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  1. I think that's what the Brits are down to. In Panama I chatted with a guy running a lodge who was from Britain and he talked about how they feel lucky to catch a fish at all, while down there he could go out and catch 50 Jacks in a day and load up his restaurants freezer.
  2. In Oregon it was like a fancy boutique, walls lined with jars each with a description card, and a helpful attentive, knowledgeable, salesperson. But that's what you get with 4 dispensaries in a wealthy college town of 20k: competition. I haven't read the whole thread, has the prospect of NJ being legal to sell but not grow personally been discussed? Sounds like a disaster.
  3. Probably mobile, I've had it happen where you hit post and nothing happens, so you do it again, and again...
  4. I don't see why this is inevitable. Like I said, don't take money from anyone who sells fish. Is that really so hard? If you're the American Lung Society you don't take money from RJ Reynolds!
  5. So no one has ever tried to create a conservation nonprofit for salt anglers? Seems hard to believe. Is Trout Unlimited dominated by industry? I would think it easy to control who donates: don't accept money from anyone who sells fish. The main problem with creating a nonprofit isn't money, it's that it takes a few people who are willing to make it a big part of their life without pay. I've been on 501(c)3 executive boards, and seen how it works. I was invited in the early 90's to the birth of the now defunct New York Rivers United, a conservation group designed to bring together multiple constituencies. It had a lot of success dealing with hydroelectric interests. There's a lot of guys out there, some of them retired, but someone with a platform, web skills and connections would have to get it going. Hint, hint.
  6. I actually don't know what that unified voice is. If there's a rec fishermen's org working on this why doesn't Tim have a banner for it on the top of the page? Where do I send money?
  7. My $150 Slice is 30 oz to that Predator's 40. Losing ounces from there starts to cost a lot. Ex: the BB Angler Pro Carbon costs $425 and weights 26oz.
  8. Are you sure you need a paddle that long? I'm sure some of you have heard me go on about this before, but paddle length is like gearing on a bike. A shorter paddle means lower stress and higher cadence. A trident should not need a long paddle to reach the water. That said, I love my 230cm Bending Branches Slice hybrid plus, it has a ferrule that adjusts the paddle length by 15cm. I often paddle it at 215cm.
  9. Upthread a tag system was mentioned. Why not set a season limit, no one really needs to be giving away striper fillets to their cousins and neighbors. Porgies are hella fun jigged on light tackle! Plentiful for now and tasty to boot. Like poor man's tog.
  10. A windy day on a lake without an anchor sucks. Maybe I'm supernaturally skilled, but I've never had a problem deploying and retrieving it safely. But that's a good point about a claw perhaps not being the best if it can get snagged in trees and rocks. I nearly lost one in lake rocks last year. Perhaps a mini "rebar" or "wreck" style anchor with bendable arms would be best. It doesn't take much to hold a kayak, I'll bet one of these made with 1/4" soft steel rod would be fine, maybe even smaller.
  11. Haha, down here it's not optional! they ain't around, unlike New England.
  12. I know this isn't going to be popular, but keeper regs aside, does simply not targeting them for C&R year round enter into it? In a gear thread a guy was talking about landing at least 800 keeper bass a year, and lord knows how many schoolies. Now I don't know how many guys are in that cadre, but at what point is the mortality rate not worth fishing them so hard? However, it seems obvious to me that all commercial catches need to end before taking a step in that direction.
  13. On vacation I was chatting with a couple of Germans, there you have to pass a conservation and fish identification test to get a fishing license! Don't you think a slot would be best? Seems to work well for redfish. At least you wouldn't see head boats with piles of 30# breeders. I also don't understand the lower limits for the Hudson and Chesapeake, Hudson is 18 - 28 or >40.
  14. Cool to know, thanks. I imagine one of those fish goes a long way at a picnic! Around here there's a lot of critical stories of guys killing stripers and bluefish that end up in a dumpster after the pic. Will those sharks on the kayaks actually get eaten? Are they sold? What do you do with 100 lb of sharkmeat???
  15. I think they're discontinuing it, not on their website any more. $300 would be a steal, that pre-2008 version of the Tarpon (same mold) was part of what put kayak fishing on the map. I paid $600 for an identical Pescador 12 like 7 or 8 years ago.