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  1. 3 @ 47" is the rumor.
  2. This could be ugly.
  3. I'm in. Because it kills a lot of time during the work day.
  4. I would say white, white/yellow for day time and olive or black for nighttime. When its on over there it is ON.
  5. Its a go. I was with Mike this weekend down in Jersey. I saw a sweet Carolina Classic 25 with a diesel that I'm thinking long and hard about. If the wizard is in its a go. What a nice rig.
  6. Check your cell. Hate playing tag. Tomorrow you in?
  7. G- lookin good so far.
  8. I think I'm on my wife's ignore list.
  9. Synchronized swimmers.
  10. Call me.
  11. Dude, Insane fish right there.
  12. Bronko, You have an open invite. The "real" death march looks real juicy. The tuna trips were a blast last year. we'll hook you up onto a few of those (or larger) this year. Salties plugs catch tuna. Hi Scott.
  13. I'll be there. Love to be able to drive one town up and be there.
  14. Here's some fish porn.
  15. Been clean for six years now. Before that a tin or more a day of Cope since I was 14. I miss it every day.
  16. They can make their living as a nice pair or boots and gloves or fertilizer, or shark food or Targets. SEALS SUCK!!
  17. April for the TARPON. Cap't Apple?
  18. Keeperreaper sucks at fishing!
  19. I'll be there!
  20. Nice cod.
  21. It's merely personal preference. I've used all of them yes the pink included. Pink is easiest to see. Smoke is the hardest. Yellow fades fast. Actually they all fade if you use them long enough.
  22. Great thread and great idea!
  23. i'm in.
  24. Bruce, I think derf is looking for input as to how has he been; good/bad for beach access surf fishing etc. Has he been a detriment or a benefit for us up here.
  25. Those are the F-ing Balls!!