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  1. I would take the one you have and try to modify it to work. Might save you the trouble of cutting out several more. Definitely try a wider lip. I've done them weighted and unweighted. Mine are screw eye, so will be different than yours.
  2. Good looking plug and nice how too. You could also use a nose grommet in the tail instead of a tail grommet. Nicer fit that way. I have found on the wooden red fins that I have done that I needed to make the lip a little wider than the plastic version to get them to wiggle well. The wood version is likely heavier than the plastic one.
  3. Sorry for the delay, been having some computer issues. Be packing stuff tonight and will add those two with the floater. Thanks!
  4. Price is $15 each plus $5 shipping per order.
  5. Interesting idea on letting the pencil sit for a bit before working it. Will give it a shot, thanks! Poppers and spooks are a good choice for largemouth and smallmout at night. I'll work them slower than day time and add some extra pauses in. Same deal in the surf for stripers Another thing with spooks is just V-waking the spook for a bit, then walk it a few feet, back to waking. If you don't have a stubby needle, a spook is a good substitute. Have not had much luck with pencils at night.
  6. Yes. Got some topwater stuff that I've started, then I'm thinking its pikie time. Been a while since I did the regular 2 oz and 3 oz. Same for 1 1/2 oz.
  7. On a hit you can let it drop, then bring to the surface. If you are just fishing them, cast and start working the pencil right away.
  8. 1/8 inch bit for me, then 5/32 in the nose so the grommet fits tight (on plugs that need a grommet).
  9. Agree with the above posters, a fluid bed is worth it. You'll end up using less powder paint and the paint will go on smoother.
  10. Roto metals. Order $99 and shipping is free. They also sell tin and bullet alloys, so its easy for me to get a $99 order together.
  11. In one of the pencils for sale threads I was asked: “Mr. Andrew, do you blind cast or throw to nervous bait, anticipating where the fish come up or cast past busting fish? My area, guys only burn an offering across the surface and only when the target is active. Lots of waiting and very few caught. They spook the fish most of the time by running at the bait.” Figured I would answer here so others could get some use out of my response too. Feel free to add your comments too, maybe I can learn something new too. When I’m targeting stripers, I’m not burning a plug across the top, even if the stripers are busting bait. Only time I might pick up the tempo some is if I see a striper trailing my plug, but not committing. I’ll give it a couple of seconds, then pick up the pace a little similar to a bait fish detecting a predator behind it. In the case of a couple swirls and misses, and I might pick up the tempo more. Sort of: your dinner is getting away, better hit it hard or it’s gone. If I am seeing nervous bait in the water, I’ll throw past the bait and work the edges with my plug. That bait is most likely nervous cause there is something looking at it for dinner. A plug (or other lure) on the edge is more likely to get hit because it is easier to pick out from the rest of the bait school. Even if stripers are blowing up hard on bait (blitz situation), I’ll try to keep my cast from the main mayhem and stick to the edges. More likely to get hit and less likely to spook the fish. I certainly look for active fish when I hit the river or surf. No active fish, I’ll try to find where the bait is and make blind casts around that general area. Nothing showing, blind casting to likely looking structure or, in the case of moving water, current breaks or seams. All else fails, blind casting. I’ve had plenty of times down at the tailwaters or hitting the beach in Rhody where nothing is showing, a few fishermen hanging out, but not casting, fire a cast or two out and get slammed. You can’t catching anything if you line is not in the water! Blind casting, pencils or spook type plugs can be good for covering water and finding a few active fish. If the fish are in a more aggressive mood, then the pencil is the better option. Same if you need more distance. If I’m not getting hit or what few follows I have are halfhearted, often the spook will get them feeding. Since you asked this in the pencil thread, let me add a couple of things specific to pencils. Mostly in the sinking vs. floating vein. Floating ones you can work a little slower and it is easier to keep them hanging in a current seam without reeling. Sort of thrashing around, but making very little forward movement. You can also work them slower with more of a spook type action for something a little different. They’ll cast better than a spook, so sometimes that distance can make a difference. One other trick I learned is that if you have a striper blowing up on the pencil, but missing, and the plug is a little down current from you, you can often slow the retrieve some (keeping the pencil dancing) and almost feed it to the striper. The sinking versions I like if I have to really reach out and touch them. That 2 oz sinker will really fly! Mine I can work just about as slow (as in moving forward) as the floating version, though it’s harder to keep them just hanging in a seam unless the water is cranking. On a hit and miss situation, you can let the pencil just drop (drop the rod tip down). The pencil will start falling like a hurt bait. Give it a couple of seconds, raise the rod tip back up, and start reeling. Once it breaks surface, start dancing it slowly, then pick up the tempo. Sort of like a hurt bait getting itself together again. I have had a number of stripers slam the pencil before it got back on top. Note that the pencil will swim a little as it comes back to the surface. Hope that helps some!
  12. You got them. Please PM payment option (I have your address). Give me a few minutes and I'll give you an answer to your other question in the 2019 request thread. Figure that way others may see it and find some useful info too.
  13. You got them. PM on the way.
  14. All of the floating ones are spoken for. If a sinking version works in areas you fish, I have a number of those left in the other thread.
  15. Yep, bunker is yours. I'll pm an address for the MO. Thanks!