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  1. I got 4 tuna yesterday up to 150 or so. It was a blast and will be going back out Sunday and Monday. The bass are thick in the "mine" and also where we ripped wire last time. THICK. The BFT's looked awesome at boatside but looked even better on the grill tonight. Stop by to get your steaks.
  2. Canyon 10 tube bag. It is big enough for a nights worth of plugs and small enough not to be a burden carrying it.
  3. They are JUNK!!! Ask **** about his nightmare I mean Angler. Company treats customers like garbage again ask Salty.
  4. Day = white or yellow Night = black or black
  5. Thanks FWW! That stuff really works unbelievably. I tried it out up in an area I fish where the mosquitoes are ridiculous unless there is a howling wind. I didn't get bit ONCE. This is one product everyone should get their hands on. The best bug spray I've ever used. Thanks Again Ben.. KR
  6. $82.28. Thanks.
  7. G- Large where we were that snotty night. Going Saturday. Call the cell.
  8. Done
  9. Get the Calcutta 400B. Smoothest reel out there and it has a superior drag system. User friendly and its a workhorse. This reel is the preferred reel whenever I am in the surf. I've never had any problems with my (4) of them. BTW- a tuna will smoke any small reel like this.
  10. You have got to be $hi*ing me! ROTFLMAO
  11. I'll second that.
  12. There are nice fish(keepers) in some local waters and pounded the topwater stuff especially yellows and whites all day in that hard sw blow. Tons of smalls 16-26" fish all over the typical spring haunts. Nothing better than watching a large charge your topwater plug. I love this time of year.
  13. Golden- Prowled the area also. Top water producing at the usual area. Thursday (5/19) night my house 9:30p.m. off to the Vineyard. Got the goodies for the cows. See pm's for the details.
  14. Best soft bait ever made. period.
  15. Without a doubt, its Hab's small, small popper in yellow.
  16. Throw a plug.
  17. Check your cell phone messages will ya.
  18. Stickers are vehicle specific.
  19. got numbers for the "p" spot.
  20. They lost opening day last year and did okay in the World Series. We have a long way to go to game 162. Wells curve was Nasty.
  21. When are they going on sale? I can't wait to see see this disaster scene this year.
  22. Rich- I feel for you and every other fisherman that is going to lose out because of spot burning. I tried to address the same thing in the Mass forum .... I just don't understand sometimes. Pretty soon we'll be fishing in groups of 50. Or even worse we'll lose spots and access because of the loud noise and trash left over from ignorant people. Got Boat?
  23. 50 degrees they magically start eating your offerings.
  24. Pm an address to me if ya could.
  25. Don't post em in here. With the little bit of beach we have left and all the lurkers that read this; we dont need any more pressure on the fish or more people fishing these areas. Couple that with the seal population and its gonna be elbow to elbow I'm sure someday soon. Common sense is a great thing to use once in awhile. KR