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  1. I'm going down to Naples for the last week of January. What types of fish are to be caught down there this time of year from the surf? Thanks.
  2. Scott, Nice article in OTW.
  3. Patriots- 20 Titans- 10 Golden, you up for the boat show Saturday?
  4. Golden, I would love to go but I'll be in New Hampshire hunting. Last 2 times out I got the nasty Skunk!! I might go Monday or Tuesday. I'll call you today.
  5. golden, Got the low down from A and he got into some. We're going there tomorrow. Large
  6. Golden, Friday is good for me. Large to be caught. Same areas as last time. I'll drive the beaches this time.
  7. Sweet!! Went to "the mine" and struck gold all Friday night. Saturday went to the place where I lost the Holy Grail and crushed 'em again. The bait was thick. Wednesday I'm going to my favorite spot. I'll pick you up if the the Fore runner is still gimped up. I'll call you today at the usual time. BTW- Had non stop fish on the boat to 40 all Friday morning until 3:30pm!!! That place is insane with PIGS!
  8. G-man, As the moon went behind the clouds the ladies came out to play. They were thick right through the tide. Soon the trophy fish will be among us!! The weekend weather might make for wash out weekend. Thursday night?
  9. Call me will ya? Going tomorrow night.
  10. Can we still join the plugathon?
  11. Can we still join the plugathon?
  12. The backside = LARGE!! Got eel
  13. how much did that slob you tonged weigh in at? Fitzy and you both had to be near the forty pound mark. My 25lber wasnt even good enough to place in the top four. For a "spring spot" the "shoe" is still producing.
  14. on the end of my line!
  15. Great fish!!! I hope to be the next for the %) club.
  16. We're going fishing on Friday!!! Tell Kevin that 35 lber was a nice fish!!! Golden time/plans are different for Friday and Saturday; call me. G- I'm going tomorrow if you want to catch up at the "spot"
  17. golden, That cow is still in my mind. Going tomorrow afternoon to the "shoe". You in? Still going to eel country Saturday night.
  18. golden, Gonna go back today to the magic spot. I smell hot wings!!! Did you get message about Santa claus? Upstate slayed em.
  19. Golden, See you tomorrow same time same place. It is going to be INSANE AGAIN !!!
  20. And lots of them.
  21. What time you pickin me up tomorrow? I know where is the keepahs!!!
  22. Fish have already been caught in numbers. Keepers even!! I love this time of year!!
  23. Gimme a slot limit instead of this nonsense. I guess they need a downward trend for their data gathering. Idiots!
  24. Monday the 12th you'll hear of multiple keepers being caught in the canal and all over SE Mass. I'll have my first on the 6th or 7th. BTW- the usual early season areas for holdovers are holding.
  25. Bring back the old one.