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  1. Cool looking gliders! Especially like the shad one, but I may be biased. Our stripers eat a whole lot of shad
  2. Cool, glad it helped. Slow sink on the glider. Does a nice swim and walks well too. Had to drop a hook size cause the 4/0 was catching on the joint and throwing it off some. Had a striper come up after it, but turned off when the hook caught. Still messing with the hinge and weight some.
  3. The lead will give you the sink rate, plus help drive the plug. The ones I've built seem to work better with larger shots of lead. I believe the lead is what helps the action. The lead in the nose and tail help to drive the plug. If the wood is too heavy, then you end up using less lead.
  4. I think you will find that the ayc works better than maple in this case.
  5. Definitely a lucky call!
  6. What I have been working on. Fins are plastic from a Plano box divider. Final will have lexan fins. Could not locate my lexan sheet so used the divider for testing purposes.
  7. Shape looks good. What problems did you have?
  8. Looks like a Winch. Is that marking on the nose a 'W'?
  9. There are certainly ways to do them on the lathe. Spook is a different animal. My thought is that a spook would not be included. Others may have a different opinion.
  10. Been playing around with a new design. Probably tweak it some more and try a few things out before doing a full batch.
  11. I prefer the harder 500 for larger molds. Not sure how many pours you get in a mold. Have yet to wear one out.
  12. I'm in.
  13. Good points. There is a lot of variation in gliders. Surface, slow sink, fast sink, jointed, one piece. I would say leave that part open. To me a glider is a plug that will walk the dog subsurface and swim in a wide S pattern. You can make them so they have a very tight glide or a wide glide pattern to them. Best really depends on the conditions and how you want to fish them. My 2 cents.
  14. No, way to perilous. That is a task I must do. Will build up my strength in case you need to taunt me a second time... Ok, back on track, gliders?
  15. No, I was totally offended. It will be the Spanish inquisition and the comfy chair for you Yeah, I knew you were busting on me. You'll have to try much harder if you want to offend me