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  1. I really thought today would be better than yesterday given the storm on Fri but it was not. In fact it was worse. There was only a single keeper cod for the entire boat, yes, one. A few shorts here and there, I had 1 myself. Tried 7-8 drops but dog fish were everywhere, I had 8 or 9. It even took a hammered jigs I was trying for pollock. Finished my day with a few lings. Oh well I still was happy to be out and about in a relatively warm day after 6 weeks of polar vortexes and half a dozen snow storms so can't complain.
  2. That's not cool.... not cool at all.
  3. I feel an epic report coming from Tfisher.... EPIC I say. Don't disappoint us boy.
  4. Your eyesight is failing my friend... Precise is sending the real cod fisherman in his family, Junior.
  5. Would the new one have to be hotter than her though? Or that's not important?
  6. A date? I wish. But I am thinking of ditching her for someone else.
  7. McDonald's? Did you see the lunch report I posted today, beyatch?
  8. Went to a fancy Japanese joint in Manhattan today, 4 star type of place. Yum yum. oyster/egg combo, rice porridge combo, salmon / tofu combo.
  9. From the album 2014 Lunch Report

  10. From the album 2014 Lunch Report

  11. From the album 2014 Lunch Report

  12. Ah the new prodigy has been crowned... now we can never shut him up. First he catches a 8lb tog first time out now he does better than the rest of the boat combined cod fishing.
  13. My my... aren't you a fountain of knowledge for cod fishing... but you don't really target them. It's like you are going to be there with me tomorrow.. just as annoying in person.
  14. Also why don't you provide a forecast for me and FLH21 as well for tomorrow?
  15. Keen observations and sound reasoning. Now get out #!%^ of here and get back to the Freshwater fishing forum.