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    I caught my first striper age of 5, 1977 off the rocks at Fort Popham...the rest is history
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    Fly & light tackle saltwater fishing....basically all saltwater all oceans
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    Professional Fishing Guide/Charter Capt.

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    Wilds of Warren, ME
  1. If I locate my sand eels I’ll post them on your bst thread. I’m glad I saw this thread. Got me thinking about ocean lures. They were great fish catchers. Simple but very castable and durable.
  2. This is what I’ve found so far. Not sure If the top one is the sandeel or half beak?
  3. This is the Ocean that I had on my plug rack. It’s not the sandeeel but I’m sure I have 1-2 kicking around. I have a tote totes filled with plug boxes I’ll check them later
  4. I think I have an ocean lures sandeel hanging on my plug rack. I’ll check tonight or in the morning
  5. Thank you Sir. PM incoming thanks TimS & SOL
  6. WTS Lamiglas Tropic Pro EVO TP 868 SP-SG 8’6” 60-100lb Braid 2-10oz lure rating This hard to find rod is in excellent condition. It’s a big fish rod capable of tossing big plugs and jigs to schooling BFT & YFT $150 shipped is a great deal for this rod PayPal please
  7. All yours...thank you!! Thanks SOL
  8. 2 rods left both are model NT-C-663M-MH $90 each shipped or $170 shipped for both PayPal
  9. Thanks.. Sure thing.
  10. Can you do 85$ shipped?
  11. Sounds fair to me. I can paypal you the funds.
  12. If anyone is interested in the remaining 3 nomad conventional rods that I have left. $90.00 shipped each paypal please. I’ll sell all 3 for $250 shipped package deal.
  13. I’d like to trade my reels for your rods but I’m thinking that value is not equal. I could throw in some extras to cover the difference.
  14. They’re both in very nice condition. Nice smooth drags, everything spins smoothly, bails snap shut perfectly. They’ve. I take really good care of my gear. I can send you some close up pics if you’d like
  15. I have a pair of Shimano spheros 4000fb Reels if you’re interested