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  1. Yeah white stuff (rice/flour/bread, etc) are no good for type 2. Sounds like you got the blood sugar thing under control, hope better days ahead. Man I do miss the ball busting days back in NJ and I do hope to return next year for a short visit and maybe a fishing trip out of it (I think Slacker promised to buy me dinner as payback for the lobster house meal but he never did, which is not surprising). Will definitely look you guys up if I do.
  2. I see, again sorry to hear all that. Like you I missed fishing on boats now that I am landlocked in NC. Sold my last of favorite Newell 220's and Lami rods just before moving away so rest of my gear is sitting in my garage collecting dust. Are you taking anything for the diabetic itself like metformin, not just to control the pain? My mom was recently diagnosed as Type 2, even though her A1C is just over the 6.5 cut-off, but I am not taking any chances so I been helping her with her diet and OTC supplements to lower her blood sugar. I have found a couple of things that works really well, since it is really hard to control this via diet alone since there are so many sweet temptations to eat everyday.
  3. Sorry to hear this Mick... you giving up togging for good? Not checking here regularly since moving out of NJ but what's wrong with your feet / balance?
  4. Merry Christmas all of you non-fishing BFF filthy animals.
  5. This is at least a reasonable suggestion for an ex-Jersey tog fisherman. That other guy's suggestion not so much.
  6. I just looked at the charter fishing fleet at Oregon Inlet's so call fishing calendar. Your suggestion suck balls. How can an ex-Jersey bottom fishing guy fish any one of these specified below? It's a disgrace (your suggestion too).
  7. Damn Yankees ruining everything down south. Here in NC there is no regulation of any kind on tog so if you catch them you keep them, provide that you can actually find them. They are here but don't get big apparently so you catch them off jetties, piers and bridges.
  8. Well if you must know, I moved to the Capitol of the Tar Heel state. Reason why I moved here is I had built my real estate investment business here and finally decided to quit my IT job which I find increasingly unbearable. As I didn't have a woman to support me I had to rely on my business to be self-sufficient, unlike you. From here is like 3+ hours to the Outer Banks and so for all intent and purpose am land-locked now. I heard there are togs in northern part of the NC waters but no one target it, no PB and no charter; you would have to go up to VA Beach to find any boats willing to go fishing for tog. It's like red fish if you want inshore and groupers if you want bottom fishing or something, not really sure.
  9. Any grand theory as to why? You are the Oracle so you must have some theory why it went downhill the last couple of years? I thought it was because I left NJ but Mike said he personally ate all the togs so not sure what to believe.
  10. I been reading all the fishing reports on that other site and they almost all suck, bad, every day it seems. Even the usual upbeat PB captain reports like "some people caught fish" is not fooling anyone. Even the S. Jersey boats don't seem to be doing well (Osprey, etc). What happened to NJ tog fishing this year? Was it like this last year? Haven't paid much attention since I moved away but this is sad. What's changed this year if anything or is this a new trend going forward? MP? Snap? Oracle of Kentucky?
  11. I see that folks have kept up their talk game in the BFF (Slacker in particular) but hardly caught any tog this year. There must be some type of inverse relationship between the two. But really happy no one has choked yet in BFF and all still alive and kicking. If there was 1 guy I would worried about it was the MP, given his often uncontrolled temper and outbursts on party boats for no apparent reason. I would have bet by now he would have stab some guy named Vinnie from Staten Island because he got too close to his spot and in prison. Good to see him still kicking and screaming, literally. Just FYI I am no longer a resident of the beloved Garden State, moved away a couple of years ago after I retired from work. Now I am south of the Mason-Dixon line and no longer has easy access to salt water. So I may as well change my handle to Land-Locked Coug. And no I will never fish for sunnies, big/small mouth bass, catfish and lastly carp so all my Newell's, Shimano's, Daiwa's are in permanent storage, sad but true. Maybe someday I will be back and fish for tog again but would have to relearn the whole thing from scratch like how to tie a palomar or cut a green crab properly.
  12. Wow I haven't been here for a few years and looks like the old regulars don't even fish for togs any more judging from the total lack of tog reports. Very very sad.
  13. I really thought today would be better than yesterday given the storm on Fri but it was not. In fact it was worse. There was only a single keeper cod for the entire boat, yes, one. A few shorts here and there, I had 1 myself. Tried 7-8 drops but dog fish were everywhere, I had 8 or 9. It even took a hammered jigs I was trying for pollock. Finished my day with a few lings. Oh well I still was happy to be out and about in a relatively warm day after 6 weeks of polar vortexes and half a dozen snow storms so can't complain.
  14. That's not cool.... not cool at all.
  15. I feel an epic report coming from Tfisher.... EPIC I say. Don't disappoint us boy.