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  1. Seals SUCK!
  2. thats the way it should be. Everyone enjoying the fish and fishery.
  3. Anyone else out with the bow. I got a doe for the freezer yesterday and now will be on the lookout for a big set of antlers.
  4. Number 2 fell to the 100 grain Muzzy. Golden come get some venison. SoCo this weekend?
  5. Black with a yellow belly produced very well in the past so hasn't black/purple. i generally cycle through the colors from light to dark on bright nights and dark to light on moonless ones.
  6. Anyone have a good recipe for a venison stew that I can slow cook in a crock pot?
  7. They even catch tuna. Hi Scott.
  8. sunday morning daybreak didn't yield any fish I'd put on a postcard for sure. Walked my a$$ off searching but to no avail.
  9. Golden- I know exactly where you be talking 'bout. Going up that way Saturday afternoon. Gonna hunt in da hood first then go to area. BTW- Cleveland and Carpenter were thrown out of Mary's. Go figure.
  10. southern range of zone 11. Size wise she was 90lbs? Small but she'll be tasty. First deer I see I usually put away if I can for the freezer and then go hunting "horns" the rest of the year. She had 3 other sisters with her.
  11. Steve why not use PT wood for a structure?
  12. that place will catch on fire real soon like in the next week or so. That area yields nice fish this time of year when the migration starts.
  13. E-Tec all day. in every area of comparison it is right there. Plus it is a lot lighter, comparable in fuel efficiency and the like.
  14. no reason for floats when striper fishing. In nature the dead rest on the bottom so floating a piece is unnatural. also just another piece of tackle to contend with.
  15. You want to go catch up a giant charlie this week? I know a goos number to start at!
  16. You up for a trip or what. Well worth it. Call me later. Same pattern as I told you about. Its dial in and figured out.
  17. golden- tuna were in the same spot as yesterday. Boys loaded up 15 tuna today all 40- 70 lbs. Took one home for the grill. topwater stuff and the usual secret arsenal. Its almost too easy when they are amped up. Smoked the drags on the little bass gear and the 50 vsw did very fast but unsporting work on them. going to the other spot I told you about for the giants.
  18. Golden got message half cut off. Just returned from ACK. Had a blast. SP- They are all small fish 75 -150 or so lbs not much fun.
  19. Got some more this week. Going Saturday if you want in your in call me. Wizard got 2 Tuesday.
  20. The tuna bite is fantastic with the average tuna going 100 + lbs. 2 weeks ago we caught a handful keeping one and releasing the rest. Its a great game to play but it is expensive. Yes there are giants in the mix and if you are on a boat with the right permit and the right knowledge you can pay for the years gas. My gas is paid for because of the tuna that we caught a few weeks ago. You need the general permit to sell more than one gbft a year.
  21. I got a Cannondale sr 600 if you're interested. Lightly used and clean. PM me if you want more specifics.
  22. Dave, Sorry to hear about the passing of your brother. He is in a better place now. Matt
  23. Got 2 tuna today.