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    I caught my first striper age of 5, 1977 off the rocks at Fort Popham...the rest is history
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    Fly & light tackle saltwater fishing....basically all saltwater all oceans
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    Professional Fishing Guide/Charter Capt.

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  1.’s available for $110 shipped. Thanks
  2. The thunnus is an awesome reel
  3. $110 shipped paypal. I’ll leave it here for the weekend.
  4. I’ve got a shimano thunnus 16000f siting on the shelf. Definitely a big fish reel. $140 shipped
  5. $110 shipped PayPal and it’s yours. That’s my best price
  6. Sold!! Thank you...thanks Thanks SOL
  7. This rod is in very good condition. it’s been used but was mainly a backup rod Comes with blank lifetime warranty registration card
  8. $125 shipped. And it’s yours
  9. not violate rules but i will go 110 for the rod

    1. super-fly


      Ok thanks I’ll open that thread back up for comments. My PayPal is


      i can ship in the morning

  10. That’s a nice reel but I think I’m going to pass on that one.
  11. Those are nice reels..any pics
  12. Ok no problem I don’t need sell it. $110 is the bottom on this guys.
  13. If you can meet me at $110 we have a deal
  14. $120 shipped PayPal