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  1. When I used to fish the Martha's Vineyard Fly Tournament at night we all used black flies. They provide the most contrast against any light above and we always did well with them.
  2. Don't forget to go to the Roscoe NY Beer Co. My buddies son is one of the brewers!
  3. Back in the 90's and early 2000's I did a lot of Striper fly fishing and used the Scientific Anglers reel. Being the nut I am I think I got 2 or 3 extra spools for it. I even used it Salmon fishing. They're great reels. Wish I used mine more! If you do any night fishing use large black streamers.
  4. So how do we buy one?
  5. Great tool and I am definately going to make one. I was out Saturday off Monmouth Beach. I was caught leaning just a tad too much toward shore (note to self, don't lean towards shore) when a small wave sent me into the drink. With all the stuff I have stapled to my Hobie Oasis I bet the total weight was about 150 lbs. No easy task to flip back over but managed to get it with every ounce of effort on the second try. Even with my substancial investment in rod leashes one slipped out. All in all it was a learning experience. Anyone else going to Monmouth Beach should know they now require a permit to park by the fishermans gate.
  6. Hi Slappy, It looks like your transport cart is attached to the back of the crate and not in the provided holes unless your Oasis is differrent from mine. I don't like the position behind the seat and am looking for alternatives. Thanks, Steve
  7. Thanks for the tips.
  8. I was fishing the Esopus over 40 yrs ago with friends when another fisherman slips and goes under wearing waders. He never came up. We ripped the waders off my friends dad and he dove in looking for the guy. It was a deep pool and he couldn't see anything. He felt something and grabbed the guy, he was blue but alive! Scared the crap out of me. I am careful in the stream and would never wear waders in a yak!
  9. Great job of rigging your yak. I like the 5 rod holder on the back. Where did you get it? Also, do you use a small cooler for water/food? Not much room when the mirage drives are in. Picking up an Oasis on 5/24. Thanks, Steve