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  1. Thanks all, but what concerns me is how weak the helical support will be if it's drilled out. I guess I don't trust the glued in dowel to be as strong as the original single piece, and it obviously wasn't all that strong to begin with! Plus it would have to be a loose fit given both side are gonna be hand drilled. @Ben Lippen why the woodglue slurry vs bondo? I'd figure it would shrink and be messy anyway.
  2. My wife's rocker from her granny got knocked over and the arm snapped off. I think drilling out the 2 dowels at the back of the arm and regluing it with new dowels is fairly straightforward, but the front helical vertical seems trickier. the 'dowel' was the turned end of the support. I'd have to cut flat both sides and drill it out freehand to redowel it. Is it crazy to think about drilling the front holes loose, then using Bondo and a 1/4" steel pin instead of a dowel and wood glue at the front so that it can float into position? It would also be stronger in case of a future mishap. Someone suggested epoxy, but in my experience because it's so much thinner than Bondo it would run everywhere and i'd be refinishing the piece too!
  3. Sit in the middle of the giant's plate of food, expect to get forked!
  4. I don't think garters take many mammals, they're not constrictors and a mouse will fight like hell to keep from being swallowed alive! What you need is a larger constricting colubrid like a milk, corn, black, etc.
  5. You're preaching to the choir, the lamest fishing experience of my life was on a halibut boat where we motored 3 hrs and a mate shoves a hooked up rod into my hands to act as a human winch till they gaff it. But the Texas clowns on the 6 pack boat with me were loving it and doing it 3 days in a row! Planning and executing a solo kayak fishing trip for fluke is more of a feeling of accomplishment. On the other hand, I don't know about you, but I have never in my life been in condition to have been able to make that climb even with the most elaborate support in the world. It's still an achievement. The guy who tried to do it alone without O2, a real purist way, is dead. So there's that.
  6. I've never heard that. Mostly about $100k, and can be as low as $30k if you hire a cheap operator and further risk your life.
  7. That depends on your definition of dangerous. Getting out of bed is dangerous, there's a chance you will injure yourself. Highway driving is VERY dangerous compared to getting out of bed. At the other extreme is wingsuiting, basically everyone dies or stops. What fascinating and compelling about many sports, and adventure sports adds the spice of actual bodily danger, is balancing your skill & knowledge against the possible consequences. When I was in my late 20's & 30s I whitewater kayaked and played competitive pool. I saw direct correlations between them. Whether it was taking a hard shot or choosing a hard river line, I had to think: did I know the right move, could I actually do it, and what were the consequences of failure? Would taking a safety be better than risking missing the shot and handing over the game? Would missing the line down the river mean I would get trashed and sucked out of my boat and possibly drowned? As your skills increase the calculus changes, but you need to be in touch with all of it. I knew aggressive players and paddlers who I didn't agree with their risk assessment. They didn't see things the way I did. My son knows climbers who don't see things the way he does. But if you keep rising in the adventure sport, you get to the tipping point where it's no longer in your control. An avalanche might happen, or there could be a tree in the river in a spot that couldn't be scouted beforehand, or your body craps out from thin air. That's the 'death zone'. But it's pretty far out there from most climbers, paddlers, skiers etc whose fatality rate is generally low, though not zero.
  8. I don't. I actually have no idea what you're trying to say here.
  9. Here's a tip, if you can find the info you want to share as a pic, screencap or vid, you can inline that in your post with no problem.
  10. It's weird, but not really. I think for him climbing is more a zen thing. Gravity sports like skiing, mountain biking, and my former love, whitewater kayaking, are more adrenalized. You are moving fast and must make split second decisions. I knew a lot of real adrenaline junkies. Rock climbing is generally more deliberate and thoughtful, the only clock ticking is the lactic acid building in your arms! He's also taught safe climbing every summer from the time he was 16 as a Scout, he's very aware of risk, and doesn't hang with people he thinks are taking too much. I think the stuff he loves best is the adventure and self reliance. Last spring he and a buddy did a 'volcano tour' of the Cascades, skinning and climbing up peaks like St Helens, Hood, Baker and Shasta and then skiing down. I just can't imagine, it blows my mind that my son is basically a pro athlete. He was a decent but not stellar distance runner in HS, but this is crazy.
  11. The water down there probably has visibility of a few feet, it's amazing it was found by anybody. That still begs the question about how the hell he would lose the boot to begin with, I have to struggle to get off a damn 5mm neoprene dive boot!
  12. Messed up my back so bad last year I couldn't reach either. I had to make a wire TP extension holder like a self closing tong. Thankfully it only was that bad a few days, I don't have room for a bidet!
  13. if your theory is correct, what part of the results bothers you? Europe fast tracked indepedence from Russian gas by building port infrastructure for LNG importation from less fascist & aggressive nations, and accelerating alternative energy generation. Yay! Is it just that the US military might do secret stuff and not take responsibility? What else is new? This seem more acceptable than Iran-Contra. Not gonna waste my time watching the vid, but can anyone explain how a diver loses his boot on a secret demo mission, and how anyone then finds it in the open sea?
  14. Of course you gotta release them, I mean who wants to take them home and clean them??? Seriously, the fishing in NYC limits is outstanding. Watch some of EliasV's older Youtubes when he lived here and kayak fished exclusively in NYC waters. Remember, it's not just the E River, it's Long Island sound to Jamaica Bay to Raritan Bay. This one was in NY harbor on a plug.
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