BSA. There's virtually no other institution in our 'helicopter parenting' society that teaches kids leadership and independence. My son is an Eagle also, and my daughter is a Scout and instructor at Camp Turrell. Scouts was a transformative experience for both. Congrats to your boys, I can't even imagine what a house with 5 is like!
  9. Huh, don't know what that is if it drops its leaves in winter.
  10. Electrics get crapped on by the purists, but they hold temp very well, especially low temp.
  11. As I suspected. English Ivy has better manners! The good new is Boston Ivy, the worst and probably what you have, tends to have main trunks that you can cut and paint the stump with roundup or some other stuff called "woody brush killer". It sucks it in and kills the whole root system. Problem is because it propagates from it's berries you have to constantly pulling it out. Boston looks a lot like poison ivy when it is immature, with a cluster of three leaflets, then it gets one big leaf. Virginia has a cluster of 5 leaflets. Mature Boston Immature Boston. Fastest way to tell it from Poison Ivy is the middle petal has no extended stem.
  12. You sure it's English? Stays green all winter and doesn't lose it's leaves? Usually the invasive annoying crap is Boston Ivy or Virginia Creeper that lose their leaves. If you really want to do it in Roundup should do the trick.
  13. Seems hot to me, I smoke fish at 180. I smoked some tog fillets last fall and they got a bit dry, next time I'm thinking of doing a cold smoke, or at least partial cold, like 3 hr cold and 1 hot.
  14. Mild reaction to 1st shot, 2nd knocked me on my ass for 24 hrs, after that was fine. Just do it and put it behind you. It's nice not to think about it seriously anymore, just do masks as theater and not get freaked when someone gets in your face.
  15. All 2nd boater needed to do was get out of the current to other side of jetty and then just beach and chill. He looked comfortable and competent enough in the chop. Of course going out the inlet was idiotic. At least the swimmer was wearing a PFD. That was a lot of big ass powerboats....