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  1. That is what I read as well.
  2. Gator not in good shape, hope he makes its. Pretty sure not the first pulled out of Prospect and Central park lakes if I recall correctly, along with a few bodies. Plenty of baby gators start off in 55 gallon tanks as pets in the 5 boroughs, most of the idiots don't realize how fast they grow if fed well which is probably the case for the release here.
  3. Go watch CNN ( China News Network ) for the unbiased truth. You can get bonus coverage of the raging fruit pop Don Lemon wearing a different set of designer eye glasses every telecast.
  4. She is an all out leftist FAILURE.... like Brandon. On cue , she reverted to the liberal race card tactic...which is becoming about as effective as starting a campfire in a hurricane. Please go shopping for a wig or a weave already...loser.
  5. And everything they touch turns to liquid dog shyte
  6. It was a GREAT shot....adios!!
  7. Big F'in shocker that the degenerate is one of the preferred skel demographics ( future voter ) of the Lib Dem Pinko Party. Any info on when he crossed Brandon's border ?
  8. There was a good number of BlackTip and Spinner sharks ( mostly BT's ) off the South Shore and Rockaways last summer. More than a few strays ... Those two species account for most of shark " attacks " on surfers and swimmers in Florida that make main stream humanoid news. Both species school up and blitz bait like Bluefish and Stripers - probably the culprits as Brown, Sand Tigers, Juvi Threshers been around for awhile and attacks are not really their mo. Dont matter tho.... main stream media is content on letting the un-initiated think we are being surrounded by roving packs of 1000lb Great Whites. Fear Fear Fear ! Beaches closed in the Rockaways and I heard Atlantic Beach and Long Beach also....
  9. 1 or 2 would show up ( usually quickly released ) on the party boats out of Sheepshead Bay when drifting Ambrose from ( inside and under ) the VZ bridge out to the bight during a strong Fluke season. The rare one might still be there even if the Fluke are not.... they are in the Hudson.
  10. The NYC store on 36th is indeed done, walked by last Thur .. even the old neon sign is gone. They didn't have rod building supplies the last few times I was in there ... inventory ( and customers ) as a whole was sparse... so not surprised. Used to take a long lunch and hit up Capital and Kmart near MSG ( pre china virus ) and buy stuff. Both gone now and the entire area looks like Sh%t. The store near the Chelsea Hotel had that kid in candy store feel for fishermen, great inventory , lot of guys in there stocking up. Spent some money in there thru the years...
  11. Probably got tired of putting on layers and layers of make up and face plaster 6 hours a day prior to her 10 minute daily lie fests for Brandon the marionette.
  12. Jamaica Bay Osprey in the nest on Sat 3/26.
  13. What is Team Biden Good At? Not a thing....Anything and Everything They Tell The Half Dead Marionette Moron To Say Is a Lie. Plus he sniffs and touches kids.
  14. Psaki = Fake Red Head
  15. Liberals, Democrats, Democrat Donors .... are associated with pedophilia .... therefore they/she/all should be questioned on it. Besides this is like Candyland compared to what these sick degenerate leftists did to Kavanaugh ( and his family) Hopefully this one is qualified....unlike the last two unqualified partisan she-trolls that dumbo eared Obama box checked America with.