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  1. The Neo-Coms were well on their way to banniong lead bullets for everything, not just hunting. That's done. The tree-huggers wanted to ban virtually all logging in National forests, Over. They wanted a ban on all lead fishing weights. That won't happen. I used to support the ecologists when they were reasonable, but that ship has sailed. Now, it's **** them, and the Unicorn they rode in on.
  2. Who decides what is 'mental illness'? Butthurt progs? Trump is a stubborn narcissist. So what? So was *******. The Leftist anarchists feel Trump is mentally ill. Prove it in a court of law, if you can.
  3. The only thing ******* deserves, is to have a suppository named after him.
  4. I hope Trump never releases his tax returns. They continue to be a stick in the eye for the snowflakes, and that is a gift that never stops giving. It is water under the bridge, and is meaningless now. Any so called negatives are baked in the cake.
  5. More straw grasping from the usual suspects.
  6. Be that as it may, I have no desire to 'rub one out' while watching Tucker Carlson Megyn Kelly was a hottie.
  7. Are there any memorable, catchy tunes? Lord knows, I loves me some fine showtunes. I'm a big Emma Stone fan, But I didn't go to a theater to see 'Hacksaw Ridge', I'm not about to sit through a musical. I'll catch it on cable.
  8. The progs are figuring out a way to join Madonna in blowing up the White House. After all, it's been 3 days.
  9. California will not successfully secede from the Union. If the Union needs volunteers to crush the filthy CA secessionists, I'll gladly offer my services to kill 'progressive' traitors. Sounds like bloody jolly good sport, to me, wot.
  10. Obama was/is a Marxist in Socialist clothing. Regulations born of the pen die by the pen. The regulation will be undone by the Trump Administration, and/or unenforced.
  11. Until the quality of life becomes untenable. It is mostly up to fate and genetics. My family is not renowned for its longevity.
  12. The 4th Estate was clearly in the tank for the Hildebeast, and was smearing Trump with every smarmy innuendo, at every turn. If there is a comeuppance for that 'progressive' crapola, they've earned it, and certainly deserve it.
  13. Man, you have to be a real special snowflake to think that picture is 'racist'. My caption: 'The 'ho's will think we bad now, right?'
  14. A Hollywood has been who hasn't done anything worthy of late, and whose real name escapes me, has pooped a pontification. Big whoop.
  15. Bottom line: Ants are not responsible for grasshoppers.