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  1. Thank you for all the kind comments!
  2. Hello, With the fishing season about to start this video should get you going about fishing again and you'll definitely want to hear the comments by Capt. Paul Dixon on the state of the striped bass fishery. Paul has been a fishing guide in Montauk since the early 90s . This video was premiered at the LIFF Film Fest 2019, hope you enjoy it and best wishes for the new season! - Sergio
  3. Hello, Uploaded a new video from Mark Sedotti on how to tie the "Sedotti Feather Trout Slammer" for big trout, but I think this fly will also be great for stripers. I learned a bunch of stuff from his narration what makes this fly work so well. Thanks - Sergio
  4. Thank you, my son's high school has been looking into a fishing club for a while but nothing yet. Maybe they can look at WMHS club good example of what it can be.
  5. Bob, I shot a little video of the show and I'll be glad to share the raw video with your club if it helps, great show! - Sergio
  6. This is my favorite on Long Island, sunrise July 2018 (finished picture and the behind the scenes grab) Happy new year to all!
  7. Thank you for the information, I never considered Canada but will have to look into, if it's good I don't want to find out about it years from now
  8. That was me until this year, for whatever reason (Montauk fishing?) never made the time. I've heard great stuff about steelhead and so I have the same guide book for May, hope it's not too late in the season.
  9. For years I've been trying to get to Pulaski in October for Salmon, this year I finally made the time. It was a great experience, met great people and look forward to the trip again next year. Short video of some of the action, Happy Holidays to all! - Sergio
  10. Love fishing Baja, thanks for the video.
  11. Yeah, that was all last week and the bite was consistent. Unfortunately Friday things changed, no more fish on top and while we did get fish to bite, it was very, very slow compared to previous days. Yesterday we took a break expecting all the boats out for the holiday and today fishing was shutdown because of the weather. My friend is the one wearing the Columbia jacket and I know he loves it. Thanks!
  12. Last week we saw some of the best bluefish action in a longtime. This short little clip doesn't do justice to what we saw but might give you an idea. Hope you get some. Tight lines!
  13. Btw, no blues but had a couple of these
  14. Njsurfer90 : Thats awesome hope you have a great season! BGBrown : Was there on Thursday but didn't find blues, i'm sure they'll be around this weekend. Thanks!