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  1. Btw.. Speaking of wind, (OBX) Rodanthe is taking a real beating with this Nor'easter. First house on the left going south, (in the ocean). Jug handle opening couldn't happen soon enough.
  2. I got sand blasted in Hatteras weekend before last but not like you're getting now.. Feeling your pain. Hope you get in to some fish before you leave.
  3. Steve shoulda had like 20 stripers by now... lol
  4. Man.. I forgot I caught that on a spinner. Happy Cinco De Mayo!!
  5. Welcome to the Point!! We've got a spot for you in there, uh somewhere.
  6. Hey.. Take it easy on Steve ..lol. I'm looking as well. Swenson had some nice breathable's last time I saw him. ( wonder where he got them from ). There's Bass pro shops up here. I'd like to order online but like to try them on personally.
  7. Yes I tried ( in the water, above the tide line, further up) The rake went down about 4". Didn't try the shovel. Wouldn't guess they were that deep. I was on the cheap with bloodworms and fish bites. Thought I'd catch my own live bait. ='s waters to cold for small fish. Btw.. didn't mention in my report on CI. Fished the late morning into the afternoon until 4. Guy shows up around 3pm to the north of me. Sets up (5) 10 ft. spinners with in 10 yards.( reminded me of Poppy fishing 5 rods in a short space like he used too ) I was watching because.. why not. All his rods had peelers. First cast with in 5 minutes.. at least a 30" black drum. Stopped by for a chat on the way out. He uses peelers and clams. Old salt and a nice guy. Probably a local. Moral of the story is.. match the hatch locally.. Back at AI in a couple of weeks.
  8. Just add this to my no catching reports please.. But still great to be out there. AI Friday 6pm until midnight. Light east winds until midnight.. Bloodworms and fish bites. No sand fleas found. Was looking to catch some baits for the big rods.. Nada. CI Saturday from 10 to 4pm. Light east winds. Slightly overcast. Blood worms and fish bites. No sand fleas found. Checked the hook for a spot. Packed. Fished close to the entrance.1 skate which was a snag.. lol. Was going to stay until Sunday but was worried about west bound traffic since it was a nice weekend.
  9. April, not an issue. May, getting there. June through the beginning of September, You won't see me out there. Mosquitos, I use Deet spray on. For biting flies, wear a long sleeve shirt and sweat pants, with short boots. Preferably white so they don't attract heat. If you're in shorts because its hot, sit in a chair close to the water and wrap your legs with a towel. Towel around the neck helps. Here's the big one.. Keep your bait cooler near the water. No one wants to walk back to the truck which is covered with flies and do the ankle shuffle to cut bait off the cooler. Any wind off the water pushes them back in the dunes. Btw.. AI Friday afternoon was an east wind but dropped out to nothing around midnight. Truck open all night. No issues.
  10. Wallops has a sounding rocket program for testing equipment. Might be what you heard.
  11. Yes.. May god bless us with all south winds while we're down there. Did you drive on the new Jug handle bridge in Rodanthe? Heard it should be complete by now. Going down on the 27th for almost a week. Just curious about the progress..
  12. Nice report.. When I've been there I'm lucky to get 3 out of 5 days that are good weather.
  13. In the picture.. Reminds me of the same white plastic slider rigs sold at tackle shops that do 6 oz. tops, for spinners. This looks more heavy duty. But.. not a fan of plastic sliders for durability. I rety my knot at the swivel everyday while fishing anyway. If it works for you that's cool...
  14. I'm all ears.. location please.
  15. Yeah you'll be on the edge of Black drum leaving. Might be a striper or other stuff in that time frame to be caught. If you want Reds... come back in late September. Good luck.