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  1. I guess most of us don't have an expensive mod-con boiler kicking around! It just seems the reverse of what most people do, I've always heard central was better but the ducting such a big project it's rarely worth it except in a gut job. But I guess a plumber not having a hydronic heat system is silly.
  2. You sound like you know your way around a paddle! A rarity in these parts where pedals are king. The only paddle boats that I've previously heard are as fast as the C-14 are the various derivatives of the Scupper Pro. Someone told me that even the South African boats are not as fast, but I have no 1st hand knowledge. The C-14 is great on a flat, but with no rocker it doesn't like a following sea. Weirdly, in chop it handles better under sail than paddled.
  3. Yeah. My son liked the dry ends of smoked blue so much we slivered a fillet and made jerky sticks. Really tasty. Didn't try and see how well they held up without refrigerations.
  4. Interesting stuff, I've been thinking of a 2 head unit for our ground floor. What was the reason to go with the minisplit if you already had the ducting for central air? In one of the pics there's a register over the baseboard heat. Is the baseboard new and you got rid of the furnace in favor of a boiler?
  5. A lot of awesome points here! Especially about being able to use a shorter paddle. But I think the OP is intending to pedal. You're the first paddler I've seen post here with a Skimmer, very similar to my Caribbean 14.
  6. I've heard they smoke well. I thought the whole point of them congregating in a deep hole in a lake was that it stays cool enough for the trout.
  7. I swear this is true. Someone posted yesterday on our local Reddit sub that they were trying to lose weight, and takeout food was too unhealthy, so they wanted a personal chef to come in twice a week to cook them healthy meals at 2 to $300 per session! There's so much wrong I don't even know where to start.
  8. Thanks, it sounds like I should target march/april, between the winter ice climbing and summer alpine guiding seasons. It's funny, once the kids were out of school I thought planning vacations would be easier! After his freshman year all 4 of us took an awesome August Adirondack canoe & kayak self support trip. We though we might make it a regular, but it looks like that'll never happen again.
  9. Just know that as you go up, either you need a wider boat or you're less stable. A wide boat is slowwww, which may not matter if you're drifting a river down to a shuttle vehicle.
  10. I'm tempted, but I want to do it with my son, who's high work season guiding is mid May through mid Sept. is it worth going outside of those months? I have no idea of the seasons for that fishery.
  11. I'm a fan of cams, but they need to be deterrence level fines and no points. Crazy fines and identifying the driver is when people rise up. The thing is, when voters are asked whether they want to raise taxes or raise fines, they always assume THEY'LL never be the one ticketed! There was a great SF short story from the 60s where, after organ transplants are perfected, people vote for capital punishment for traffic violations to keep the supply of organs up.
  12. And you're the guy who makes the Surveillance State necessary, when the only thing that will keep you from breaking laws and endangering people's lives is the plausible possibility of getting caught.
  13. It was a bad day for NJ when they outlawed cams. Jersey City is currently like a lab experiment for what happens when there's no cams and the police refuse to give tickets. The result is no one stops for reds, stop signs, pedestrians, or ANYTHING! They do 50 in a 25 because they can. It's a complete sh*tshow out there, and the 'authorities' think they can solve it with speed humps and stop signs on every single block. What a disaster. The cams work, which is why some people hate them. When we had cams here I got nailed 3 times for not coming to a complete stop before a right on red. Know what I did about it? I started actually stopping! The only problem with cams is people learn where they are. I'd like to see a new force of plainclothed traffic agents armed with a smartphone instead of a gun. No pretext stops or shootings. Imagine if any doosh standing on the corner looking at their phone could actually be recording your driving! Video gets uploaded to similar facility that does the cams. I bet a 15 year old could code the app for this. We have to deal with ass hats like this: I got no response when I asked if he does that where his own kids are.
  14. Baffles me too. Have you noticed hotel/motel rooms NEVER have ceiling lights? As for dead center, meh. I've found lots of ceiling lights that were not dead center and no one noticed for 100 years till I measured! I think it was that they liked to clamp the gaslight pipes to the joist, and the electric was attached to the stub of the gas pipe. I've found these with the gas still live! Guess how....
  15. Unless for measurement reasons you need to span the joists or your joist is so old it's wider than 1.5, this straddling type is stupidly easy, slipping the spanning ones in is not.