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  1. Thanks Guys.. Obviously the most important selection is not to switch to off while the motor is running. The only things running with the motor off is my chart plotter and Vhf radio if that. I can't imagine that would be too much draw on the batteries. But your comments are noted. Thanks. Actually I filled up the boat at the dock, ran the boat for 5 hrs. and back to the marina with the needle just below full. This boat uses almost no fuel (90 HP). I'm not sure at this point I even need to shut the engine off. Another thing unrelated. The only gas at the dock was 87 w/10% ethanol. I'm thinking I want to burn this tank and find something with no Ethanol. Maybe another marina that sells it. Another reason to make a long trip..
  2. I have a battery switch that has (1 Both 2 off) for selection. Which selector settings should I be running on? Thanks, Jerry
  3. Thanks Castnet. I needed this as well.
  4. Friday and Saturday Afternoon out front. Grabbed some frozen finger mullet and fish bites at Bucks. Nothing for me but Dad got a 38" with a flea on the incoming late Friday afternoon. Good to see Possum and Catskill John.
  5. I can help.. check out those beauties.. Thanks Bill!!
  6. Now that's what I was talking about..
  7. Maybe he stopped eating.. Actually I've seen some of his breakfast sammiches. Awesome.
  8. I know that fishing brings an appetite, especially with kids and bringing out family on the beach. A camp fire with hotdogs or marsh mellows is great. For the single fisherman it could be a filling meal or something to get you by until later. For me.. breakfast maybe donuts or eggs and bacon on the Coleman stove out the back of the truck.. For Lunch, maybe a cold cut sub. For dinner, maybe some hot food on a gas stove or grill. If you want to mention snacks in between meals ( I'm all ears ) So.. what are some of your favorites meals, while out there.
  9. I actually ended up getting the 17 island reef w/Yamaha 90 4 stroke. Pulling it should be easy.
  10. After some research, this statement might be true. AIS seems to be a term I hear a lot. I'm not opposed to spending money for this. Should I buy a Simrad marine radio to link to the Go7? I have a small 17' CC and I'm just trying to protect my self. Like I said, this is new to me.
  11. I'm not counting on cell phone coverage just in case I need help. I have a Simrad go7 so don't need GPS. Sorry I'm new to this. Using my boat in the Chesapeake bay Md. Va.
  12. Good news. To the dark side it shall be..
  13. Thanks!! I'm looking at the Sportsman CC Bay boat 20' which is 1500 lbs. dry. 34 gallons of gas is around 200 lbs. + any gear. This all seems doable.
  14. This^^ and.. I have youtube tv and it has limited 4k
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