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    I caught my first striper age of 5, 1977 off the rocks at Fort Popham...the rest is history
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    Fly & light tackle saltwater fishing....basically all saltwater all oceans
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    Professional Fishing Guide/Charter Capt.

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  1. This would be the perfect reel for 9 or 10wt rods. Reel hold 200 yds backing plus fly line
  2. If you are looking for a great deal. I just posted a Teton Tioga Magnum #10 with backing and a sci angler 350grn sinking head line for $110 shipped. They’re a great reel series that’ll last a lifetime without breaking the bank
  3. I have this Teton Tioga Magnum large arbor fly reel for sale. Comes with approx 200yds backing and a sci-angler 350 grain fly line. Reel is in great shape with a strong drag. Never wade fished with the reel. $110 shipped paypal will get you a great fly feel that will last a lifetime
  4. Thank you, I’ll pm you my info
  5. I didn’t fish it a lot but it handled 2oz metal spoons with ease at Sebastian inlet this past winter. Could easily reach out to the middle of the inlet when the Spanish Mack’s were thick out there
  6.’s available for $110 shipped. Thanks
  7. The thunnus is an awesome reel
  8. $110 shipped paypal. I’ll leave it here for the weekend.
  9. I’ve got a shimano thunnus 16000f siting on the shelf. Definitely a big fish reel. $140 shipped
  10. $110 shipped PayPal and it’s yours. That’s my best price
  11. Sold!! Thank you...thanks Thanks SOL
  12. This rod is in very good condition. it’s been used but was mainly a backup rod Comes with blank lifetime warranty registration card
  13. $125 shipped. And it’s yours
  14. not violate rules but i will go 110 for the rod

    1. super-fly


      Ok thanks I’ll open that thread back up for comments. My PayPal is


      i can ship in the morning