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  1. I'll take 5 - 3 Red, 2 Pearl
  2. Hello Stu, I'll offer $20.00 for the Diawa Sealine SGC-23, 7', 2-6oz, 16-30lb test if it is at the original 7ft length and not missing anything off the tip. I will be heading East this AM, hopefully we can meet. Will send you a PM.
  3. Saltist 4K
  4. Hey Lib Dems.....the whole lot of ya... go fetch your shineboxes!!!!!!
  5. Don't know how well some of you know the shyte-hole districts this moron represents- at one time, for the most part, nice working class middle class areas where everybody got up and went to work,now pretty much full blown sanctuary cities on welfare or trending in that direction - any small pockets left that resemble what these neighborhoods used to look like will eventually be gone like a fart in high wind. Remember a couple of weeks ago when an illegal alien MS13 member pumped 5 rounds into the face of a gang rival midday on the 7 train- guess who's district? I doubt all the fantasy island BS this horse toothed moron spews matters much to the troglodytes and brain dead liberals who support her.
  6. Free Bump ….. FREE mags
  7. Free Giveaway to a fellow SOLer 80+ back issues ( give or take ) On the Water - from 2004 up until 2017/2018 - Mostly NY/NJ but some New England as well. Wealth of info- perfect for the polar vortex cabin fever 2019. Pick em' up or I will drop off if on one of my normal route(s)of travels. Located in The Rockaways but pretty readily available in Sheepshead Bay, Howard Beach, All Brooklyn, Some Queens, Long Beach-Atlantic Beach, Long Island within reason, Manhattan , Jersey City, Bayonne, Staten Island to name a few - also will be at a few of the shows and fleas coming up in Feb and March ( NJ, NY, LI ) Have a nice stack of The Fisherman also if you like. Hope somebody claims these, good stuff here. Tight Lines!!
  8. I read that a major part of the indictment was that Stone threatened to take some you tuber's dog...…. maybe it was a Russian Wolfhound?
  9. Yet another Smoke and Mirrors horse pile PR move by the no credibility special ( needs ) counsel The kicker in all this is that Stone has been practically begging for months to be arrested lol Back home in sunny Florida already and giving his first ( of many ) interviews tonight in primetime with Tucker Carlson 8:00PM. Stone will be cashing in and will turn out to be ghoul face Mueller's worst legal and PR nightmare.
  10. Nirvana....
  11. Final price reduction bump before the lock on the Barbour Heritage Liddesdale quilted field jacket ( Olive ) Size XL - wore 2 or 3 times, smoke free , like new condition. Retails for $225.00+ - I guess they are popular- 1 of every 3 Tom, Dick, and Vito I see in the workforce has one. 40.00 pickup/meet , 50.00 shipped Going... Going.....
  12. I'll give a ( 2nd ) shout for the Daiwa Tournament SS series- I fish ( for years ) the SS700 UL and SS2600 which is pretty close in size to todays 4000 sized reel....smooooooth drags, like hot butter!!!!
  13. Guy Cotten to Reel Deely 65.00 Grundens Pack to Chipnice 55.00 PM's on the way.
  14. Pricise10- Have some time restraints so prefer not to ship at this time, will keep you in mind. Locals... ( Reel Deely , Chipnice ) Can we do 65.00 for the Guy Cotton, 55.00 for the Grundens Pack ? - Still really great deals- can meet local whenever your ready.