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  1. I’ll be the odd ball in this conversation. I fish in northern Maine for amalliea and my go to is a Mepp’s in-line spinner. Dressed tail number 1 or 2 blade. But I love to fish light. Caught anything from 6” smallies to 20”+. Even a 32.5” Muskie. Those lures will catch fish if they are there. Sorry, not as sexy a choice as some of the others.
  2. If you know how to use your drag you can do anything on it. All caught on a 5-4” all star rod with a Sahara 1500. Fishing a northern Maine river for smallmouth. Very high water led to only these 3 fish being caught. Musky was 32.5” and the smallmouth were both 20”+ and thick. Looks like you will have plenty of fun on that rod a
  3. You would think they could just do a federal saltwater license or a northeast waters reciprocal thing. Probably comes down to money for a lot of states. Not that Maine is making anything so it makes you wonder why we aren’t included on the list posted earlier.
  4. That is the question. All they want to know is if you fished saltwater. They want a general idea of the numbers. And since there are very few people fishing for anything other than stripers up here in Maine it gives them, hopefully, a good idea of the impact. I hope you’re up early on a weekend getting ready to do some fishing and not on your way to work like me.
  5. Just out of curiosity, did you buy it online yourself or at a business? I’m assuming you bought a freshwater license and you are referring to that.
  6. It’s all about data, and a little money I guess. They want to know how many are fishing saltwater. It’s not a license per se, more of data collection. Only way to get that data is to answer the question; and unfortunately at this point the only way to answer it is through their system. If they actually put this data to good use I guess the buck will be worth it to those that have to pay it.
  7. Just to follow up. No bites this week. Only got out a couple times and the weather was pretty terrible. Had a good time with the family. Good luck to everyone fishing down there. Shouldn’t be too long. And thanks for all the tips everyone. Hopefully can put them to use some time.
  8. I sell licenses. It’s kind of a weird program. If you add saltwater first and then add freshwater it shows. Since it is technically included in freshwater if you add the fw license first it does not give you the option to add saltwater but still asks the question. Only issue in the past is that wardens didn’t know that and would hassle some people. They should know this by now and you shouldn’t run into any issues. Even if you do you are legal.
  9. Thanks Jason. I’ll see what we can do.
  10. Might try this week. Down with the family staying right on an outlet of one of the southern cape salt ponds. Will report with any results. Best bait early in the season? Not sure I can even get sand worms. Was thinking just swinging by the grocery store for some shrimp.
  11. Spending the week down at the cape with the family for a much needed break. Finally found some schoolies and picked up a dozen in an hour or so. I'll be back next week and I'll try to bring some fish with me.
  12. What color? I think they are still down here.
  13. Heading out that way with the family tomorrow with the family to visit some relatives. I'll take a quick look between casts. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  14. I am sure it would work but you could probably pretty easily get some black dye to change the color of a few of the jigs. Then give it a try a and do a few more if you have success.
  15. Finally had some luck with the wind dying down this morning. Took a longer walk to a different inlet. No blues around that I could see but I caught about a dozen schoolies in an hour. Using some smaller jigs on the incoming tide. Beautiful morning to be out. Smallest and largest below. Sorry if anyone recognizes the houses. Feel free to edit.