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  1. Imagine throwing up in the toilet after a long night of drinking and hitting the button by accident.
  2. What a slob!! Are they dead weight or put up a fight when coming in.. Haven't caught one that big.
  3. As long as you're within the creel limit, don't feel bad about it.
  4. I know but.. Are the netters included? If so.. Won't happen. I realize its their job, but it makes us Surf fisherman look like we are killing the last of the bass, if we were so lucky to catch one. But that's another subject..
  5. Its not good. We went from 2 a day over 28 to basically zilch you can keep. Even if you could find them.
  6. Yeah I saw that on the way out today.. On the way down south thurs. I stopped to ask what the activity was. They said they were from NRL and mapping the beach with some laser set up. I knew nothing good was gonna come from that.. The pass was narrow north coming back. Might be a challenge at a bigger high tide.
  7. Maryland side out front.. Thurs. to Friday at noon. A few skates on cut bait and small stripers on bloodworms. Nice to meet Dave Sharkman and his buddy on the way out.
  8. Memorable for sure!!
  9. Where's the unlike button on eating fleas.. j/k To each his own. Cool pics.
  10. Since we're on the subject of snelling hooks, I do them myself. I start with the hook side ( 130 lb. test ) End result is 2 to 4" between hook and swivel. I thought I saw somewhere here that Hugh actually started at the swivel end for a shorter rig. Thought that was Interesting.. Many years ago when I was young we stopped at F&F in Avon to pick up bait to fish. I remember seeing one of the twins ( Arch ) maybe.. snelling hooks for Frank Folb on a table off to the side in his shop. His hand motion doing this was so fast. Definitely impressive. Some people just have the knack for it and can do it in their sleep. Personally I like the skill ( and art ) of tying the perfect knot. Maybe its the challenge of knowing I can still do it. I don't know. Crimps look more professional IMO but either is just as functional.
  11. Thanks Carmen. Sorry to hear.. Met him last time I stopped to see Eric on the beach. Seemed like a friendly guy. And smart. Rest in Peace Mike..
  12. 10 to 7:30pm on the Va. side. Fleas and peelers for 1 shark, 1 skate. 2 locations for the day. Didn't see anyone catching anything besides skates.
  13. 5 to 7:30pm on the Va. side. No takers on fleas. Chilly out there..
  14. That's about 12 trucks per mile and 440ft.+/- between each vehicle. I think the NPS has a 20 truck buffer on the counter sign. Still better than you know ware..
  15. Went with the newer Saltist over the Saltiga. Bob from the RDT had a sale on Fathom 2's last month. They were all gone by the time I was asking. Might take a look at them later. For now I'll stick with centrifugal breaks and an educated thumb. Thanks for your inputs.