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  1. Amen!
  2. Rated XXX for plug porn, as usual skip trough all the talk for the good parts!
  3. Ha! Good one
  4. 22! Hard to even think what kind of fight that was, very nice, I'd be great to catch something close to that one day.
  5. Great memories and thanks for those pictures, last year one of my favorite spots for big blues from shore was very quiet. We blamed it on a seal that was there way late into the season. Lets hope they return strong.
  6. Those biggers ones are a blast, and those eyes, I almost feel they follow you when you take them out of the water!
  7. Getting closer to the time of the year when large bluefish move into our local waters, and this video shows the type of action you can expect when you find gator size blues finning in shallow water. If you like bluefish fishing it should get you going! Hope everyone is staying safe and we can all get out and fish soon. - Sergio
  8. Nice picture, 30 years ago, I bet time flew by.
  9. Very creative, and should be killer! Was this your idea or saw it else where, very cool!
  10. Indeed!
  11. Hello, Every year I accidentally catch fluke while fishing for bass or blues, specially when the talk is good and I get distracted and let the fly get low. So this year I plan on specifically fishing to target fluke a few times and hope to do better and perhaps get some nice size fish. If you have any tips or suggestions I'd love to hear them. This is a video from a couple of trips, when the fluke really liked my clousers, tan, olive/white and chartreuse, but not sure the color made a difference. Tight lines! - Sergio
  12. I've fished both conventional and on the fly with a guide on a super panga. Great fishing, I landed Dorados to mid teens, skipjacks and rooster fish. The dorado (mahi) was terrific, we found some floating weeds and made a stop and saw them cruising, used a good size crease fly and it was on. Skipjacks were hard to ignore as we were running looking for sails they were blitzing, acres, so I asked him to stop (he thought I was crazy) and had a blast until arms hurt. Closer to shore we raised Roosterfish on plugs and bait and switch. The beach had lots of smaller snook on the fly, 2-5lbs but he tells me during raining season the big ones come to feed on the overflow. Mexico is awesome, best of luck! - Sergio
  13. I fished with Aaron, Simon's brother for many years since 2007 in Nassau. We fished from the skiff but mostly waded for bones and used a car to get to the spots around the island. I'd tell you to book him to show you where to go but unfortunately he died a couple of years ago. I caught bones with Aaron spotting the fish long before me right next to the Paradise island outbound bridge (among all those boats anchored), Montagu Beach and the flats on the southside. One time we parked by Stuart Cove and waded the flat east of inlet the dive boats use and banged bones and palometas, but also blinded casted on that channel for lots of small ones on the drop. The rest of the other spots I was glad that Aaron was driving because it was not easy to get to them and I wouldn't be comfortable doing it on my own. I also tried the flat across from the Royal Towers (Atlantis) on my own, the first time it was windy and blinded casted for a real nice bone, but that happened only once. Tried for several years after that on every trip but didn't see them or hook again, but its a quick walk before breakfast. Let me know how you do! - Sergio
  14. Thank you sir!
  15. Used the end of year break to finally compile a short clip of the fly action in the beaches of Sonora, Mexico. If you love casting to busting albies you'll love fishing this place, fish busting as far as you can see and no one else fishing for them. Happy New Year and best wishing for the fishing season! - Sergio