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  1. JEFSOD, The fishing is phenomenal on South Beach. I have dragged many a cow off that beach during darkness. The whole area down there is a goldmine for those willing to catch fish. Lots of 20 - 25# in the area. Will be back at the "hole" this weekend. The walk is not so bad dragging a monster home.
  2. Nice fish gentlemen. Must ne nice to have the "gift".
  3. Thanks slipknot. A lot of people have said good things and others not so good thing about them. I ask because there is one around my way for fair samll money and it has not been abused. I know the seller. Just looking for opinions.
  4. Fished the Chatham area Friday and Saturday. Blues were everywhere with some blues mixed in on Friday night. On Saturday got 12 keepers 44" with another fellow angler. Fished chunked herring and hooked up for two solid hours on almost every cast. Oh, what a night!!
  5. I think I'll start fishing eels the third week of June. This week might be a little early still, IMO. As long as herring are around I will continue to fish them. Has anyone heard of anything being caught at the light in Chatham?
  6. Fished the Canal yesterday and caught 4 keepers in 1 1/2 hours. There were many fish caught yesterday at the ditch. It was good to see our friends are back in town for the summer/fall.
  7. I fished Herring and Red Rivers this weekend (Friday and Saturday) without anything to show. I believe that the fish just aren't up that far yet in great numbers. Last year at this time schoolies were everywhere. I spoke with a baitstore owner who said this is the latest in the spring that he can remember without a big numbers of schoolies being caught. I believe him since I fish with him quite often. Hopefully, by next weekend the fishing sure light up in the rivers.