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  1. it's the only place where you can have someone fishing 100' away from you cross your line and then say its your fault. that's why i go
  2. they used to cost a buck or two and anything over cost went to childrens. same with sweatshirts
  3. I'm pretty sure Mike Thomas still has Troll stickers left. If not I'm sure he has the contact info to order more. All I ask is that since Mike was the original Troll Clubhouse (headquarters) he be the one to do stickers if he wants.
  4. it was done with the Century 1506 with a Aero Technium on it. plug was a P.K. pencil. basically a 3oz leadhead with some wood behind it, I'll try to post a pic later.(i have caught fish on it before so it's not something made specifically for casting) I did not bring the special hat. I actually had one that went further but was way offline. rough guess puts it at 460-475.
  5. great day. I was able to hit 430' with a cast or two, most impressive however was watching Angler#1 hit the 300'+ mark with a loaded cordell(thanks for the k-jig Carl) . he may have a few years on most of us but he can still toss with the big boys. the food...what can I say, it was awesome, looking forward to next year already!
  6. i figured Yuri was coming, wasnt sure if Ryan would be up here himself. would be cool to see him take a few casts with some tourney gear
  7. also, talked to Chris Aubut, he will be there. Been texting back and forth with Ryan White, not sure on that one yet. Has anyone tried reaching out to any of the reel companies? Just a thought.
  8. I will be there for sure with Nolan. I believe Derek will be with me as well although none of you will recognize him!
  9. I'm in as usual. Nolan says you guys better start practicing now if you want to beat him. He can cast better than dad does.(actually he just tries to steal the plugs) Either way should be a good time as usual. I saw a post earlier about roasting a pig. that's not the worst idea I ever heard if someone is willing to do it. I would gladly kick in some dough towards that. I haven't seen anything posted elsewhere on this, that helped draw in a few other last year as well as a few rod builders. I will talk to Chris Aubut and Ryan White to see if they are interested in attending again.
  10. I heard it too. sounds like a cannon or something. they are definitely working hard to get us shut out of the canal at night these days! worst part is I'm pretty sure they are fishermen.
  11. I know where that came from...and he's bigger than you so I'm not sure there's much you could do about it....
  12. glad to hear she is on the mend. Nolan missed seeing you guys. He's already looking forwards to the fall gathering. Still have your shirts here as I never made it over to give them to Ali. Will keep them safe til fall for you. Thanks for the plugs(especially the Schoolie plug, it's his first)
  13. I'm in for whatever Puck chooses!
  14. just marking my territory
  15. Chota STL boots with Wearbars in them. They go on easy, they last longer than anything else I've tried. wearbars give better traction than corkers and you can lay them out however you like. I have a pair of simms wet socks with gravel guards I wear them over for days that I dont want to wear full on waders. definitely versatile. runs about 150-180 for the boots and the studs are $1 a piece. I have 25 in each boot and that seems to be plenty for me, some guys do 40-50 in each boot but I think that is overkill for most of what we do around here.