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  1. I am curious as to how some of you are making the end loops? do you do it by hand or machine?
  2. From the album Forum Attachments

  3. From the album Forum Attachments

  4. Isn't he sponsored by Juicy Juice?
  5. See pms.
  6. Nice article. Baby came today. 7pounds 12ounces 19" Amy Lynn. I have something for ya I'll bring it by next week.
  7. This lot of 13 lpugs includes many rare Habs plugs. All are new in package Very rare Habs 2 oz. copper colored needle with red hooks, 2oz. yellow/pink/white (rare) needle and 2 0z. blu/white needle. 3 nightengales with the rae black/white, blue/white and the hard to find solid pink 2 2 oz. orange poppers, a blue white 2 oz. popper and a 2 oz. red/yellow popper. 2 tallywhackers blue/white and a yellow/white both2.5 oz and finally a 1.5 oz yellow/white needle. 600- for the entire lot.
  8. Sold to fishermannh. Thread closed!
  9. Golden nice pics. Is John ever excited?
  10. Penn 50VSW International Reel 50 International II 2-Speed Series Detail: Lever Drag Wt: 73oz Capacity: 500yds/80lb Mono or 1050yds/150lb spectra + room for 50yds of 100lb mono topshot Low Gear: 1.3:1 High Gear: 3.1:1 Penn 50 International Reel Description The flagship of the Penn International® Lever Drag family of reels, the International® V-Series raises the gold standard for offshore anglers. The International® V reels offer the most advanced and reliable fish-fighting performance in the world, with an ergonomically designed, contoured, one-piece machined frame, and unbelievable cranking power and strength. Distinctive pure gold color separates Penn from the impostors. Machine-Cut, Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Main and Pinion Gears, and Drag Cam Powerful Double-Disc Drag with 150-Degree Drag Quadrant Graduated Push-to-Turn Preset One-Touch Shifting Four Aircraft-Grade, Sealed, Stainless Steel Ball Bearings Machined, Gold Anodized One-Piece Frame Forged & Machined Spool and Side Plates Stainless Steel Reel Stand Save 100 dollars. Price= $500 firm. You wont find a better price than this anywhere.
  11. Golden is one of the few people who definitely doesn't burn spots. I fish with him in some areas that only see2 or 3 different people a year due to access issues. He knows many places that hold fish at certain tide stages during certain moon phases and wind directionss. If he were to post all that then he burned down a spot. BUT he didnt. He is good people who had taught many people how to fish not where. G-Man it is close. Beware of the mudslide due to the "rain". Bart whats up kid?
  12. Bart I know who has them give me a call tomorrow.
  13. Now that you are famous can I still fish with you? Good read. Call me for the Pats/Indy game.
  14. How many gardens took a beating with all this rain? A little concerned with wet root. The yard is now a pool.
  15. Got my first one for the season yesterday 55" 70 pounds (guess). Golden you missed out man.
  16. All of mine made it through o.k. . now its time to put the grass clipping in the garden to stop the weeds from getting wild.
  17. santa and upstate slayed 'em saturday night/sunday morning right where we got em last year. See above post. I'll be out Thursday -Sunday prowlin' for hardtails. BTW- Bronko the spot where the 55 came from is getting really hot. see s-b pm's.
  18. Where are these "golden" spots that are revered by all who eye these posts? The tuna sickness will envelope anyone who dares to fish for them. Bronko you will soon learn. G-Man call me I got some new stuff for the hardtails and have some solid info where we will score. Bronko- The spot you, the carpenter, and I met up to throw needles has large as we speak.
  19. I'll down around 8:00. Carpenter and Santa will be there. Go on in.
  20. I would never burn a spot. My house sits on top of a hill.
  21. I'll down around 8:00. Carpenter and Santa will be there. Go on in.
  22. Yeah I got it. I got the info
  23. Give Miah a break. Nice job. He got a false albacore this week and his first keeper. Good for you.
  24. BH- you just killed me.