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  1. Me too, that's hardcore!
  2. I need to up my lemongrass game. I have a barbecue marinade recipe for it but wasn't wowed, even though I buy bottled lemongrass bbq marinade and doctor it with some Tom Yum paste for grilled chicken. I'm certain it's not traditional, but I love the kaffir lime bite that Tom Yum paste adds.
  3. Like I said, I kind of a liberally adapted it since I preferred to steam/braise it in the dish than to use a bamboo steamer. I'm not even sure the original included ginger, but I like ginger. I'll have to Google what you call it and see how that differs! Do you do Clay Pot fish also, using nuoc mau? One of our favorites.
  4. I was going to post this in random food pics, but decided it deserved it's own thread, it's that good, and stupidly easy to do. Porgy fillet steamed/poached in Thai sauce of garlic, cilantro, red jalapeno, fish sauce and lime juice with sauted Chinese broccoli. Same recipe except with whole fluke and zucchini sticks tossed in to steam. This was adapted from a fancier one here * Seems to work with any white flaky fish, I think we've done it with striper fillet too. The original called for half the amount of sauce, but we like a lot to spoon over the rice. Thai spicy steamed fish INGREDIENTS 8 large garlic cloves, crushed 2 tbs fine grated fresh ginger 1/4 C chopped cilantro stems plus cilantro leaves for garnish 2 tablespoon chopped green Thai chiles ( I usually use 2 red jalapenos) 1/4 C (or more) fresh lime juice 1/4 C Thai fish sauce (nam pla) 2 tablespoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon of freshly ground white or black pepper, or to taste 1 1/2 to 2 lb of fish, whole, fillets, whatever 1/4 C low-salt chicken broth (or not, or whatever you have) 1 lime, cut into thin rounds Steamed jasmine rice PREPARATION In a small food processor puree garlic, cilantro stems, sugar, and chiles and a bit of the liquid until a coarse paste forms. Add lime juice, fish sauce, pulse in a mini-processor until as smooth as it's going to get. Place fish in 9x12 glass dish, and cover with sauce, if you're using whole fish, slash it with parallel cuts and work the sauce into the cuts. Cover tightly with foil and place in 415 deg oven till fish is done, around 1/2 hr. Garnish with lime slices and cilantro leaves, serve with steamed rice. I sometimes slice zucchini 1/4 inch thick and just put it in the pan to steam with the fish.
  5. Yes, I used to use this before going with a cooler, sometimes I'll use it porgying to high grade. But I have to pull it aboard before paddling several miles back in or I'd never get there. Walmart has quite a nice one for $4. I got my mom to stitch the bottom on a machine so I could cut off the fabric portion.
  6. Not definitive, but a bit of googling indicates lugworms are only native to the Atlantic, they are in fact a species native to here that the Chinese are farming. The environmental concerns should be their of it invading their ecosystem. I joke of course about Chinese environmental concerns.
  7. Sad, but the circle turns for all of us, structures included. In Japan, you'd tour a temple only to find out this was the 4th rebuilding after fire. The Germans virtually rebuilt the historic parts of Dresden from scratch. The art losses are unimaginable, but the cathedral will live on, I have no doubt.
  8. I usually pay out line with the bail, and have the 2nd drag set to heavy enough to set the hook but not so much that its going to be a struggle to get the rod out of the kayak's trolling rod holder. I believe a lot of boaters use a conventional in a similar way. The liveliner can be used to plug, chunk, liveline or troll, which is good on a kayak where you don't want to take a lot of rods.
  9. Jet skis seem to distill the idiocy of powerboaters. They have no concept of giving anyone space or of how obnoxious they are. Sometimes fishing is like being in a big beautiful park that is getting rampaged by a motocycle gang. Sorry you got the skunk again Joe, I figured RB would be a freaking madhouse and I could get skunked closer to home! Might try there Wed.
  10. And that was why I stayed the hell away Sunday! I had some marks, but they looked like schoolies, and no one hit.
  11. You're a braver man than I. I have a low opinion of powerboater judgment in perfect visibility!
  12. I decided between the fog and the likeleyhood of a zoo on the bay to stay in the Harbor. Rangers at both the ramp and kayak launch said nobody on the water till you could see the Statue! Lifted at 11:15. Skunked. The fog coming over the Verrazano from RB at 3 pm.
  13. I'll take it if it's not too far, you haven't said where exactly you are! North Jersey is pretty big place.
  14. Still pretty cold down here Cheech. I'm gonna hit the river Sunday, I think RB is going to be a total zoo.
  15. I've decided the drag from stringered fish ain't worth it, and take a cooler bag if I'm planning on keeping fish.