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  1. Try using in the search some of the names of better makes, like Bending Branches & Werner. There's tons of discussion. Here's a recent thread.
  2. This problem was exactly one of the issues I was trying to solve when I machined my own fluke bucktail mold, that doubles for tog jigs. I have 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, and 2, and you can instantly tell which is which. For the boat jigging I do not believe the shape differences make much difference, after all, half the time the fluke goes for the teaser grub, right? And for tog, it matters not at all. Here's a swinghook version with 2 squidskirts. Can you tell it's weight?
  3. I get the super heavy 4mil 4x4" ziplocs from McMaster, and poke a 1/4" hole in the corner with a soldering iron. Now I can put rigs and such in them, and put the bags on a big key ring like those screw together cable ones.
  4. I had an ABF50, great reel for the money, took a lot of abuse. Normally I'd say go smaller, but the 40 is the exact same sized frame, just with a smaller spool. If you want better, the sealed Penn SS series 4500 liveliners are great. I have the SSV, and the new SSVI's are getting pretty good reviews but that's more like $180.
  5. Kudos for responding to customer feedback! It seems like those 1" footpads is an acknowledgement that the design was too aggressive in trying to lower the footwells. Hey, you don't know till you try, especially with a radically different design from the general market. Having bought a used SP over the summer, I'm now jealous of your huge center hatch. I find there's little room in the cockpit for the gear I'm used to having handy in wider boats, especially when bottom fishing. But it performed great on a multiday lake trip with camping gear in the front hatch and tank well. I'm sure your boat would do similarly. A guy who camped next to us worked at an Adirondack kayak dealer and was admiring it's speedy looks, so I shilled for you and told him he should sell your boat!
  6. Thanks Joe, I forgot there were 2 of you Josephs on the thread! I was actually intending to ask Blackdogfish, who had mentioned the bad weed issues.
  7. LOL, beat me to it! They also have ones with spiral strain reliefs to keep the wire from fatiguing and breaking. Joseph, I wonder if having the transducer protruding from under the boat will just gather weed where you can't get at it! Did you take any 'before and after' screenshots of your finder? I'd find that fascinating. I now have 2 Hook4 transducers, maybe this spring I'll try and do a side by side comparison photo set of in the water vs through the hull.
  8. Realize you're talking to a daredevil who pedals an inflatable! He scoffs at danger! What I can't figure out is why no paddle boats get scupper cracks, or at least reporting them here. Is it the Hobies are so much heavier, the plastic softer, both? Or do much fewer of them use scupper carts, since you mostly have to make your own with the variety of paddle boats.
  9. The lack of space to dump crap in the narrow cockpit of the Scupper Pro is hard for me to adjust to. Mostly a bottom fishing problem. The only thing I'd want actually on me that I struggle with is the cell, I'm thinking of sewing a pocket inside my PFD for it. Knife is on a chest patch, pliers on coiled leash in cockpit.
  10. Thing about Costco is they try not to sell crap. They don't carry 10 models of the same item, so what they stock they vet to be decent goods. I've rarely been disappointed. I wish I could get my wife to stop wacking metal utensils against the rim of aluminum pots. they all get a "hammered" texture on the rim!
  11. Actually the weather looks prime for a beach launch, but I haven't checked the wave forecast. Also, it's not something I'm going to do alone.
  12. Anybody had any inshore action in the last week or so? Tomorrow looks like a great day to get out, but I'm so discouraged I need some reason to. Last 4 tog trips: 1 keeper, 2 trips without even a bite.
  13. Where did I say that? What I said is it limits the scaling, that this branzino industry is dependent upon the size of the salmon industry, one in which many operations are known to have serious environmental issues. I would applaud this new model without reservations if it was not dependent in any way on destructive older models.
  14. So why not use an anchor like any boat does, or John Skinner does in his kayak? I don't find it tough, and even easier since I made an anchor reel. You do it because you can, but that doesn't make it intrinsically better. Serious toggers from TimS to Skinner anchor to stay on their structure and focus on the fish. Same thing with trolling, most boats and all paddlers put it in a holder and catch plenty of fish. We've covered this ground so many times before...
  15. But you have to learn to paddle properly instead of just jumping in and pedaling. Most don't want to, or get a paddle boat and hate it because they paddle badly using just their arms and don't even know it.