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    I caught my first striper age of 5, 1977 off the rocks at Fort Popham...the rest is history
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    Fly & light tackle saltwater fishing....basically all saltwater all oceans
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    Professional Fishing Guide/Charter Capt.

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    Wilds of Warren, ME
  1. Bump $25 shipped for the Spook
  2. Thanks Rocco...It’s all yours. You’re going to love tying on this vise. Pm coming thank you TimS
  3. I love those old St Croix Rods I have a 513 model would like be to have the 511 model If I ever come across one
  4. Thank you pm coming
  5. I have a dyna-king barracuda vise sitting on my bench that’s not getting much use anymore..these Dyna-King vices are built to last many lifetimes. Incredibly strong jaws that’ll lock down the largest saltwater hooks as well as it locks down dry fly hooks. Price $220 shipped PayPal please
  6. Sur It’s all yours pm coming
  7. Sold to rockfish666 pm coming
  8. (SOLD)Pair of Gordon Wright 4” $35 shipped PayPal for both
  9. $50 shipped for the pair PayPal please (metal lip is sold..$25 shipped for the spook)
  10. Pair of fished Hab’s Needles $45 shipped for the pair PayPal please
  11. I saw this this post and checked my fly rod racks.....found this old beauty ff92 ferralite 9’ 9wt....they are definitely cool rods mine is in great condition
  12. This plug has been hanging off the corner of one of my tackle shelves for years now. What the heck is it? Any help identifying it is appreciated
  13. Thank you
  14. I have a bunch of wooden plugs that were given to me many years ago. Someday ill get around to fishing some of them any idea of the maker of these 3?
  15. This is where I’m at now. 2mags on each side of the side plate. Still have some gap between the mag and spool. I haven’t cast it yet. I have room for maybe 1/8” thick magnet on each side. I also have 2 more cups or washer’s that I could install if needed. i have the reel spooled with 20# mono at the moment and will be throwing it on an 11’ airwave XH rated 20-50# and 4-10 oz