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  1. Totally agree Dave..Mine are rusty Kleins that have been in my tackle box when not using for about 8 years. Probably not the best tool but a little sand and oil at the joint and they're are still usable. Anything to keep my hand away from the business end..lol
  2. It's all good man. Any action for the kid is better than none. And..not a fan of that tool he's de-hooking with. IMO it takes to long. This is better for any size shark..
  3. I wan't one for my (135psi) compressor in the garage. Maybe one that comes with 50ft. of 3/8 hose on it. Poly? hose is stiff in the winter so I'd prefer rubber. We use Coxreels here at work but they're not cheap. Looking for some suggestions on other reliable brands..
  4. If you use 3 ft. of 80 ( which I like to do in case of sharks ) at the end of your 50 the weight should stop at your tag ( knot end ). And I don't use beads. After a day of weight banging with the snap swivel on the knot...I re-tie...Oh..50 to 80...Blood knot. 4 turns should do.
  5. Maybe, lets start with what ya got...12 ft. conventional or 9 ft. spinning rod. Us knowing you're gear helps us maybe..help you. Then we can take it from there.
  6. Picture from Ron's photo's..
  7. More and more I think there's something about this west to nothing wind. Just don't like jogging in place cutting bait, back at the truck. Actually that visual is kind of funny.. Those biting flies on the ankles are terrible.
  8. Very nice Dave. Good stretch of weather you had. Have a safe trip home.
  9. That's almost like holding an 80 lb. bag of concrete ...Surely enough to make a man's knee's buckle after the fight, holding it. Unless you're under 50 years old...haha Good stuff.
  10. oh boy
  11. Also..One of the past members here named Poppy posted a thread called " Reading the water ". Find it thru a search. A good read. Good luck
  12. Depending on the structure, if 2 rods are present, 1rst rod over the first wave.The 2nd as far as you can throw it. Cover all bases. In addition...what Steve said.
  13. Just wondering..Was it left close to the tide line? Reason I asked is I released a shark in the wash last weekend and it washed back in..down the beach. Had to walk down the beach about 200 yards to throw it back in. If it was left a good distance from the water, then it was intentional.
  14. yes
  15. It's an internet feed. Why would you? I've had it for 2 months, no problems. And the picture is cleaner for some reason