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    Been fishing since my dad took me when i was 5 years old!
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    Fishing,Astronomy and too many other things to list!
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    semi retired house flipper, astronomer.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  2. Nice ! I didn't see it but most likely the International space station , It was due to pass over our neck of the woods tonight, Did it first appear as a faint light then get brighter as it was ova head then fade out slowly as it moved away ?
  3. Thoughts and Prayers for a complete and speedy recovery!
  4. There is a cool free app for android phones you can download from the Google play store called ISS Detector , Satellite Tracker, Gives you the times , locations and has maps that show the path of the ISS and some Satellites . Also if you have a telescope or binoculars take a look at jupiter nd mars both are the brightest two objects in the night sky other than the Moon right now:)
  5. So Sorry to hear of your Moms passing and her battle with dementia . My Mom is 95 and is in the early stages of it and my Dad had it pretty bad just before he passed from the same issue's as your Mom ( broke his hip) when he was 92.
  6. Steve Best wishes and good vibes for Donna and you, Hope everything turns out ok!
  7. Sorry for your loss , Never easy to lose a loved one.
  8. Wow sorry to hear about about your fall HFG . I hope your migraines go away and the tooth issue isn't as costly ( or as painful ) as it sounds. With a little luck The fishing will last a few more weeks or longer so hopefully you'll still be able to catch a few more of those monster bluefish and stripers !
  9. Done and thanks for the heads up!
  10. Wow That is a big blue and on 8lb test that's a Awesome catch HFG congrats !
  11. I have a 706z that i bought back in 1996 and it still works as good and looks almost as good as the day i bought it! I will admit i haven't used it as much as most would have as it was never used as my main setup. Over the years i have bought many reels that lasted 1 or 2 season's 3 tops before having major issues but the 706z is still plugging away! I see the price of a used 706z is more than what i paid for it back in 96 and if that trend continues i might consider parting with it !
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