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  1. Don't have any for sale right now. When I finish batches of plugs I'll post a for sale thread in this forum.
  2. I bought some years ago from cc tackle. Think they sold out of them though. They had the original spin atom lips. Have not seen them anywhere else. Smallmouth bass like those spins.
  3. People are always welcome to post photos of fish caught on my plugs in this thread
  4. Beautiful! Love what you have done with it looks like the original version I did years ago.
  5. Looks like one of the early glider prototypes
  6. Agree, really good photo! Very nice striper too! With a spook type plug, 90% of it is the person working it. My goal with building them is setting them up so they'll react to how the fisherman is working them. Obviously, bbfish knows how to work a spook! Appreciate you sharing that one. A great start to my day
  7. Having a cocktail and hugging the airbrush was fortunate enough to have bernzy down several times and watched him do his magic with the airbrush. Good times!
  8. Good looking baits!
  9. Very cool! You know you are really screwed now right
  10. I'm a big fan of spooks too. However, I find myself using pencils more over the last several years. Most of the time that they'll eat a spook they will hit a pencil. I can cover more water with the pencil. If they don't hit the pencil or are swirling at it, I'll switch to the spook. It seems if they are looking up but not hitting the pencil aggressively, they bust a spook just fine. Oh, and love you too sweetleaf
  11. Agree. Get on that seam and just use the rod to work the plug, no cranking on the reel. Probably the most deadly use of the pencil. For me the time for heavy weighted pencils is when you need that extra distance that you can't get from a regular pencil. Flat bottom sinkers are definitely more easy to work if you have a good current.
  12. Knee is getting better. Good report from on last visit. Actually had my first adult beverage since surgery last night. Chilled vanilla rum Sounds like you are set for the season
  13. Messed around with the little one this weekend. A few tweaks and it swims well with just one belly hook and a tail hook.
  14. A number of builders like ayc for Dannys. I tend to like a little lighter wood like white cedar. Red cedar is similar, but seems to mess with my allergies so I don't use it.
  15. Thanks! Doing well so far. Now at the point that I have to remember to take it easy and not push too hard. Phil. My largest one is 6 1/4 inch. Next one is 5 3/4 inch. Could increase the size a hair on the larger one do that is more distinct from the next size. Hooks, I typically shoot for one belly and one tail hook. Sometimes they just swim better with two belly hooks and a flag on the tail. Dropping one hook, but leaving the swivel would be possible. Most times I'm thinking about the average fishermen that picks up my plugs and what they want. Better to have the plug set up ready to go for most folks than to have them need to modify the plug before using (like adding a hook). I figure if folks want to modify something, at least they will have one to throw to compare it too after the mod. Also bear in mind that I test swim all plugs before putting them up for sale, so I have to set them up with hooks ready to go. An interesting suggestion, I'll certainly give it some more thought.