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  1. My thoughts too
  2. bucktail or leadhead and paddle tail are always a good choice. Bullet head jigs seem to hang up less when you bounce bottom. We catch a bunch down here on pencils, spooks, and poppers if they are activity feeding on top. Red fins can also produce if they are in closer. If distance is important, a lead slab spoon will often work well.
  3. I have some ideas based on suggestions from folks here and what I think would be good. I am certainly open to suggestions for any of the sizes. 1 1/2, 2, and 3 oz versions are what I'm working on. Hope to have them ready for painting early next week. Still undecided whether I want to put all three batches up at once or do separate sales.
  4. Yes, all gone.
  5. Cooking up a few batches right now
  6. Sorry, no. Those are examples of some of the newer stuff that I've been working on over the last year or so. When I have plugs for sale I start a separate for sale thread with the plugs that will be sold. This thread is for suggestions on what people would like to see and me to post plugs that will be for sale in the near future.
  7. Do you have any more  tailwater poppers for sale 

    1. Jig Man

      Jig Man

      Not right now. Hope to turn a batch in the near future. 

  8. As bad as the plastic smells I don't think you want to do it in your kitchen.
  9. You can weight them as live free suggests, or find out how much lead it takes to get the plug to sink like you want. Then split that into two equal slugs. Place one as far forward as possible, then the second towards the tail. Location of the second one will depend on the glider. You want it to sink flat or slightly tail down. Whatever location does that for the second slug is correct. Shape will also come into play. Flat sides seem to glide easier. Swim better too. At least for me.
  10. Bone is sold out. I have one wonder bread for you. Please PM address and payment option. Thanks!
  11. You got them. Please PM payment option (i have your address). Thanks!
  12. You guys got them. I have your addresses. Just need a payment option. Thanks!
  13. One bone is yours. I'll PM my address. Check is fine by me. Thanks!
  14. yep, 2.