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  1. Sponsored by Ravens football I'd guess...
  2. Tire size doesn't matter as long as you have good ground clearance underneath to manage the ruts. Aggressive tire tread only digs you in when you're stuck. Minimal traction is needed in the sand. Best tire is one that's properly deflated with almost no tread. Just rides on top of the sand effortlessly with no drag.
  3. Try 7oz. and a chunk. More weight and less bait on the rig keeps it from walking down the beach in current. Also the right load (spring) on the rod tip when casting gets its best distance on any rod.
  4. Guessing its rated from 8 to 12oz.. The original shock liter was just doubling your running line over the length of the rod. Old days. 17 to 20 running then 50 shock should do for casting 7 or 8oz. weight. If 10's are rolling down the beach due to weather, the day is over.
  5. The Daiwa reels are gone.
  6. Hi folks.. I was thinking of stuff that I no longer use that could be useful to others. Up for grabs is 2 diawa Sealine SL30SH conventional reels. 1 reel mounting screw is missing and I think the bearings are bad. If you're so mechanically inclined this would be an inexpensive fix. All I ask is that you be a local member for at least 6 months. I will pay for shipping based on the address or P.O.box that you provide me in a PM. If any other members would like to contribute, it would be a great way to give back within our community. If you have any questions just ask. Thanks, Jerry
  7. Cool story Erik.. Hope to get pops back out on the sands soon. Sorry I missed ya Dave. Glad you're feeling better. The truck is a black 2019 Colorado. Belongs to my ex. She wanted to go fishing so we were hanging out together. She wasn't happy about the window at first considering it was my fault, but she's good spirited. Taking it in for glass today. No worries. We'll hide a key next time.
  8. Oh yeah..Nice to see you again. I stopped off 4 time's up the beach to dump bait. Each person took 2 or 3 bunker each stop. I said just before you guys, next one who doesn't take it all it goes in the ocean. You guy's were my last stop..lol Glad I could help.
  9. Congrats on the catch rhumphress !! AI Saturday to Sunday..Saturday was nice with the east wind. Enough to keep the skeets and flies away. 1 skate at midnight. Moonlight lit up the ocean. Something also cut the line on 2 of my heavers. Re rigged. Casted. Same thing happened 20 minutes later. Clean cuts on the running line before the shock..At a loss for what happened. Sunday morning.. Fog was thick. Packed up. Added detail...Locked my keys in the truck. Phone in the truck. Took out the back window with my sand spike to get in. The choice between calling for a locksmith 10 miles down the beach seemed obvious. The window was cheaper. Thought I'd mention this for anyone in that situation. Gave away my 1 day fresh from KI on the way off the beach. Talked to some and mostly said only shorts were caught. Not what I was expecting for this time of the year. I hope this is not the new norm for the spring run. 6 cars deep at the air pumps waiting to get on at 3pm. Good to talk to Erik and his buddy on the way out.
  10. Per the forecast as I saw it, but I might be wrong, SSW friday night. Looks like its switching to the east at the top of the high around 8am Saturday morning. East also on Sunday. And light as well. Guessing lots of blues will be around. Maybe a striped one I can bring home. Gearing up as I speak. Good luck all.
  11. Good stuff Allen.. thanks for sharing
  12. Yes..Once the hook goes through the shell from the bottom, the barb keeps the flea from backing off. But.. if you're using small hooks, the barb might not be that effective. Certainly worth a try anyway.
  13. Sorry to hear. Rest in Peace.
  14. Stonehenge..