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  1. Those are sweet. Great paint schemes.
  2. Club 'em
  3. Love the lines of the plugs and the simple fish catching colors.
  4. Skitter, By posting pics and spots you eliminate a lot of real estate other would normally fish at. Wait until the outer beaches become crowded like Montauk or your spot that was once quiet and desolate is filled with people who "read" it on the net. More fishermen + less beach to work with = a headache and a pain in the arse. I don't know about you but dealing with crossed lines and people crowding right next to you because your on fish doesn't sound too fun to me. I saw it happen at a beach a few years ago and it will continue to happen until people start to relax with the SPECIFICS of an area. I would be pissed if I was a guide or a paying customer to find that the area I was going to fish was packed with fishermen and impeded my experience in a negative fashion. Share info in a private manner. No problem there but when you share it to the world... well your smart enough to see where this gonna lead. Tight lines... Matt not Fred
  5. SP- This topic is for EVERYONE!! Not just you Mike. So don't take it as a personal shot. The beaches are getting ridiculously crowded even at night. I rarely fish during the day. A few years back a picture showed up at a particular beach with an individual holding a nice fish in a parking lot and for the rest of the year that beach was filled. For every person who is a registered member here that reads the posts there are 10 who aren't registered and read the posts. Use cell phones, pms, whatever.. just don't post on the easiest information medium for all to see. I spend alot of time searching for the new areas to fish every year and for someone to say I was here or there and caught this and that with this lure at this stage of the tide sucks because it will ruin great spots. Posting pics of areas is worse. If someone needs info on a spot pm me or someone else who has knowledge and I'll do what I can to help and I'm sure others will do likewise.
  6. Gary2- You are the Man!!
  7. This years number one hot spot which will yield multiple 50 pound bass GUARANTEED is. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The OCEAN! Try here first. You might get lucky!
  8. My thoughts and prayers for your mother and family.
  9. Holyoke is the birthplace of volleyball and the v-ball hall of fame is located there. Holyoke never gets any respect.
  10. Can someone give me guide siazes and spacing for this rod. Thank KR
  11. these were turned today. Eyes,belly holes and sealing tomorrow.
  12. I started this morning around 7:00am and finished around dinner- when the wife came home. I still cant get her to believe that making plugs is more important than working on the honey do list.
  13. A great spot for strippers on the Cape is Zachary's. A few are even 100 plus pounds. Best colors to use are green and white and the best pattern is a green back herring pattern. Hope this helps.
  14. Golden- cut 55 plugs today. Tomorrow drilling eye holes and belly holes on em and then sealing em. Do you want me to do the same to your plugs that you left over here? 20 needles, 20 poppers ( came out EVIL) 15 danny swimmers was what I cut today.
  15. My drill bit for thru drilling is dull as hell. What bit do you recommend for thru drilling from McMasterson. I'm going to buy 3 or 4 bits and when 2 or 3 of them need sharpening send them out. The bits need to be long enough to thru drill needles and dannys. Need number for McMasterson or other bit company. I don't have catalog. Thanks, Matt
  16. He is a quality person
  17. Tagger, My darters are going to be epoxied by weeks end. I think you'll like 'em.
  18. beautiful plugs. Those will catch.
  19. Painting mine this weekend and hope to epoxy on tuesday schedule permitting.
  20. Sure; change areas.
  21. I know the lure you need. The plugs you cut the other day will dial in on LARGE. Gonna spin all day Saturday. Remember my goto last spring down south? I'll make a few for us to feed to the Cows. That sweet color just produces and produces and....
  22. I fish one with that pattern. Had better luck with olive needle to be honest though.
  23. Buy a Calcutta. You won't be sorry. I've used Calcutta's forever and they are without a doubt a superior reel to the penns.
  24. Cut the bodies today.
  25. Call me man got some great news. It's a girl!! Also got some other news you'll want to know about. Call my cell.